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Popcorn Brain

Taking a break from my final day of the Productivity Series because I’m short on time this morning!

Ironically, during this entire week that I’ve been writing about productivity, my brain has been completely distracted. Ha.

Remember these toys?

Well, I’m pretty sure this is what the inside of my head looked like all week. I just COULD NOT CONCENTRATE to save my life.

I literally felt like random thoughts kept leaping across my brain. One would land and another would take off. UGH.

A few of these thoughts….

*worry/ anticipation about news of the kids transitioning back to virtual school for the next ~1 1/2 months. How will it go this time??

*thoughts about our county’s new emergency order restricting all indoor gatherings of any kind, meaning that basically ALL of the kids’ extracurriculars are cancelled again. Bummer.

*feelings of sadness for Asher because the State swim meet he qualified for and was excited to attend in December (in a smaller/ “virtual” setting from the original big meet) is now cancelled, as well as ALL meets for the foreseeable future.

*stress in general about covid- the new restrictions, cases on the rise, concern for everyone, what this means for us all/seeing family, staying healthy, when this will ever get better, etc…

*random thoughts about the upcoming holidays, Asher’s birthday…what will these end up looking like? What the heck am I going to buy him for his birthday? Gosh, I’d better hurry and start looking at doing some online shopping as shipping times may be delayed….

Several times this week I sat at my desk, closed my eyes and said, “STOP” in my head, willing the endless chatter to just SHUT UP.

Gotta run. Here’s a a couple favorite peaceful moments from this week, though!

I put up a little Christmas tree outside by the hot tub and the boys had hot chocolate in it the other night. 😊

I crawled in bed a little early the other night and read for a while, with a Christmas Hallmark movie on in the background very quietly. Just enough to glance up and look at some pretty scenes now and then.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for tomatillos, because they turn into salsa verde, and I love salsa verde (had it last night so it’s on the brain 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “Popcorn Brain”

  1. I’m with you, sister! I have been feeling much the same here, with lots of doom-scrolling / webpage refreshing thrown in for good measure. This always seems to happen to me whenever the news (covid, the election) gets bad again. It’s totally counterproductive and doesn’t even make me feel better in the moment, yet I feel like I can’t help myself. Time to take a break and immerse myself in Hallmark movies and a good book – that looks a fab way to spend an evening 🙂

    I need to get going with online shopping too – our toy stores have all been closed for the past four weeks as part of our lockdown. Even the toy section at the grocery store has been roped off for some dumb reason. Our lockdown is supposed to end on Dec 1, which means that immediately thereafter everyone will SWARM out to do their Christmas shopping, and case numbers will skyrocket again. And so the cycle will repeat. Gah!


  2. This is definitely a tough time for everyone. Our case counts are so horrible here. 😦 We all got tested on Wed and Paul and I have a sore throat/runny nose. It’s probably a cold but better to know for sure. We usually get our results in 10-14 hours at the place we go but it’s been 48 hours… That is contributing to my anxiety as now would be the worst time to get covid w/ my c-section <2 weeks away. In a way, the new restrictions here make it a little easier for me to communicate our visiting policies… We really didn't want any visitors besides our parents for the first month at least. Now I can say we are just following the rules… I don't think many would have asked to come visit but this nips any potential visits in the bud. But the isolation is going to be hard on so many people. Paul's been home with us since Wednesday and will be home through delivery. Our original plan was to keep him at school through next tuesday and then isolate starting then. But I pushed to just keep him home as daycare is the only place we are risking exposure – although the risk is very low for kids his age. But it will just make me feel less anxious knowing we are completely isolating. I can't wait to have my c-section behind me!

    And you had mentioned how my pregnancy went so fast from your perspective – I totally get that and have felt the same way when others are pregnant. I will say the first 2 trimesters went by pretty quickly. Having another kid to focus on helps. This final tri, especially the last 6-7 weeks has CRRRAAAWWWWLLLLEEEEEDDD since my stupid RA won't behave. But I keep telling myself I will never have to do this again!! Hurrah!


  3. it seems covid is stressing you out, I don’t blame you. situation in the US is really worrisome but that’s beyond your control. Let these thoughts pop out and done with them.

    funnily, i just made popcorn on the stove… quite literal.


  4. Oh, I hear you on this. I call it “squirrel brain”, or say that I’m distracted by shiny objects. I’m sorry that the situation is so bad here in WI that your worry about COVID has ramped up. I worry about it all the time, too, particularly when I see people skirting (or openly flaunting) the rules. I hope that you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving, despite all of this (picture me waving my hands) and that you’re able to find some peace amid the popcorn. 😉


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