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Life is short: Google Cal for the win

Hi August. Where did you come from, you sneaky little bugger?? 😁Seriously though, it feels rather impossible that it’s August. Like, 3 months from Halloween? Practically Christmas season??!

Apparently time flies for me regardless of whether I’m super busy or super not busy. Correction- I think I always find a way to be “busy”. Probably just my personality, or something like that. Yes, we have done more “sitting around” than usual, you could say, but I’ve never felt bored, not even for a minute really. There still seems to be plenty to do, just between the house and kids and work and life. So I guess the time still seems to fly. Oh well. 

Weekly Recap: Google Calendar for the Win

This felt like a pretty solid week for me. The biggest accomplishment I think was that I planned my days in advance, all 5 days, and for the most part I stuck to my determined schedule!

 Many days I planned the next day the afternoon before, right at the end of my work day. I spent a few minutes thinking and then entered any commitments + other stuff I wanted to get done tomorrow in time blocks on my calendar.

 It felt amazingly refreshing to know that I DID have time in my days for both work and leisure and/or household activities that I wanted to get done (AKA- stuff that matters, see above!). 

Using my time more strategically probably sounds very dull and not very spontaneous, but it actually feels so good! It allows me to do more AND enjoy my time more, since I’m more aware of where my time is going without feeling over stressed or hurried. 

I love the feeling of knowing that I have time scheduled in my day to work, time in my day to go on a walk, time in my day to review my checking account, time in my day to mop the kitchen floor, whatever. 

30 minutes to read doesn’t usually magically appear in my day. But, if I know that after work at 5 pm I’m planning to read outside for 30 minutes before starting to make dinner…guess what I’m more likely to do at 5 pm?? (Obviously, things can come up and no schedule is perfect- but making realistic plans for the day is at least the first step for me).  

For the most part I’m a pen/paper girl for my day planner but I like using Google Calendar for scheduling daily details like this. I love having it open on the sidebar on my desktop, so I can glance at it throughout the day and see what’s up next. I’m definitely going to make an effort to keep using it more often! 

I like knowing there is a little time block on my calendar that tells me to “sit outside and sip my tea” between 5:15-5:30 a.m. I feel zero guilt doing this when I know I have time for it. 🙂 

On a random note: I saw this cute little pic online this week…and as someone solidly in the 5 am wake-up camp, it made me giggle:

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful for my flip flops. Really! I wear them every day in the summer and I just love slipping them on my feet and off I go. It’s like being barefoot but not “actually” being barefoot. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Life is short: Google Cal for the win”

  1. hahaha… i love these rabbits… it's like my hubby and me. I'm a solid 4-5am riser and he goes to bed past midnight. At the first, i thought this means couple incompatibility but actually i like this way now, we both get ME time. it doesn't interfere our connection time either. and he snores badly so I wouldn't be able to fall asleep if he goes to bed at the same time. oh.. i live in flip flops!!! i don't know if I can ever wear heels again.


  2. That's funny- we are totally the same! I just had that same thought the other day too. My husband often goes to bed around midnight or sometimes later- I think he enjoys having a couple hours after we all go to bed. I then get those couple of hours alone in the morning while he sleeps later, so like you said, it works out for both of us!


  3. That bunny picture is funny! But neither my husband or I are 5am risers!! We both get up around the same time but he goes to bed later than me so I guess he needs less sleep? That is especially the case while I am pregnant! Glad you found a system that works well for you! I can see how scheduling time out gives you a feeling of freedom because you know you've allotted time to do a certain thing so you can't feel guilty in the moment for doing it!


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