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Monday: Highlights, Gratitude and Motivation

Hi. How was your weekend?

All good around here. I slept in a little bit today. The boys have been at their cousin’s house since Saturday night actually (after Asher’s swim meet), so it’s nice and quiet around here this morning. 😊

I’m kind of in a “list mood” today…maybe my weekly review/ planning has me in to- do list mode? I don’t know. Let’s do this: 5 Weekend Highlights, 5 Things I’m Grateful for and 5 Things to Motivate your Day!

Weekend Highlights:

1. Watching Asher swim again Saturday night

2. Reaching a consensus (finally) on the colors for a new little concrete patio we are having poured hopefully later this week. I hate having decisions looming and we had a hard time picking exactly what we wanted. I think we finally got it though. 

3. Mexican food/ date night with Ivan Saturday night after we dropped the boys at his cousin’s house

4. Time Sunday morning to take care of a few tasks that I had been procrastinating dealing with

5. Reading my book in bed last night 

Grateful today for:

1. The sound of crickets and katydids (I think?) outside. It’s the true soundtrack of summer for me. I woke up in the night and all was quiet except for that chirping/buzzing sound. It is so relaxing. (Is this just a Midwest thing? Or are they everywhere? I don’t even know. Anyone??)

2. That Asher’s 1.2 mile swim that was cancelled last week was rescheduled to tonight, so he should be able to try it again.

3. For a good workout last night. I wasn’t 100% consistent this past week since I was really busy. I’m grateful I got a solid workout in yesterday.

4. That we live on a cul-de-sac. The boys were out on Saturday scootering around with one of the new neighbor kids. I just love living on a cul-de-sac and often feel grateful for that.

   5. For banana bread, because it is really good. 😊

Monday Motivation– from the pages of a new notebook Ivan got for me:





(This last one is a favorite of mine!!)

Daily Gratitude:
See above. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Monday: Highlights, Gratitude and Motivation”

  1. I love these motivations quotes. Where did you find them? they seem coming from a book?it's great to write small things we are grateful. I feel grateful to my morning oatmeal every day, although i've been having it for years. hahaha….


  2. The quotes are from a hardcover professional notebook- it has these quotes on the inside cover, back cover and then a few other pages. Most of the pages are just lined for writing though!


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