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Thursday misc.

I’m happy to see the sun again this morning!

(View from my sunroom window. This pic sort of makes it look like we live in a jungle treehouse, which is definitely not the case. 🤣 This is just a close-up of our magnolia tree. Trying to capture the rising sun without capturing all the rain spots on the glass…).

Tornado warning

A huge line of severe storms moved through our area last night. Fortunately for us, the worst of it hit some areas north of us. But we got a strong storm, too, complete with a tornado warning and sirens going off. (Those sirens are just always creepy!) Luckily the power stayed on for us- I heard others in town lost it.

When the sirens go off, you’re supposed to take shelter in the basement, of course. Our basement is always really cold in the summer (when it’s super hot outside, with the air conditioning on). I actually think something is wrong- I swear it’s like 20 degrees colder downstairs compared to upstairs. Anyway, the wind was picking up and those black ominous clouds were rolling in, so we all headed down. The storm didn’t sound that bad, so we mostly just hung out in the rec room.

I snuck upstairs a few times to “check things out”, but at least I wasn’t this lady:

🤣🤣 So true.

Since it was chilly down there, we grabbed some blankets and actually turned the fireplace on for a few minutes to warm up the room! I felt unsure if it was safe/ smart to have the gas fireplace running in the event of a possible tornado? But Ivan said if a tornado hit the house, the pilot light would surely go out and the fireplace would go out. No idea if he’s right, but that sounded reasonable enough to me. 😅

The boys all played a few rounds of FIFA.

Eventually we got the all clear and could go finish our dinner!!

Protein filled breakfast

I’ve been having this little egg dish for breakfast this week. Since I stopped tracking macros, I feel like I’m experiencing my annoying but all too usual “diet slide”. Sigh. You know what I mean? Where you are “eating healthy” for a long time, and then slowly….slowly…..slowly….you start loosening up….couple more treats here…extra snack there… and suddenly you are kind of off your healthy eating kick.

In my case, it’s not even that I’m eating horribly, but compared to how I was eating while tracking macros, I know I’ve been nowhere near hitting my protein goal now. I have learned that in terms of body composition, my body really does respond well to a quite high protein diet + more moderate carbs/fats. Especially while strength training (which I still am doing regularly).

So, instead of having PB toast (NOT high in protein…), I had this:

1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 slice thin pepper jack cheese, spinach/arugula and deli turkey

I didn’t track this, but I know there’s 15 g in protein just from the egg products alone. Combined with the cheese and turkey, there’s well over 20-25 g in here.

Asher goes to swim camp

I have to take off a bunch of time today drive Asher and his friend to swim camp! Last night I helped Asher get his bag all packed. Pretty easy for this camp- just several swim jammers, goggles, tons of towels and a few pairs of t-shirts and shorts. And bed linens! I guess they aren’t providing those this year.

Check in is between 1:30-2:30, and it’s a couple hours away. They’ll be there from Thursday to Sunday, so really only a few days, but hopefully they’ll get plenty of swimming in.

The camp is a “starts/ turns/ underwaters” focus. One of Asher’s biggest weakness in the pool are his “underwaters” (the part after you dive in, where you are in a streamline, dolphin kicking off the wall, underwater). He just doesn’t always get as much speed there as he’d like, so, hopefully this camp will give him some pointers.

A bunch of other kids from his team will be at the camp, too! He is really excited to stay in the college dorm, eat the cafeteria buffet food and hang out/ do evening activities with the other kids. Should be a good time!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the Dollar Store! We don’t have a big grocery store RIGHT by our house, but there is a dollar store just a couple minutes away. Last night Asher and I needed to stop to pick up a few snacks for camp for his dorm room (a bag of chips, some crackers, Gatorade, etc.), so the dollar store was perfect. Quick and easy.

6 thoughts on “Thursday misc.”

  1. We never even left our living room when the sirens went off. We are hardy Midwesterners! Our basement isn’t as cozy as yours, though, so I think we can be forgiven for just staying put.


  2. Wow. A tornado warning sounds so scary! I’m glad you’re all okay and it didn’t turn out to be serious. And I agree with NGS that your basement looks so cozy 🙂
    The breakfast looks delicious!!!


  3. a tornado sounds scary… despite living in tropical country for 5 years now… I still get scared when there’s typhoon around, which is more than 20 a year.. it makes me feel so vulnerable, isn’t it?
    I fully get your point of slowly sliding macro tracking… I’m the same. hahahaha…. but I do feel that I feel better if I start with a high protein days. so I’ve been having eggs with something else for breakfast for quite a while.


  4. Our basement is much colder, too, but year-round! I need a space heater when working down there about 8 months of the year, maybe 9. Then in the summer, it’s deliciously cool! But we set our AC pretty high – 76 usually! Phil hates AC – I mean he appreciates it but would prefer to run it as little as possible and would rather ‘experience the seasons’. But he’s accepted that we need to keep it a bit cooler so the kids will sleep more comfortably. He would also rather set the heat lower, but we’ve negotiated a more reasonable setting since having kids. If it was up to him, he’d set it at 65 during the day and 63 at night which is too cold for me! In the summer, we close all of the ac vents in the basement but it is still cold down there.

    By now Asher is back from camp. I hope he had a great experience!


  5. What a cozy place to hang out. I miss basements (not many places in California have them – we’re not a tornado state LOL).
    That breakfast looks yummy!


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