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Productivity Series #5: Misc. and Odds and Ends

Before I say anything else….How stunning is this sunrise picture I took yesterday morning?? ❤❤❤

I love it.

Now on to my final day in the Productivity Series, Day 5.

Today I really just want to touch briefly on a few other misc. productivity “tools” I currently use, mostly in the name of completeness. 🙂

Misc. Productivity Tools I Use:

Apple Notes:

I use the Notes feature on my iPhone sporadically but fairly frequently. I do not generally use it for my main ongoing lists (I use Google Tasks for that). But I do use it for a few specific purposes, as well as just being a “catch all” place if I’m out somewhere and need to remember something!

Hot tub: I’m currently keeping an ongoing “Hot Tub Maintenance” chart in Apple Notes. I record when I add different chemicals, how the water tested, etc. so I can keep it straight.

Christmas: I also have a note for Christmas ideas. Again, my phone is a handy place for this when things pop into my head.

Blog: I have a note for blog post ideas. I was keeping a notebook in my office, but things tend to just “come to me” at random moments (being the creative genius that I am….HA. LOL 🤣). I’m finding my phone is the best place for this, too.

Misc.: Finally, I have a note called “Stuff to Get Rid Of.” As I see (larger) things around the house/basement we eventually need to dispose of (ex. an old toddler bed headboard in the storage room..), I list them here.


Books: is my MAIN home for any book related stuff. This is where my master “Want to Read” list is. I love being able to just quickly add a book to the list from my desktop or the phone app. I also track all of my books read here. I don’t generally write reviews (occasionally I will), but I do make sure to include the date I finished a book.

I also have a “Books Read in 2020” list in my accessory notebook. I mostly really just like Goodreads for keeping my “Want to Read” list all in one place. I found it tricky to maintain on paper since I have dozens and dozens of books on my list.


Recipes: I wrote a post recently about how I’m using Evernote for Recipe storage. So far, so good with this!! I haven’t gone through yet and added big batches of my old recipes, but as I use any/ find new ones I have been adding them here and am loving the system.

I also use Evernote to store lists/ notes about long term things I need to remember and want easy access to from my phone or computer:

Medical Care: For example, I have a Medical Care notebook where I have listed all of our doctors, phone numbers, info, etc. I also record here when we visit the doctor/dentist/eye doctor and when we are next due for checkups, vaccine boosters, and appointment notes. This is probably my most used Evernote notebook.

Household: I also have a Household notebook where I made sub-notebooks about our Kitchen Remodel (contractor names/ info/ etc.), another for the Piano (keeping track of tuning dates/ the tuner’s contact info.) and a Christmas Card Address List! (I started this one last year after being frustrated with needing to brainstorm the list and find the addresses every year!!)


Again, for the sake of completeness, I’ll mention work. I don’t use many productivity “systems” for my work organization. I use Outlook for work email but it’s pretty bare bones for me. I use the Outlook calendar ONLY for work related meetings/ appointments (which I don’t have many of). I look at it daily and update our team shared calendar if I’ll be out/on vacation but that’s about it. Anything important (i.e. meetings) I generally also write in my main personal planner so I don’t accidentally miss it.

I do keep track of some specific work tasks/ progress and mostly use Excel spreadsheets for all of that kind of thing.

This concludes my 5 day Productivity Series! Let me know what you thought in the comments! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for falling asleep by the fireplace. I did it intentionally last night, knowing I’d have to get up and move to my bed eventually, but I didn’t care. It felt soooo good.

1 thought on “Productivity Series #5: Misc. and Odds and Ends”

  1. I’m a big user of apple notes as well. I like that you can share notes with another apple user so that’s how we keep track of our grocery list. That’s also where I keep track of a ton of things like passwords to various mychart accounts and such. I am sure there is a more safe place to store that stuff but the apple notes work well for me. I also have Christmas lists there.

    We use a shared google sheet to keep track of house projects. We pulled a long list of little things to do from the home inspection and then indicated how urgent they were (most weren’t) and have been knocking things off that list for the last year or so. It’s nice to see lots of rows shaded green which means the project is done! I also keep our addresses for christmas cards in google sheets as well. I just wish I had access to google sheets at work but that will never happen so I’ve accepted I need to look at it on my phone or my husband’s computer.


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