Goals: brainstorming

I’m in a bit of a bad mood this morning, so this is probably not the BEST BEST time to do this, but I’m going to anyway. (Bad mood mostly based on nothing in particular….I think just kind of irritable with the state of the world/ that covid is still causing such a huge problem everywhere/ that we are all STILL dealing with this TWO FULL YEARS later….).

As I said yesterday, I haven’t actually made a single pen mark in my new planner yet. I haven’t written any “goals” down, either. In large part because I just haven’t had uninterrupted time to devote to this.

I have different thoughts floating around in my head, but it’s always tricky when making goals to balance “keeping it real/attainable” with things we “think we want to do”.

Also maybe in part to my slightly crabby mood right now, or maybe it’s the semi-discombobulated feel of this interim holiday week, but I currently feel like there are just so many areas of my life that could use improvement.

See the source image
lol. This meme always makes me laugh because it IS kind of true….


  • My nutrition has been meh at best lately. This is an ongoing thing. I don’t eat awful awful, but I eat plenty of non-nutritious foods, too frequently. This one I feel requires a true “lifestyle shift” in order to be long term/attainable.
  • Bouncing off that one, I feel like our whole family’s nutrition can use adjusting- especially the kids. Too few veggies, that’s for sure. Too many quick/ random meals that aren’t necessarily “bad”, or even really lacking nutrition necessarily, but I just don’t like the current meal vibe. If that makes sense? This whole month cooking much has sort of gone out the window. Also, “meal planning” has been nonexistent. (That’s been like, an all year problem for me, though.)
  • Exercise has been MIA these last few weeks and it makes me feel GROSS. Looking at my records, I exercised a couple times the week of Dec. 10th, and since then- ZERO TIMES. This is not me. I hate it. I do not feel like myself, but I made a semi-conscious decision to let it go temporarily due to the swim meet stress/ holiday stuff. I haven’t even been walking. I just feel blah and yucky and kind of bloated and disgusting, to be honest.
  • In general, I have felt frustrated this past year with my “lack of follow through” on certain things. As you know, I identify as an Upholder. It’s in my DNA to do what I said I’m going to do. When I don’t, it feels….very, very bad (to me). I think 2021 has been a weird and difficult year for many of us- almost more so than 2020, in some ways?? But still. I’m not satisfied with this sort of lackadaisical approach to things… It makes me feel very “off” and this not my preferred way to live. I am not sure exactly what the issue is, or what to do about it. (Again, just brainstorming here.) I just know that prior to 2020, even during the hard stage when the boys were little, I feel I exhibited a lot more grit/ determination/ drive in many ways than I have lately. It’s like I currently have this constant underlying feeling of just not quite being able to “get my act together”.
  • Definitely still like the idea of including goals to walk outside often- this makes me feel very good.
  • Reading goals are fun too, though probably not an exact number of books. I don’t want reading to stress me out. I do like the idea of working from a Book List though (I can transfer some from my 2021 “to read” list that I haven’t read yet, so that’s easy at least….lol….). I also had the thought to read some literature in Spanish this year to keep that skill up/ improve.
  • Family-wise, I feel we need to re-look at our technology policy. We don’t really have one exactly, at the moment. It kind of ebbs and flows, but it feels too loosey goosey and I don’t think it’s working the best. I think some discussion + firmer guidelines will make it better for everyone to agree together, and then KNOW what to expect.
  • My phone use/ social media is always one to consider for goals, too. Not sure what I want to do or change, if anything…I don’t feel 100% happy with my current/ semi-constant use of my phone though. Not sure if I want to do like time-limit per day? (I’ve tried this before, haven’t successfully implemented long term change, though). X number of checks per week or day? Delete things from phone? Get rid of my phone and move off the grid? (joking…) I don’t know. (brainstorming…..)

Okay, that’s enough for now. I feel like I could keep going and going but I feel like I am in a self-critiquing mood. HA. So, I should probably step away from the keyboard. 🙂

How are your goals coming, if you make any? I’d ask for some ideas, but I guess I’m covered…. 😉

An example of the nutrition problem above… this leftover “holiday platter” has been sitting on my basement bar all week, right outside my office door. You try walking by 15 times a day and not grabbing a couple chocolate covered raisins every time…. 😬

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for gratitude! Cheesiest answer yet, but it’s true- I’m grateful that I started doing this. Keeping track of things to be grateful for over the last few years has been a really, really great practice.

7 thoughts on “Goals: brainstorming”

  1. I could have literally written this post – almost every item you mention.

    2021 has definitely felt harder in many ways than 2020; the long-term wear and tear of restrictions and anxiety and constant change and no vacations just feels very “heavy” at this point where early in the pandemic everyone seemed to be rallying around each other and it felt like it would end at some point in 2020 or 2021.

    I feel “okay” about my nutrition, but I know the rest of the family really needs my help to reset (I often don’t eat everything I serve – like I’ll pass on the bread, but offer oodles to my family to help fill out a meal).

    I also have barely exercised in December. I did run 3x the first week of December and have fit in a handful of walks, but that is it. When I’m not walking the kids to school daily it’s much harder to stay in a walking routine, and we have done a lot fewer family walks this year. Not sure why, as the kids are older so it should be easier, but I honestly just think that, like you said, I have less grit/determination/drive which I am thinking stems in large part from an additive stress of COVID?

    I DO have goals for 2022, but I haven’t done anything in my planner and it’s definitely bumming me out. I usually love setting aside time to get everything neatly organized but it kinda feels like “What’s the point?” My kids have already had two scheduled delays for the return to school, and the way cases are trending, I can 100% see them switching over to remote learning and I just don’t know how I would handle juggling that with work and the constant chaos in the house when the kids are home “learning” but they also have HUGE swaths of the day off (last year, Levi only had about 1.5 hours of online schooling and that leaves A LOT of hours to fill).

    I’m feeling better than I was over Christmas, but where I usually really look forward to the new year (fresh start, fresh goals), I am just not ready this time.

    Sorry you’re feeling bummed out right now, but I hope writing it out was cathartic and you definitely are NOT alone. Also, I think you (and likely most of your readers) have very high expectations of yourself/ourselves. I often berate myself for how little I’ve accomplished and then someone will mention how they don’t know how I do everything I do. I always feel so awkward because internally I feel like I’m falling short and should be productive every waking minute and “if they only knew how I laid on the couch and scrolled on my phone for 2 hours, they would know that really I’m a lazy bum”…I don’t know where I’m going with that last comment, but I think I can be my own worst enemy. I’m always striving for perfection, and really want to learn to give myself a break.

    I rarely do a one word theme (only one year and it was “simplify”), but I’ve been thinking of using “Be Kind” for this year. Reminding myself to “Be Kind” – to my body, to my mind, to my family, to my friends, to the cashier at the grocery store. Before I eat seconds of dessert, remind myself to “Be kind” – which means, go for it if I really want it, or say no if I think it will make me feel sick/bloated and I’ll regret going back for more. “Be Kind” when I’m tired and there is laundry to do, but it can wait for morning and I should just let it go. We’ll see!?


    1. Thank you for making me feel not alone. 🙂 I’m very sorry you are also feeling similarly, but, misery does always love company. hahaha!! 😉

      I know you are right in your comment about how even though I personally feel like I’m “dropping all the balls”, other people probably think I’m doing a ton/ am over achieving/ etc. It’s all relative, and personal perspective, I suppose.

      I love your idea to “be kind” to yourself and others. I think that’s fantastic. 🙂

      For me though, although I haven’t decided yet on a phrase/word for 2022, I actually feel like I’m kind of TIRED of the whole concept of “giving myself grace” or “being kind to myself” etc, in a strange way. I think I feel sort of OVER it all! I’m tired of the pandemic tiring us all out. Maybe I’m being unrealistic/ unfair to myself, but I actually am feeling drawn back to words like “commit” or “determination” or “persevere”. I think maybe because I’ve been kind of going a little too far with the “give yourself a pass, things are hard right now” mindset? Or at least in my head, maybe I feel like it’s become a bit of an excuse for me? A slippery slope downhill? I’m not really sure. But I feel called to sort of shape up/ step back up/ get back on the saddle, if you will. I’m feeling like in an odd way, maybe getting back to a bit more hard line with myself will actually make me feel MORE like myself and less focused on the pandemic, things I can’t control and whatnot.


      1. Hmmm. A gr. eat point. I think I’ve definitely been too hard on myself over the last year and haven’t given myself enough grace…but I can also 100% see where some tough love is necessary.

        Personally, I love commit! That would be a great word for the year.


  2. Starting to make a “22 in 22 list” – my first ever. Here are some high points that may or may not help you.
    1. Obliger status means I need an accountability partner for fitness, even if it’s digital Peloton people. I’m running with two women 2x a week, but could walk @ 6 a.m. in your neighborhood with you if you ever felt like going that early.
    2. I like Elizabeth’s “Be Kind.” One of my 22 is to stop snapping at people and try to be more patient.
    3. I started relogging food and turning down treats, trying to eat cleaner and a salad a day.
    4. Turning off wi-fi for mornings during summer/breaks helped – kids are forced to find something to do. Otherwise, we have no screen limits and I’m Ok with that. If their grades fell, I would take action.
    5. Books – add one for one per month and cut down on TV watching.


    1. First of all, YAY for your first ever 22 in 22 list! I know they aren’t for everyone, but it’s just a fun exercise to even make one in the first place, I think. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed making it.

      Thanks so so much for sharing these! They are great. They seem practical, do-able and beneficial. The salad a day is such a good idea. I feel like even if nothing else goes right in the day, this guarantees that you get at least one meal with a huge dose of veggies and nutrients. 🙂


  3. sorry to hear that you feel meh… writing it out might help and hope it did the trick and you wake up fresh and more positive. I think there are four pillar of “health including mental one” and while we keep taking care of 2 or 3, we should be fine. they are nutrition, exercise/movement, stress management/mental health, and relationships. To each of us we can have different goals depending stage of life and where we stand currently. I haven’t thought about where I want to go next year in these areas, and then break down into small goals. I agree that reading should not stress you out as to me it’s part of mental health management. I do like to read 30 min or so everyday to slow me down before bed, so better to track time vs. speed. With nutrition, adding is easier than subtracting. vegetables should be the foundation of our diet, although it is challenging, especially with kids and while traveling. and basically focus on whole food, eliminate processed/packaged food, that’s already good enough in my opinion. I’m also in a funk with meals, as we repeat some dishes a lot. For next year, I might resume the challenge of trying at least 1 new recipe per week. as for exercise, maybe it’s because winter? maybe set up a goal to motivate you? will think about mine too 🙂


  4. Sorry you are feeling at your wit’s ends with life right now. Christmas is an intense period for moms and then add in that swim meet and that is a bad combo! I hope that was a one-time commitment and you don’t need to keep doing that!

    I feel similarly about our kids’ eating but it is impossible to get Paul to eat vegetables except cauliflower tots. I am so embarrassed but we have tried everything and done the multiple exposures and nothing works. I keep hoping that as he gets older we can get him to try more things. I do meal plan, though, but the kids eat a lot of easy, basic meals in between.

    I am not really making goals in 2022 again. I didn’t last year either since I started the year with a newborn. I am feeling so very tired and depleted so can’t ask anything more of myself. Will has another ear infection so sleep is so God awful and it probably won’t improve until he gets tubes, hopefully in the first quarter. I am going to read The Count of Monte Cristo using the serial reader ap. It breaks it into small chunks for you.

    I used to love setting goals and will return to it eventually. But despite not setting goals, I still ran a 10 mile race and lost 10 pounds so it seems like I can accomplish things even without goals!


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