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The book is always better

Friday night after Asher’s swim practice, we all watched The Hunger Games. A friend recently lent us the whole triology (the books), and Ethan devoured them all in literally a matter of days. 

On the way home from Florida, Asher finally finished a very thick book he had been working on, so he started in on the first book. He had many, many hours of time in the car, and he got so into the book that he literally didn’t touch his iphone games and opted to read the whole book instead. 

It had been years now since I watched The Hunger Games (I also read the whole series), but I didn’t remember it being TOO gory or inappropriate and I was excited to re-watch it with them. It’s always fun when the boys are “old enough” to do or appreciate new, more “grown up things”. 🙂

Anyway, I hadn’t realized it before, but this may be one of the first times where they read a really good book and then watched the movie! (Not sure if they read the Harry Potter series first or watched the movies? I feel like they maybe had at least watched the first one before reading them.)

I kept chuckling to myself throughout the whole movie as they kept exclaiming, “What?! They totally skipped over xxx scene!” or “THAT’S how the people from the Capitol look??? I pictured them way different!” or “That part was so long in the book, and it was like 2 seconds in the movie!”

I was happy to see them reach the conclusion that probably every reader in the world always reaches whenever they see a movie after reading the book: The book is always better!! 😃

I think The Hunger Games movies are great, personally. Love ’em. But as the boys found out, there’s just WAY more detail in a book. It was fun talking about why that is, why the producers might have chosen to include certain scenes vs. others and just the logistics of trying to fit all those details from a book into a <2 hour long movie. 

They both still really liked the movie though, and Asher is now tasked with finishing up Catching Fire so we can watch the next one. 

Weekend Recap:

-so much cleaning!! Deep cleaned our room, boys cleaned their rooms

-deep cleaned kitchen- mopped, etc., washed rags, kitchen rugs

-dusted/ vacuumed living room and sunroom

-GROCERIES! Finally. We are set now- I brought a huge haul.

-yard work- garden, weeding

-updated our finance spreadsheets

-finally ordered tile for our kitchen backsplash

-got the van washed!

-spent a long time cleaning out the fridge/ putting groceries away, chopping fruit/ melon for the week and made a big batch of pico de gallo with a bunch of tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden! 

I didn’t make a ton of time for “fun” or truly enjoying the beautiful weather in a traditional sense by going hiking or biking or anything like that, but I was totally fine with it. It felt strangely relaxing and refreshing to just work around the house and get things in order. 

Ivan had a soccer game yesterday afternoon, so after he cut the grass and did the weed whacker thing, he was gone for quite a while. The boys were at a friend’s house, so I had a perfectly nice afternoon working in the kitchen with the window open and a podcast on. I LOVE my family to pieces, but especially after this whole pandemic thing + a week of vacation, the “togetherness” can get to be a bit much. 😉 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for the abundance of food and variety that our grocery store offers. I am always rather astounded by the incredible numbers of CHOICES that exist within the aisles of the massive store we go to. I feel lucky to have such a fantastic variety and availability of food within just a couple miles of my house. Also- whenever I get a huge grocery haul like I did yesterday, when it comes time to pay for it, I always take a moment to give thanks that we have the means to pay for all that food. 

3 thoughts on “The book is always better”

  1. Amen, sister. The abundance of food available to us in the developed world is truly astounding and an incredible blessing. As you know I really enjoy gardening and making various foods from scratch – I bake all our family’s bread for instance. But doing that because I enjoy it and it tastes good is sooo different than doing it because I have to in order to feed my family. Likewise with my garden – it’s fun to grow fresh food and try new things out there, but totally different than doing it for survival. I can’t even imagine how people must have felt when their crops failed, as they inevitably do from time to time, as they stood there knowing there was a long hard hungry winter up ahead and nothing to put in the root cellar. We truly live in a time of plenty – so much plenty that most of us could stand to eat a bit less! 😜


  2. Totally agree on the abundance we have access to! We are so incredibly lucky. And traveling can really open your mind that. I visited a friend in the Peace corp in the Dominican Republic and wow did I come back realizing how freaking lucky I was and how i took for granted the most basic things like reliable electricity, hot water, etc. That pica de galleo looks sooo good! That is my fave kind of salsa. My husband doesn't like tomatoes so only likes salsas that are smooth/free of chunks. But pico de galleo is my FAVE. Yum. I like productive weekends like the one you had, especially if I can listen to podcasts while I'm being productive. I did some meal prep on Saturday after our husband grocery shopped and it felt so good to get prepared for the week!


  3. It's an amazing experience to read the book and watch the movie! mine are reading babysitters club and watching 2-3 episodes on saturday! they love it!I agree that books are usually much better than TV shows, except Normal People! hahaha… glad you know you're all set for the new week, once there's enough food at home and a clean house, I feel everything is settled and safe 🙂


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