Making the best of it….

Happy 4th of July! 

Let’s see, since I started this blog and the pandemic began, we have now spent Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day in an altered way. Today is of course going to be no different.

My sister and family were supposed to be here (from Ireland). We were supposed to go downtown last night to the huge July 3rd fireworks display on Lake Michigan. Today we were supposed to take my little nieces and nephew to their first 4th of July parade. We were supposed to go see more fireworks tonight. We were all supposed to be together.

The biggest disappointment, of course, is just that my sister’s family isn’t here. It would have been SO fun to share our traditions with her young kids for the first time. These are moments and ages in the kids’ lives that we can never get back and it just sucks, for lack of a better word. 

But what can we do about it??? Not much, can we. This is one time in all of our lives that the word “control” has gone right out the window, much to most of our dismay and frustration. 

So, our only choice really is to make the best of it

Yesterday ended up being a good day- golfing for the boys in the morning, swimming at a nearby pond in the afternoon, pizza for dinner, and, the highlight on the way home from dinner- surprise pop up fireworks EVERYWHERE! My parents live in a smaller suburb with many other surrounding suburbs, and it seems all of the towns around were lighting off fireworks at the same time. We ended up pulling into a couple different parking lots and got to watch some really great shows just from the van. The boys stood and stuck their heads out the sunroof window. 🙂 


Today there will be no parade and I don’t think there will be any “official” fireworks in the park either. We’re mostly just planning to grill out and have a special 4th of July meal here. We brought the sprinkler along, so maybe the boys will put their suits on later. The boys helped stick little American flags out in the ground in front of my parents’ house and Ethan is excited to wear his new “USA” shirt we got for him the other day. We will turn on some patriotic music and also hopefully listen to Ethan and Asher play “America the Beautiful” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” on the piano. 

As I said, we will make the best of it and still enjoy the day, celebrating our great nation, history, freedoms and opportunities! Happy 4th of July everyone. 

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for my country. Despite the ups and downs lately, I am so grateful that I was born here and I am proud to be an American. 

6 thoughts on “Making the best of it….”

  1. Yes, make the best out of the current pandemic. Rationally that's what I keep telling myself too, but it takes a lot of convincing but our life has been changed so many ways. Good to keep trying though.it seems that you did have some good time with the boys, and you are still with your parents, so not bad at all 🙂


  2. So glad that you were able to find some joy in the holiday today. I was actually on the phone with my grandad this morning, who's in England (my entire family besides my mom and dad are in England), and it made me sad to think that in years past I would be in England right now for the holiday. Yes, a strange way to spend the holiday but as a dual citizen and seeing that its my birthday in 9 days, I generally spend two weeks every summer in England traveling around seeing family and some years hopping over to Spain / Turkey to see my Auntie. Is your sisters husband Irish? Is there a reason they weren't allow to come into the USA? From what I've heard, US Citizens can still come into the country. I know I considered going to England for my usual trip by the idea of quarantining for 2 weeks and to not be able to travel at all while there didn't appeal to me. 😦 Any plans for the remainder of the weekend?


  3. We are all American citizens so technically we could have come back to the US this summer. But given the global pandemic situation we didn’t feel that undertaking a big international trip was the safest thing to do right now. The Irish government is strongly advising against non essential travel and we are trying to follow the guidelines and do what we can to keep the numbers low. (We only have 10-15 cases a day here now so we are in good shape here and don’t want to jeopardise that with risky behavior.) We also have aging / high risk parents and would feel obligated to self isolate somewhere that wasn’t their house after traveling on planes and through airports, which would have eaten up two full weeks of our trip (including through the July 4 holiday). A lot of the events we were hoping to attend have been cancelled or dramatically changed (no summer fest, parades, organized fireworks, baseball games, visits with friends in other states, restaurant experiences, etc) so a lot of the ‘fun’ experiences we would have wanted to share with the kids would have been untenable. And, if numbers continue to be bad in the US, we would have to quarantine for two weeks after returning to Ireland, which wouldn’t really work with my daughter (hopefully) starting primary school at the end of August. Given it’s such a big ticket, expensive trip for the five of us, we thought it would be better to postpone until things are back to normal and we can have the trip we’ve dreamed of. It’s all still super super disappointing though! 😦


  4. Bummer about your trip to England! That sounds like a super fun way to spend your birthday. Sorry you couldn't go this year! We're in the same boat, with plans to go to Europe in August. But right now we couldn't even go if we wanted to, though with the situation as is, it just wouldn't be smart or even desirable to go at this point, sadly. 😦 No big plans for the rest of the weekend except hanging out more at my parents' house. The boys like to ride their scooters at a skate board park near their house, so we'll probably go over there later. Plenty of leftover burgers and hot dogs for lunch to eat up too!


  5. Such a bummer to not see your sister and her family! This pandemic has really taken so much control from us. I missed my family celebration at my parents lake home. It was tough to see pictures of the fun they were having, but it was too risky for us to go up there with Paul being in daycare. We will be going up in August, but will get tested before that visit. But we will be the only ones up there besides my parents, which feels lower risk to us. We also saw some fireworks on the 4th. They were all done by people in our neighborhood as there weren't any shows in the Twin Cities.


  6. I'm sorry you couldn't go to your parents house either… That is such a bummer too. I hope all works out so that you can go in August for sure. Your son is at such a sweet age too that I'm sure it's so hard for all of you to be apart so long.


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