“Remember When…”: Pandemic Memories

Good morning! It’s another beautiful day outside where I am. Yesterday was just GORGEOUS (after a foggy start). I scheduled in a break from 12:15- 1:00 p.m. to hang out and read with the boys. We went out to their little “tree house”/ old swing set with blankets and read a chapter from our Dangerous Space Missions book outside- yesterday’s was about Apollo 13. It was just so nice. I wish we thought to do that more often! It was fun being out in the yard instead of just the couch or up on the deck. (Side note: kids’ chore today= remove the awning and scrub it down! Yuck! Look at all that dirt on the outside.) 

Today marks a milestone of sorts, in that Ethan has his first “extracurricular activity” of any kind since…early March I guess? He is going to meet his tennis instructor for a lesson at a local, outdoor court that is open. The tennis club he plays at is still closed, but his instructor texted me that he is trying to fit in some lessons outdoors. Feels a bit strange!! And, I feel slightly annoyed in a very odd way that I have something on my calendar! (What, I have to shower and get dressed and actually BE somewhere at a certain time?? The nerve! Lol.) 

Anyway, as the COVID-19 restrictions are slowlystarting to lift across the world, it’s making me feel the urge to make sure to document some more pandemic related memories, lest I forget about them. I know this blog will serve as my own little “time capsule” of sorts someday.

I’ve been keeping a list in my desk drawer of things that I think will always remind me of this time in our lives and jotting them down as they come to me. So far, this is what I have:

  •   Popcorn + sour gummy worms
  •   Daily morning walks with Ivan
  •   Working into the late afternoons/ early evenings (my “golden hours” of best work time= probably 1:30-5:30/6:00 pm)
  •   Beachbody on Demand workouts
  •   Cooking leisurely dinners
  •   “The Amazing Race” show
  •   “The Good Wife” show (watching with Ivan during this time)
  •   Movie nights
  •   Our sunroom = school
  •   Wearing leggings + black slipper socks for days
  •   The song “The Piano Man”, which Asher has learned and played on REPEAT during this time. I may consider it the actual coronavirus soundtrack. Or not, because it’s a great song and I’d hate to taint it with that label.
  •   “Zoom” (Had never heard of Zoom before this all started). Also “Google Classroom” will always remind me of their online schooling.
  •   My blog! I started it April 4th and have written every single morning since then.
  •   Our big Europe trip being cancelled and our last minute whirlwind trip to Mexico in early March
  •   The book Disaster Strikes! The Most Dangerous Space Missions of All Time which I have been slowly reading with the boys since the pandemic started
  •   Our road being ripped up and resurfaced
  •   Masks, the term “social distancing”, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, “stimulus check” and the like
  •   Coronavirus and homeschool memes 
  • Ivan and the boys watching “The Flash” series
  • My weird “part-time hours” and pay cuts at the hospital

Excuse the duck’s French, but this has been I think my favorite “homeschool” meme! Haha. 

This is all I have for now! I’m sure there are items I’m missing. Help me out- what do I need to add to my list?? What’s your biggest quarantine memory?

Steps: 12,275
Meditate: Done!
Read: 40 glorious minutes after work on my front patio with the sun beating down on me!! Felt so good. 

Daily Gratitude:
Today I am grateful for my favorite grey sweatshirt. I have this old grey hoodie that I just love. It’s one of those items that I just always reach for. In fact, I am wearing it right now. It’s so comfy and cozy, I love how it fits and feels on me, it goes with everything….It’s really nothing special, but I’m grateful for it. It “sparks joy”, to quote Marie Kondo. 😉 

“The sweatshirt” even made it on the boat to the Statue of Liberty one cool morning in NYC a couple years ago! 🙂 

2 thoughts on ““Remember When…”: Pandemic Memories”

  1. My biggest memories so far are our face masks, having to do drop off/pick up for daycare at the front door so not seeing our son's teachers, working from the couch for 8 weeks (not good but how it had to be while our son was home and I was waiting for a monitor/monitor stand), the songs from the shows my son watches getting stuck in my head on repeat, and our first social distant play date in 2 months!


  2. I think this will be a funny time to look back on one day! I'm glad to be documenting some of this stuff! I know you have been too. It will be nice to have eventually.


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