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Holiday Highlight Reel

And just like that, our little holiday weekend “getaway” is over. Considering I came to my parents’ house a day early, it seemed to just fly by.

I hadn’t actually been anywhere since March, now that I think of it, so it was nice to just feel like we were going somewhere at least, even if only to their house. It was a really great time, very low key but still active, which was perfect.

Some highlights!

  • Early morning time in the park on Saturday. The boys swam again while my Mom supervised them, and my Dad, Ivan and I walked a 3 mile loop….absolutely DRIPPING with sweat by the time we were done in this heat, but we had some good conversation and a great time.

  • Some reading time on their patio in the afternoon, until I was interrupted by the boys who wanted to throw some Pop-Its, play in the sprinkler and attempt to fly a kite! 

  • A great 4th of July meal of burgers, hot dogs, chips and pico de gallo, fruit and sweet corn! 
  • Fireworks. We saw those surprise fireworks on Friday night, and attempted to go watch some more from the van on the 4th from a mall parking lot nearby….which would have been great, except for a big row of trees that blocked about 50% of them! So that was sort of a #fireworksfail. But it was better than nothing. We caught some other neighborhood ones on the way home and the boys had fun looking around trying to spot them. 
  • Highlight for the boys (especially Ethan): Fishing! It was hotter than heck out on the pier, but Grandpa was a good sport and stuck it out. Ethan got lucky, Asher not so much. 😦 Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! 😉 Ethan caught a monster of a fish, see below…. 



  • Hanging out and talking together on the patio, all throughout the weekend
  • Sitting in the shade and watching the boys hit some golf balls at the driving range. Another perfect outdoor, socially distanced activity! 
  • Key lime pie- my favorite
  • Watching a great movie called “A Smile as Big as the Moon.” It was actually just a made for TV movie but it stars John Corbett and is about a couple of high school Special Ed teachers that take their class to Space Camp. It’s very touching and inspiring- the main teacher (John Corbett) has to really think outside the box and push some boundaries in order to get his class approved to attend a camp that is normally only for the “best and brightest”. The kids all eventually rise to the challenge, despite their various learning and cognitive disabilities, and reach heights as a team that they never thought possible, learning a lot about themselves in the process. It is very inspirational! It’s currently on the Hallmark Channel on Demand, if anyone wants to check it out. 
I kept thinking of this quote as I was watching it: 

Now, back to some regularly scheduled programming of work, unpacking, and probably getting some groceries. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 

P.S. For anyone feeling bummed about their long weekend/ holiday break being over, 5 am Joel had a great message about embracing Mondays in his daily email this morning! Check it out here!

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for strawberries and sweet corn! I ate both yesterday and they were so juicy, fresh and delicious tasting! I am grateful for all food, but today I’m especially grateful for those. 

3 thoughts on “Holiday Highlight Reel”

  1. Sounds like a great getaway! That fish your son caught was HUGE! Nice that he got to eat what he caught, too. I guess the fish were really biting at my parents over the holiday weekend. They caught over 20 fish and were going to have a fish fry. I'm hoping they still have some in their freezer when we visit in August! I was actually kind of ready to go back to work today! The 3-day weekend was nice but I was ready to get back to my schedule and for Paul to go back to daycare. It can be hard to entertain a 2yo with a short attention span when our activity options are limited. I probably sound awful saying that but he has so much fun at daycare and has a blast there so I don't feel guilty about sending him!


  2. I don't think that sounds awful at all! I know what you mean. I also feel that way sometimes too. As much as I love being OFF work, there is something comforting and routine about my normal quiet work day (especially in "normal" times when the kids aren't around). When they are little its even worse, since they don't tend to entertain themselves well at ALL!


  3. looks like a fun getaway! so great that you got to be outdoor so much. I miss being outside the city and came to realise we haven't traveled anywhere this year so far, totally not normal for me who had over 20+ trips last year. Oh well… the new normal. I'll check out the Joel's post, I find Monday very overwelcoming lately, not a good way to start the week.


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