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I really hadn’t realized it, but we had not seen PEOPLE in a really, really long time. I mean, we have “kind of” seen some people- obviously we now see my parents, we went to a friend’s for a bonfire a few weeks ago and I’ve seen my neighbors out and about. 

But in terms of an official small “gathering”, like back in the good old days, no. 

Last night Ivan’s cousin and sister came over. We literally had not seen them since I think New Year’s Day! I forgot how fun it can be to hang out with people!! This probably sounds dumb, but it’s true. For a brief moment, when we were all in the backyard playing cornhole, things almost felt normal. 

It was a gorgeous evening and it was soooo nice. I made pulled pork sandwiches and a big fruit salad; they brought some yummy fried chicken and pasta. The kids played with their cousin on scooters and bikes in the cul-de-sac. 

We ended up on the deck eating my famous blueberry crumble 😉 and talking until almost 11 pm. 


I’m not by nature the world’s most social person. My much more extroverted husband likes to point this out every chance he gets. 🙂  But even for me, this felt so great! Enjoying the summer night, a candle, a bright moon and great conversation really hit the spot. 

Yesterday morning I went to the grocery store. I’m getting much more used to wearing a mask now, finally- I feel like it’s become more second nature by this point. Arrive to store, park the car, mask up, head in. 

My one and only “mask” selfie. Not the best picture but I figured I would document this to look back on one day! There was an older guy sitting in the car next to me looking at me in the parking lot, so I felt really dumb taking this picture and tried to make it quick! Hahaha. 

That being said, when I really think about it, it still feels weird to be heading in to the grocery store with a big MASK covering my face! I just never in a million years would have thought I would ever do that in my lifetime. Never crossed my mind. I really do hope this will be a short term thing. It would be really sad if we had to wear masks everywhere for like the next 10 years or something…. or forever?? Omg. 

I had the TV on the other night while I was cleaning the house- Wheel of Fortune was on, followed by The Wall (that million dollar Plinko show). They were re-runs, of course, but watching them made me pause for a second. 

Seriously, WHEN will there ever be able to be “live audiences” and crowds again?! I try to not get all doomsday about it too often, but sometimes it just feels really disheartening. Looking at videos or photos of normal, everyday activities like concerts, ceremonies, events, etc…. it’s hard to imagine any of that returning any time soon and it feels so sad. 

Will the rest of our lives be dictated by spacing dots on the floor?? It was one thing for us to all have a temporary pause this spring, but considering the more long term/permanent(?) changes this might all bring is what really upsets me, I guess. It’s all so hard. SIGH. 

Anyway, on that cheery note, have a great Sunday!! Lol! 🙂 Speaking of spacing dots, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite social distancing memes. Cute little pigeon, so obediently sitting in the circle!! Haha. 🙂 

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful for a really fun night last night. I’m grateful for some really delicious food! I’m also grateful that we got to use our deck at night. Sometimes the mosquitoes can get bad out there, but with a little spray and some cooler temps, they mostly stayed out of our hair. I felt very grateful for the whole experience of just hanging out outside last night in our yard and on the deck. 

2 thoughts on “People!!”

  1. sounds like a fun and soul healing night. We are social animal by nature and we really need to see and hug people we love and care. 2020 is really a weird year no matter how we want to reframe it, hope it's over sooner than later. oh.. mask. yes, i'm our new mask. I'm almost never forget to wear it when going out. at beginning of this pandemic, I often run for 5 min and had to run back home to get a mask.


  2. Glad you had a fun night with family! We've had a couple of outdoor gatherings this summer and they fill up my cup so much. I, too, am a hardcore introvert, but COVID has been too much for me. I barely leave our house besides going on walks. Phil does all of our errands since I am high risk. And really, he was doing all the grocery shopping before so that hasn't changed, but he also does Target pick-ups and goes to the pharmacy, etc. And he goes to work 3-4 days/week so he gets out of the house (there are only about 5 people in his office each day and he has his own office so it's safe for him to be in). But I don't even have the option to go to work (probably wouldn't if I did since I'm high risk). So I feel extra extra isolated and look for any opportunity to get together with friends outdoors. I am trying to make the most of the warm summer/fall months because come November, we'll be back in lock-down and will only see daycare families. I'm dreading that but I know we need to be extra careful with me being pregnant.


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