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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Shockingly, the mile swim was cancelled AGAIN last night. A big line of storms moved through the area all afternoon and although they looked like they might clear out in time for a delayed-start swim, the coach decided last minute that the choppy water conditions would not be good for these younger swimmers. (I agreed. It was dark, cloudy and probably very creepy looking in that big lake!)

He rescheduled for the last time- to 10:30 a.m. this morning. The weather forecast for today is 82 and full sunshine, so I am optimistic that this should work, barring some weird event, like seagulls suddenly overtaking that part of the lake, or maybe the lake spontaneously drying up. At this point, I might not even raise an eyebrow. 

Obviously for many working parents a Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. swim time is just….uh…not feasible! I know it wasn’t his first choice and I’m grateful that the swim coach didn’t just cancel the whole thing though. I’m also really grateful that my job is super flexible, so I am able to take a couple hours off this morning to take Asher (and his good friend, whose parents do both work all day today and can’t take off). 

That being said, I’m super tight on time this morning as I really need to get going on work. These early morning hours can be a super productive time for me. I used to always work for ~2 hours in the early morning, right when I woke up and it was always nice to get a solid couple hours of work in before 7 am! Lately I haven’t really needed to do this, with life slowed down in general and not as many things forcing me to stop work by 3 pm or something. But, when I have a busy day ahead, I usually always will try to get working nice and early. 

Travel Tuesday:

This week last year we were headed out west for an epic Colorado/ Utah road trip. We drove through Vail on the way out, then made a big loop of Glenwood Springs, Moab, Mesa Verde National Park, Durango, Silverton, and finally Ouray. It was absolutely amazing. I’m sure I’ll probably highlight some of these places again in the future, but today I want to quickly share a specific memory.

During our time in the quaint little mountain towns of Durango and Silverton, we discovered that there were lots of antique shops. The boys had never been in an antique shop before and were fascinated by all of the cool, old stuff. They wanted to stop in every antique shop we came across and we had to drag them out- they could have stayed for hours. It’s a really fun memory now to look back on and now every time I hear anything about antiques, I think of us roaming around those little shops in Colorado. 🙂 

One favorite find from a shop there that just cracked me up (the bottom sign, about the chicken crossing the road!):

I also think of our trip and the antique shops every morning now, because my Mom picked up this antique tea tin from one of the shops and gave it to me for Christmas (since I drink tea every morning). I keep it stocked with tea bags downstairs behind our bar, which is where I make my morning tea while everyone else is sleeping. 

Below is a pic from the Durango-Silverton train we rode on that had the most breathtaking views as it wound through the mountains, an antique shop in Durango and finally the tiny town of Silverton that we loved so much we ended up stopping in a second time!
Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that I am able to take Asher to his rescheduled (again…) open water swim. I am also grateful to my Dad for coming today to help us with a project, despite the fact that I didn’t even ask him to! He just knew he could help with something we need done before our concrete gets poured later this week and offered to come, even though it’s totally out of his way and pretty inconvenient. 

1 thought on “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

  1. Wow, that pic from the train is amazing! I'd love to do a road trip like that when our kids are older. I LOVE Colorado so much. I spent a summer and 2 winter college breaks in Steamboat Springs and almost moved there after college. I look forward to taking Phil and our sons there someday.


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