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Weekend Recap

How was your weekend?

Mine was good! Obviously, it was Father’s Day yesterday so that was a big focus. But Friday night and Saturday were good days here too.

Some highlights!

Friday night:
  • Some alone time! Ivan and the boys rented the indoor soccer field at the gym for an hour after work. I stayed home, put some music on and cooked dinner by myself. It was really relaxing!
  • Later, they watched a movie and I sat in the sunroom and finished a good book I have been reading for way too long… 

  • I had a few hours of work to do, so I took the morning to work while Ivan cut the grass and cleaned the master bathroom. 
  • After I worked, I did my workout – a full body HIIT from Lift 4 plus Barre Blend Upper Body
  • In the afternoon we made a meal plan for the week and then I went grocery shopping. We needed a pretty full haul.
  • In the evening we all went to the gym- Ethan and Ivan went to the indoor soccer field to practice, Asher and I swam laps followed by a little hot tub time. We all met up after in the gym’s bar/restaurant and the kids got a soft pretzel and cheese as a snack!
  • Later, the kids went to a neighbor’s for a movie night so Ivan and I got to watch a couple episodes of “The Good Wife”. We had my sister-in-law’s delicious pozole for dinner that she so graciously shared with us!

  • I got up early to write my blog post, journal, etc. for a while
  • Per Ivan’s request, we went out for breakfast for Father’s Day. He’s a big fan of “breakfast out”- pancakes, coffee, eggs, etc. I can take it or leave it, so this isn’t something I request much, personally. But, since it was Father’s Day, that’s what we did! It was fun. The kids were especially talkative and it was just a nice time. 
  • In the afternoon we drove about 45 minutes to meet up with my parents at Kettle Morraine State Forest, Lapham Peak for a hike. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had the best time! The trails were beautiful, not too challenging but varied terrain through the woods. One of my goals for this year was to try some new hikes, and now I can officially say we checked one off the list! I would like to return to this park- there are many more trails to try. 
  • After the hike we all went up the road to a brewery for dinner. The restaurant was quiet and we had a corner table in the bar area. It was really great!
  • We closed out the night at home by watching the first episode of The Last Dance, the ESPN mini-series about Michael Jordan. So far, it’s very interesting!

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that we got home safely yesterday. There was a big accident on the interstate ahead of us and it was completely shut down. We had to reroute off the major highway. Prayers for anyone involved. I’m grateful for our safe return home. 

7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Looks like a perfect weekend with a good mix of down time, active time, and time out for meals/seeing your parents! We had a pretty good weekend but I did a good amount of solo parenting and also came down with a really bad head cold so was not feeling well. Phil golfed on Saturday afternoon so I had paul on my own after nap time. Then on Sunday he went out to help his mom with some things around her house (she's a widow so needs quite a bit of help from him) and he stopped by his dad's grave. Since he planned to go to the grave, we decided not to come with him to his mom's as I know he prefers privacy when he visits his dad's grave. But we did have nice, warm weather and spent a lot of time outdoors and went to the park a couple of times. We also went to the beach on Sunday morning while Phil swam across the local lake. So all in all it was a good weekend, I just was not feeling well so that kind of put a damper on things!


  2. We are in the middle of Last Dance and I’m really liking it despite not being a huge basketball fan. I remember vaguely some of the stuff in it, being an older child/teen during the time period involved. It’s fun to watch something about sports with so little live sport happening these days. And it’s nostalgic too, as it has that nineties feel – guess I’m getting old! 🙂


  3. I agree! I'm so NOT a BB fan but I kept telling Ivan that this was all going on during my prime childhood years so to me Michael Jordan has always been "the man" when it comes to thinking of basketball stars.


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