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Friday already!! Turns out having Monday and Tuesday off makes the week go by pretty fast. Taking a pause from my trip recap because those are time intensive to put together!! No need to stress myself to get them up in any certain order. Hopefully can get another day or two done this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, we have a delightfully open (for our standards) weekend coming up.

Asher was supposed to have an “away” swim meet, where the kids were to ride on a bus with coaches to another city 2 hours away. Parents were going to get to just stay home! (very rare in the swim world.) However, due to the omicron surge, the team decided the inevitable “close contact” of kids on a bus for that long wasn’t a good idea, so it was cancelled, sadly. Then, there was supposed to be a local replacement meet on Sunday, but that meet got cancelled, too.

We aren’t really seeing wide spread, mass cancellations of events around here due to covid- school has been open, basketball games have continued, etc. Precautions remain in place and people are doing the best they can. So I’m hoping this weekend’s cancellations will just be a blip on the radar. It feels like there is more of a sentiment currently of “the only way out is through” (I love that quote! So applicable in so many situations), and I’m hoping everyone can just ride this out a little longer and hopefully we can emerge from this surge period sooner than later….

I have PLENTY of stuff to do to fill the swim meet void, anyway.

  • Ethan has basketball games- home games! YAY for quick and easy. One Saturday, one Sunday
  • post-travel groceries
  • Unpack! Haven’t touched my suitcase yet.
  • A bunch of admin stuff- need to renew my nursing license, schedule an oil change, I have some lingering Christmas returns that need to go back, etc.
  • Asher’s swim team has a home meet next week Sunday 1/30…which means…dun dun dun….more volunteer coordinating for me. I’ve been intentionally delaying spending much time on this (being out of the country is a good way to avoid tasks), with the hope that if I just allow myself less time to do it, I’ll get it done in that lesser amount of time. You know the saying, how things expand to fill all available time. I’m going to block off some specific time, get it all done and move on. This is a small, quicker meet, so in theory it should be a lot easier than the big December one. I guess we’ll find out if this is a good plan, or a dumb plan. 😆
  • Watch the Packers play in the playoffs!!

And now, a random photo insert:

Our stovetop spoon holder thingy broke like 2 years ago now and I hadn’t been able to find a suitable replacement (that didn’t seem like it would scratch the stove). On my way to the bathroom at the Cancun airport, I saw this one! It’s almost identical to our old plain black one, plus the white Cancun symbol which matches our kitchen perfectly. Score!

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 21:

What are you most grateful for in your daily life?

I would say stability. I’m grateful that I don’t have to wonder about where my next meal or housing will come from, I’m grateful that we both have good, stable jobs, that our kids are thriving and doing well consistently without any major issues, that we have stable, loving relationships with our extended families, that our health has been stable and consistently GOOD, etc. I’m also grateful to have more stability in my work schedule, compared to the crazy rotating schedules I used to work.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming & Daily Life”

  1. What a great gratitude prompt and stability is such a blessing!
    So glad you can ease back in to life at home and what a fun reminder of your trip each time you’re in the kitchen baking. I love bringing back either art or practical souvenirs that actually get used and seen regularly/appreciated!


  2. stability is soooooo important and easily overlooked. I am also grateful to have the economic stability.
    I’ve always want a spoon holder in the kitchen and can’t make myself to buy one because I can just use a plate. as souvenir that’s an excellent idea.


  3. That is a good thing to bring back from a trip because you’ll use it and you’ll get a little burst of joy when using it as it will remind you of that awesome trip!

    I am glad this latest variant seems to be a less mild version of Covid? I got another covid test this morning because I got sick during the night. I went to bed feeling just fine and then at 2:30 I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose and it got worse and worse during the night. Yay horrible immune system. I was able to easily schedule a drive thru covid test so things must be getting better here. I couldnt’ book anything within 48 hours 2 weeks ago!

    In my day to day life, I am most grateful that I can work from home right now. Eventually it will be good to get back to the office 3 days/week but with how often I’m sick right now, it is very nice to be at home. And even if we were back in the office, surely I would be home about 2 weeks out of the month these days since I am always catching something from the boys – and then I seem to get a way worse version of it! But I sure had a great 7-10 day stretch of health for awhile there which felt great!


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