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Change in Plans

After I published yesterday’s post and went out on a walk with Ivan, we got talking. It dawned on me that this a rare year, because the boys don’t have ANY important activities during the 4th of July week. We traditionally always visit my parents for the holiday (an hour away), but typically we don’t even leave home until later in the evening on July 3rd(due to work, and the kids usually having swim practice or camps or whatever too).

I realized this would be a good opportunity to go a little sooner than I had planned, to spend a bit of a “long weekend” there instead, since why not?? The kids love hanging out there and it’s such a summery week. We didn’t really have any conflicts. So, on a whim I decided I would in fact take my floating holiday hours this week, the boys and I packed up our stuff and we drove here yesterday afternoon. Ivan has to work today but he said he would just drive down to meet us tonight for the rest of the weekend. 

Even though there won’t be many festivities this year, I still had to pack up my red, white and blue! 🙂 

It felt nice to be able to spontaneously just up and leave and it was a beautiful day for a drive. Since the pandemic has been going on, I feel like I barely drive anymore! The drive from my house to theirs is mostly just through farmland and open plains- it’s a very pretty, relaxing drive.

We blasted some tunes for a while and then spent at least half of the drive playing “A to Z I Spy”. This game involves starting with “A” and searching for something outside the vehicle that starts with that letter. Once we each found something (like “airplane!” or “ambulance!”), we could all move on to letter B. It’s actually quite entertaining! We completed it all the way through letter Y before arriving at their house. So close to finishing the alphabet. 😉 It was a bit challenging for some letters, considering that like I said, we were driving mostly through farmland without a ton of variety. We got creative though and sometimes relied on using names on signs, like a truck that had the name “Quest” on it for “Q”, for example.
I’ll keep this short since it’s already late. I spent the morning sitting out here on their patio talking with my Dad instead of doing my usual morning routine. I think it was a fair trade off. 😊

The boys and my parents just headed out to play a round of golf. I’m staying behind to work a few hours to make up the few that I shorted my day yesterday as I packed up the car and everything. I’m hoping to have the afternoon free though- they have a park with a nice swimming pond nearby that maybe we can go to.

Enjoy your Friday! Headed anywhere for the 4th of July??

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for good weather for the holiday weekend! Especially with everyone’s plans, parades, etc. being cancelled this year, it would have been a big bummer to also have a washed out and rainy 4th. We have full sunshine and blue skies here, and it looks like it will stay this way through the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Change in Plans”

  1. so nice to have your parents in a drivable distance and love the spontaneous decision. They are really fun and change of routine. enjoy your weekend!


  2. So glad you decided to "getaway" for the weekend. I think that by next weekend the world is going to be in a state of "shutdown" again because of all of the traveling folks are doing this weekend. Its sad really but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. In the meantime, I think I will be taking advantage of the heat and try to hit the malls (if they don't get closed), clean my apartment, and go check on the status of my house which is currently under construction! Hope you guys get to see some fireworks!


  3. Wow, a new house?! Exciting! That must be one really good thing to be grateful for and look forward to during this weird pandemic time. And yes, it has been nice to get away, if only an hour away and to my parents' house. Still a nice change of scenery! 🙂


  4. Good call to take your floating holiday and head to your parents. It's nice that they are a short drive away! We did not go anywhere for the 4th. It was hard to miss out on the family celebration as 3 of my siblings were at my parents lake home. But it's just too risky for us with Paul in daycare. But we made the most of our weekend at home. I do wish it was less steamy. We swam every morning at a local lake and then were not outside much besides that. our little guy is so sensitive to the heat and gets overheated quickly. He would never complain but I can tell he is way too hot when his face is beat red! We did have a friend over to grill on Saturday night and were outside besides when we ate dinner. The humidity dropped a bit so it wasn't too uncomfortable, especially since our backyard/deck is shaded in the afternoon/evening.


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