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I’m feeling so relaxed this morning! We have this wide open weekend with no plans which, as I mentioned last week, I NEEDED to get my life back in order. Despite my continued frustration with the impending start to school/ virtual fiasco, there’s been a bunch of good stuff swirling around in my head so far this weekend. Let me share!


It’s another absolutely beautiful morning. I opted for writing in our sunroom this morning, which is a room that I feel I definitely “under use” (for some reason, because it’s arguably the best room in our house!). When the kids were little we used it as sort of a playroom space, which was awesome since it’s right off the kitchen area, but a couple years ago we bought a nice desk to put in place of the toy bins. This past year it was one of our designated “homework spots” in the house (and became Ethan’s primary virtual school location). 

We have an old table in there too that has been used for everything from doing puzzles to school projects to eating lunches at to being Asher’s preferred virtual school spot. 

I use the sunroom desk when I want a change of scenery from my basement office, or to just sit and pay bills at, etc. sometimes. It’s really such a pleasant room. I don’t just sit and read in this room nearly enough, despite a very comfortable glider that looks out to the yard! I really need to make a point to enjoy this room more often. I do sit on the futon and read with the boys in here sometimes.


I spent a long time outside yesterday doing some work in my garden, weeding my rock beds and trimming some bushes. It was the nicest day with just a hint of coolness in the air that whispered that fall is around the corner. (Bring it on! Love fall so much!) As we had been away, my garden was growing and growing with no one here to pick anything, so this is what I ended up with!

So many tomatoes!!! I’m thinking I’m definitely making a huge batch of pico de gallo and maybe I’ll try a homemade spaghetti sauce?? I’ve made homemade sauce maybe once, years ago. Recipes welcome!!! 

I also witnessed two beautiful butterflies land on this butterfly bush I planted this year in our front rock bed. I had to stop and just watch them for a moment- so pretty!!! 


While we were gone, Ivan’s’ sister so graciously cared for our house, the hamsters, my plants, etc. She also brought in our mail everyday. (MIL GRACIAS!!!) When we got home, I found a surprise gift basket had been delivered, from Asher’s good friend’s parents. It was the cutest thing ever!! It was an adult “back to school basket”, with little goodies to enjoy like a sparkling water, gum, post its, etc. 

It included this note that said “YOU’VE BEEN SCHOOLED!” and has this super fun keepsake-type worksheet that came with it (totally right up my alley! I love stuff like this!). 

I would love to drop the boys off at school on their first day and then head to a coffee shop (alone) to sip a tea and leisurely fill this out. I’m seriously craving being able to hang out in a coffee shop lately!! But I will have to carve out some alone time to do this another way- maybe a quiet morning on the deck, perhaps. 

I was just so touched at the thought of this!!! It truly made my day. đź’“

Today’s priority: GROCERIES!!! I can hear the boys in the other room and I am 99.9% sure I just heard the Oreo carton open, followed by the rustling of a bag of chips. Yikes!! Better go buy some actual breakfast foods that aren’t total garbage!!! 

(Correction: I just yelled to Ethan and he said they are animal crackers, not chips. I guess that’s slightly better.)

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for all of the above!! Plus, my toothbrush. I was thinking this morning as I brushed my teeth- thank goodness for my toothbrush. It’s literally the first thing I grab when I roll out of bed. 

2 thoughts on “Good Stuff”

  1. sooo funny your correction! hahahha…. love this post! so many sunshine and joys to start your weekend. just did a post on groceries in manila, now I'm curious what/how other families do groceries and what they spend on.


  2. That sunroom is really pretty! We do not have a space like that in our house. I wish we did have something like that as our main level is actually pretty small so we don't have much room for toys and such. Although that keeps us from accumulating many toys. We do have a finished basement so that's where Paul's bigger toys go. But I wish I had room for an office on the main level. I think I might set one up in the basement as right now I'm working on our dining room table. But the benefit of that is all the natural light I get so I might just stay here since we won't be having people over for dinner for the next year or so?? Womp womp.


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