Monday fail

Gah. It’s Monday morning and I’m totally off on the wrong foot. I normally like Mondays quite a bit- the whole “getting back into a routine” after the weekend.

But I am very, VERY dependent on my morning routine to feel “normal”. And today, I slept in. (I woke up at 4 am AGAIN and couldn’t fall back asleep. Until my alarm went off at 5:30- then of course I was ready to doze back off. So I did.) Also, last night I laid on the couch and watched the Packers game and didn’t do any “pre-week” prep at all.

So here I sit, ready to start my work day…except I feel totally behind the 8 ball. Haven’t glanced at my calendar yet, haven’t planned my day, have only had about 2 sips of caffeinated beverage so far and I haven’t showered yet. So, I feel kind of like a bum. (But I want to work out later, so I am justifying this.)

Off I go to conquer the day. Ha. Hope you are all having a better Monday start than I am. 🙂

Throwback to yesterday morning…reading by the fireplace. Wish I could skip the whole “productive adult” thing today and just do the “read by the fireplace” thing all day today instead.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for heated seats in my van. Seriously, they feel sooooooooooo good on a cold day.

1 thought on “Monday fail”

  1. It’s good to break patterns once and a while 🙂 shake things up to find what’s missing.

    Have a great week!

    Ps. I’m grateful for my health!


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