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Quick check-in/ misc.

Random thoughts/updates/tidbits on a Thursday:

1) I’m tired. Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and never fell back to sleep. Asher had 5:30 swim practice anyway, so there wasn’t a whole lot of wiggle room in the first place. So, yeah. I felt okay yesterday but ended up sort of biting off more than I could chew probably. It was the first post- illness/ travel day that I felt otherwise “normal”, so for some reason I decided to like, charge at the day and tried to do too much.

It was a beautiful day and may rain this weekend, so I wanted to take advantage to drain and clean the hot tub, which badly needed it (while simultaneously working…. I mean, there’s a lot of downtime where the water is just draining…and then later just filling… etc., so it’s do-able). But there’s also a lot of other steps and I spent my whole lunch hour in the (empty) hot tub scrubbing it clean and cleaning the filters and attaching hoses and whatnot. Add in a work meeting later and some kid drama and just being tired all day and well, now I’m really tired today. Even though I slept well last night, my eyes feel like I have sandpaper lining them.

2) Baby geese are here. Told you this was random. But the babies have arrived. Awwwww…..

3) I need to buy a sympathy card, and want to bring Ethan along with me. His piano teacher’s mother died last week, sadly, and I want to send her a sympathy card. But then I realized that Ethan should also be sending/signing this card, because it’s technically his teacher, and he’s known her since he was 5. And then I thought, you know, he should come with me to buy the card. He needs to realize that things like this are part of life and it’s the right thing/ nice thing to do, and it takes time and effort to drive to the store, pick out a card, sign it, address it, mail it. Obviously I could just buy a card and have him sign it, but I don’t really like to do that. I actually never just buy a birthday gift for their friends either without them being along or helping pick it out, either (unless maybe we agree on a certain gift card). I don’t know, just the principle of it I guess that bugs me.

4) Ted Lasso is picking up. I feel like the first few episodes were rather slow! I still liked it, but it felt a little off to me. These last couple have been really good, I think. We got a little treat this week because we missed last Wednesday due to packing/etc for Texas, so we watched that one just Monday night when we got home. And then we got another new ep last night! A two-for-1. 😉

5) A little laugh:

Saw this online and it made me laugh…. (to be clear, my lawn is neither currently “unmown” nor do I have stacks of dirty dishes, thankfully, but it still made me laugh.)

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for baby animals in the neighborhood… love seeing little baby bunnies and geese out and about. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Quick check-in/ misc.”

  1. Well, our neighbors have already mowed three times and we’ve mowed zero, so you’re doing better than us! (We actually do participate in No Mow May to help the pollinators, but it doesn’t apply to the front yard and we really *should* mow, but neither of us is eager to do so.)

    The dishes are clean, though, so at least there’s that!


    1. It’s crazy how fast everything is suddenly growing!! In just the short time we were away, I feel like it all exploded, and our grass suddenly seems to be growing on triple speed! lol.


  2. FWIW, there was a period a couple of months ago where, sadly, at least 3 people in my friends/colleagues group who lost a close loved one. I then decided to buy about a half-dozen different sympathy cards, and every time I’m at Target or Hallmark I scan the collections to see if there are any that I really like. I have about 6 sympathy cards, but I also have lots of cards for engagements, weddings, new babies, and birthdays.

    I also have several sheets of Forever stamps and address labels, so that every time I hear of a new life event, it’s super quick to write a card and drop it in our community outgoing mailbox for pickup. Saves me a ton of time, my husband uses it too, and we can focus on “shopping” our own library of cards and mailing them out than worrying about when we can next go to the drug store to pick one up when something big happens.


    1. Yes, this is absolutely the way to go… I just haven’t been good about making sure to have cards and things on hand lately. Many years ago, one of the patients I cared for in the hospital gave me a big set of these beautiful hand-made stamped cards that she had made…. it was a variety of occasions, some were blank, etc. For a long time if I needed a card I could just go grab one of those! But I’ve finally exhausted that supply, sadly. Those were so neat because they were unique. I do keep a bunch of stamps on hand usually though, and nowadays they last a lot longer since we don’t mail things often!


  3. It is really smart to involve Ethan in the process. I definitely pick out cards and gifts on occasion for the sake of efficiency, but I get my kiddo involved as much as possible. She just wrapped all the gifts for her cousin’s birthday, and then came with me to the post office to mail it. It DOES require effort, and I don’t think I’d ever thought about being intentional about involving her. So smart. (Also, his possible future spouse will probably be very grateful.)

    Love the little goslings! I saw a bunch today for the first time this season and they are so cute!


    1. Having the kids wrap presents is such a double edged sword, hahaha…. so important they learn how, but can be frustrating, too, watching them fold and crinkle big lumps of paper, when they’re little.. ha! It’s like, oh my, that’s… beautiful… 😉

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  4. I fully agree with you, as they get older, they need to learn social responsibilities too. maybe girls are more mindful of that than boys, often Sofia will be writing notes when I don’t even think about it.
    hope you feel better soon.


  5. I really like the idea of involving Ethan in the process. I try to take T in to buy birthday presents, etc.

    OMG, that pollinators tweet. I thought I had convinced my husband to no mow may, but the neighbour has shamed him 🙂


    1. hahaha, too funny! I’ll admit, we don’t do it…our yard is old/grass is NOT in good shape or good looking as it is and I basically can’t stomach the idea of it looking even worse than it already does. At least when it’s mowed it looks slightly better, but not really. lol. We need to re-seed a bunch of areas soon that have gone totally bare under a big tree in our front yard… drives me crazy, it’s like a big mud patch in some spots instead of grass. Neither of us are particularly into landscaping/yard stuff so we never know what we’re doing really and don’t care that much, ha, so I mostly just want it to look somewhat presentable and fairly neat.


  6. I think it’s good to teach your kids about things like buying sympathy cards! So good for you for taking them along! It’s another thing that you could probably do quicker on your own but it’s worth taking more time to teach your boys a life skill.

    Those baby geese are cute! We haven’t seen any yet but I’ve been watching for them! I wonder when we will have to mow our lawn for the first time. Last year we had such a bad drought that I think we mowed our lawn 5-6 times TOTAL. It was a horribly dry summer and our poor yard still looks rough, especially with the grub problem we now have.


  7. I think you are doing the exact right thing taking Ethan with you. Building the adult you want him to be. 🙂
    Also, yeah, the 2:45 am wake up. I know exactly what you mean, trust me. Sorry you over-worked yourself, though. 😦 Here’s hoping you are now fully recovered and feeling more like yourself.


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