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Little Life Update

Just a little life update today… Life definitely feels much fuller and busier again than a few months ago. It’s that slow creep, like what happens with weight gain, or spending too much money. 😁 Overall it feels nice to have a sense of “normalcy” again, even though many areas of life still aren’t really normal. 

A splattering of my past week:

Yay for walking again!! Thanks to my challenge, I have gotten back outside, which had slipped away from me in the last couple weeks. I went for a walk on Friday a.m. right after the boys left for school and it was a PERFECT fall morning!! 

We’ve been enjoying our fall and Halloween decor! Always a hassle to put it all up, but it brings me lots of happiness every time I see it all. 


I’ve also been enjoying fall scented things while I work:

Yesterday, we got to enjoy the fall weather….at an outdoor swim meet!! OMG. It was freezing. It was barely 50 degrees out, if that, and sprinkling rain drops. I had on a long sleeved shirt, a fleece and a fall jacket and was cold. The kids were running around, WET, in their swim suits!!!! I packed about 500 towels so he’d always have a dry one and lots of extra clothes, but Asher was still freezing. He came up to me barefoot after one of his races, shivering. How about you put your socks and shoes on?? 

Obviously these weren’t ideal conditions, but the coaches were desperate to get the kids at least one more opportunity to race since none of the indoor pools are allowing them in our county. I think they had envisioned a 65 degree, sunny, fall day when they planned it. 
That’s Asher on the left…freezing his little tushy off. 
Winter hats + a swimming in a pool. What is wrong with this picture? Ha. 
Later in the evening we did a little baking! We made a peach cobbler which was quite delicious. (And an example of a time I’m allowed to “cheat” on my challenge…if it’s with the whole family, I can eat it! 😉 
That’s about it! What’s happening at your house this week/end? 
P.S. Another perk to my challenge… It guarantees that I will READ every day! I love to read, but oftentimes just don’t fit it in enough. Since it’s one of the daily challenge items, it gives me that extra push to make sure it happens. I’m LOVING Solve for Happy, the book I mentioned the other day. It has been fascinating!! I kind of want to re-read it and take notes/ really “study” it. Right now I’m just reading through it normally but there are so many great, kind of mind blowing perspectives in it. 
Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that we don’t have to be anywhere quite so early this weekend. For the last month Asher has had to be at swim practice by 8:30 both Saturdays and Sundays (meaning leaving the house no later than 8:00). Yesterday he didn’t have it (and the meet was later in the day), and starting today his group’s time has switched to 9:30. Phew! It’s nice to have some slower weekend mornings again. 

2 thoughts on “Little Life Update”

  1. Burr!! Those are cold temps for an outdoor meet! I hope the pool was a little warmer than usual? It was a very chilly weekend here, especially in the morning. Yesterday morning it was 37F when I headed out for my walk with Paul. I overdressed as I forget hot fast you warm up and he was a bit overdressed, too, with a hat and mittens – which he threw off in the first 1/2 mile! But with the sun out, it was pretty pleasant. It's going to be mostly in the 70s this week so I am looking forward to that!! Overall our weekend was pretty quiet which was kind of nice!


  2. I actually LOVE to wake up early on the weekends. Then I can get out and errands run before all of the rest of the world is out crowding the streets and the grocery store aisles. I do need to make some peach cobbler soon too. I need to figure out if I can make it with canned peaches though because I haven't been finding good peaches in my area recently. Also, does your son's swim team practice outside too?? Where I'm at in MN the kids have all moved to indoor practices now!!


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