Well, I tried.

Ciao da Roma!!

Clearly, I failed immensely at keeping up on daily blog posts during our trip. 🤪🤪

I promise I had the best of intentions… but unlike our big New England trip last summer, where we had relatively slow mornings each day (i.e. a blogging window), I just have not had big chunks of free time to be tethered to my phone!!

Our Ireland portion at my sister’s was FULL and wonderful and amazing and every other synonym for incredible that exists. (I at least got a few posts up!! But I have much more to come.) Then the speed seemed to pick up, the wheels fell off and I was done.

I thought I might post from the train from Westport to Dublin last Sunday, but then the wifi was pretty crappy!

Now, in Rome, our days have been packed– AND the hotel wifi is very spotty. It will hopefully handle this brief post, but I know it wouldn’t handle uploading an onslaught of photos.

Anyway, just popping in to say hello and explain my (probably obvious) absence. We are still in Rome for one more night, flying back to Dublin tomorrow.

We’ll have two nights in Dublin to do some sightseeing there (the rest of our Ireland portion was in the western part of the country), before flying back to the U.S. on Saturday!!

I cannot believe that our 2 week trip is already ending soon. Rome has been absolutely insanely incredible- the boys are obsessed. They looooooove it so much!!! And- we have had 3 days of perfectly blue skies, sunshine, 60 degree temperatures and not a single cloud in the sky for our Rome portion. !!!!!!! Talk about luck. I said we need to thank the Sun God or whoever the ancient Romans would have worshipped. 😉

I will have many, many, many photos and recaps to come!! I am determined to document what I can- I’m hopeful that I can piece together enough of everything we did to write recaps based on my zillions of photos. 😉

But it will probably have to wait until I’m back on American soil, with my home wifi and 24/7 unlimited cellular data plan. Ha! (It is rather frustrating not having phone service!! It’s one of those things we now totally take for granted, like for navigating with GPS…we have cell service on our plan anywhere in the Americas from Canada to Mexico, but not over here. 😦 I mean, I could pay for roaming/international use I guess, but we’re too cheap.)

Here is a sneak peak of a few pics for now! I have sooo many good ones, it’s going to be impossible to narrow them down.

2 thoughts on “Well, I tried.”

  1. The pictures! The weather! The food!
    It looks like an incredible trip and I’m so glad you’ve been able to explore as a family.
    Can’t wait to see more pictures. Wishing you safe travels on the way home!


  2. I’ve been watching for posts but wasn’t surprised you couldn’t keep up as it’s so much work to type out posts on your phone! I look forward to hearing all about it. I am glad you got great weather in Rome – I bet that felt great after the damp climate in Ireland!

    The food looks amazing! You guys must not be wine drinkers since you are drinking beer. Italy has typically been known for having awful beer, but maybe it’s improved in recent years?

    Enjoy this final leg of the trip. Can’t believe your 2 weeks is almost over!!


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