Power Naps are Awesome and Some Thoughts on Beachbody

Good morning!

Peeking out my bedroom window at about 5:10 this morning

So how’s the week going? Things over here are pretty decent so far. Yesterday was Monday… I was really happy that both of the boys’ teachers sent their full assignment lists for the week by email on Sunday evening. I was able to look things over and it made it a lot easier to get going Monday morning. 

However, I was SO TIRED yesterday. For some reason, Asher woke me up at 4:19 a.m. Said he couldn’t sleep and had been lying awake in bed. I did the half asleep grunt and slid over so he could crawl in by me (he never sleeps with us anymore, but I just wanted to go back to sleep so I didn’t resist…). Our bed must have been magic because he was fast asleep again in about 1.5 seconds. I, however, ended up totally wide awake. Hmph. My alarm was set for 5:05 anyway, so 4:30ish wasn’t too far off, but I had gotten to bed way too late Sunday night. Probably not until at least 11 pm. So this now made for a very short night. I finally just got up and got my day going extra early.

This was all fine and dandy until around 2 pm when it felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head. I started really dragging!! I was sitting at my computer and was literally experiencing the “head bob”, where you practically start falling asleep. Reminded me of trying to stay awake in an Econ lecture in college. I finally said “forget this!”. I changed my status to “Away” on my work computer, went up to my room (the kids were playing outside for a while), closed my curtains and took a nap. I set my alarm for 30 minutes. However, someone texted me about 15 minutes in which woke me up! Oops. Surprisingly though, after those 15 minutes in a pretty deep sleep I felt incredibly refreshed and awake! Like a new person. I had never really believed in the whole “power nap” concept- mostly because I’m just not a big napper I guess- but I think this qualified as one. I went back to my desk and felt perfectly awake then the rest of the afternoon! It was pretty awesome. 

My little home workout area


As promised, I just want to do a quick recap on my thoughts on the Beachbody workouts. Like I said yesterday, these are totally new to me. I had always sort of thought they were just a big marketing scam, honestly. Or workouts for people that weren’t actually serious about working out. (Just being honest!) However, I was actually pleasantly surprised by them! 

Like I also mentioned, I heard a lot about them from a blogger at The Shu Box, Sarah Hart-Hunger, a working mom/ practicing physician whose blog I also really enjoy. She and I seem to have a lot of similarities in our morning routine style and I’ve also picked up a lot of tips from her over time. Anyway, she squeezes in a daily workout before heading off to work and school in the mornings and does Beachbody. When the pandemic hit and the gyms closed, this seemed like an easy solution. I wasn’t really in the mood to try to modify my normal workouts or have to do a lot of planning.

I ended up buying a 3 month subscription to the streaming service. I decided to start with the 21 Day Fix (one of many programs available) because that’s what Sarah was doing and it seemed pretty good. I had heard of it from other people too. 


  • I like having a pre-determined schedule to follow! I am a big fan of “checking off boxes”, so I really like that each day I just have to look to see which workout is on the schedule
  • The workouts are nice and short! Only about 30 minutes for the 21 Day Fix. With the current situation (work + kids home full time), I didn’t feel I could commit to longer workouts consistently. Since consistency is king in fitness, I figured this would be good. 
  • The workouts are fun! I have been enjoying them. It’s a mix of cardio and strength training. No music included but Autumn Calabrese guides the workouts along with a crew. I also like it that includes a Pilates day and a Yoga Day. I don’t do a ton of that type of thing but always strive to include more, so this has been nice. 
  • The workouts are actually tough! I’ll admit, this surprised me! I thought they might be sort of wimpy. Not true! These workouts have pushed me. I don’t usually do a lot of circuit training, so I think this is challenging me in a new way. 
  • Flexible scheduling. I like that these can be done whenever, wherever you have time to do them. I use my phone and stream them to our Smart TV downstairs.
  • Minimal equipment needed. Just mostly dumbbells, a mat and occasionally some optional mini bands, which I already had. 
  • Affordable. I can’t remember the exact price for the 3 month membership, but I want to say a whole year is only $100/year. Compared to a gym membership this is a steal! I know I wouldn’t give up my gym membership, but I have actually been thinking about maybe keeping this later to use as some “cardio days” at home to fit in around my strength workouts. Or to use as a backup on busy days when I can’t get to the gym. 


  • I would say the biggest con for me is just that it’s not strength training like I’m used to. The work sets are longer, meaning the reps are higher, weights are lighter. This is okay, but not necessarily ideal for truly building muscle over the long term. 
  • I don’t have a huge variety of weights. Currently the heaviest dumbbells I have are only 12 lbs. If I were to keep working out at home, I would need to invest in some additional options. 
  • I know some of the muscle groups are getting a bit neglected, just given the circuit style. (I realize this isn’t meant to be a true weight lifting routine). For example, there are some back moves, but not a ton. I know I work my shoulders harder in the gym too. Also, while the legs get worked a lot in almost all of the workouts, there’s only 1 “leg day” per week officially. The legs are a big muscle group and the glutes especially need a LOT of time under tension to grow, ideally using the progressive overload I talked about yesterday. 

That’s really about it though! Overall I think it has been a perfectly suitable option for staying active during this time, and although I won’t argue that it’s a replacement for a good, solid strength training routine, it has challenged me for sure. I am a sweaty mess by the end. It has been fun to do something different, it has been very accessible and short and to the point. At the moment, it is doing the job! 

*There are many other Beachbody programs- some are more geared toward “weight lifting”. I just don’t have the equipment or heavier weights at home, so I decided to not even try those right now. It is cool though that with the one membership you have access to literally dozens of programs, all for the one price.

Besides working out, I have been also aiming to get at least a 10 minute walk in every day, sometimes more than once. We also have been doing some longer walks with the family on the weekends. On Sunday the boys biked and we walked, and last night I actually went for a little run with Asher!

Ethan 🙂
Running! My first run in quite a while!

Speaking of working out….time to get to it! I finished up the 21 Day Fix on Sunday and did the bonus workout yesterday, so today I think I’m going to start the 21 Day Fix “Extreme”. Yikes, can’t wait to see what “extreme” means exactly…. haha.

Daily Gratitude:
This morning I am feeling grateful that I have my own private space in the basement to spend my mornings. We have a ranch style home, so every morning when I go tip-toeing down the hall while my family sleeps, I feel grateful that I can sneak downstairs to the basement to have my alone time without disturbing anyone. I can turn the morning news on the rec room TV, make my tea down there and workout too without anyone hearing me. I have a friend that used to complain that she wanted some early morning time, but one of her kids would always hear her and end up crashing her alone time!! So I’m grateful that I have this space to use in the mornings. 

4 thoughts on “Power Naps are Awesome and Some Thoughts on Beachbody”

  1. okay if you get like 15 comments from me, it's b/c i couldn't get it to go through!! I'm glad you liked them. I find extreme harder though mostly there are a lot of plyo/jumping moves. Also the 21DF pilates i greatly prefer to the 21DFX pilates. I'm excited for your extreme review 🙂


  2. I did Beachbody the winter before our wedding in 2017 and I really liked the workouts. I didn't have weights at first so I did this kickboxing kind of program. I don't remember what it is called but I liked it. I was traveling quite a bit at that time so I loved that I could do them in my hotel room. I've done 21 day fix and also really liked those workouts. I think I will likely get a subscription again someday – probably when I am out of the young child/family planning phase (hoping to have a 2nd child). Your short night of sleep sounds rough. Glad your nap was restorative. I was never a napper until I got pregnant with our son. Then I naps were sooo necessary. And now I will often nap during our sons nap if I didn't sleep well. I also put my phone in 'do not disturb' mode, though, to avoid any texts or phone calls!


  3. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't think to put my phone on Do Not Disturb! Duh. Haha. Naps can definitely be helpful when pregnant or with little kids for sure! I always felt torn though between wanting the quiet alone time during their nap, or wanting to take a nap myself.


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