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7 am vs 7 pm, birthday weekend, return to gym?

I’m kind of excited that my birthday falls on a weekend this year!! I’m feeling the whole “birthday weekend” idea.

Normally I don’t really care a whole lot about my birthday…I am not someone who takes the whole week off work, books a bunch of special things to do, etc.

But I do love the month of October, and right around the 17th is usually when it starts getting extra “fall-ish” outside. So that’s pretty awesome. I associate my birthday with things like pretty fall leaves, pumpkins, glowing lights and the color orange.

It’s also a good excuse to say things like, “It’s my birthday this weekend, so can you do (fill in the blank) for me??” Or, “It’s my birthday weekend, so I want to (fill in the blank).”

Yesterday: 7 a.m.

I started off the “weekend” on Friday morning with a nice walk. It was such a pretty morning!!!

WOW. Check out that sky. It was gorgeous!!

Workout thoughts:

I also fit in a MBF Advanced workout over my lunch hour. I have about one week left in that program before it’s done. Still not sure it’s my favorite. I like the instructor, but I don’t know- there’s just something about it that I don’t LOVE. It’s okay though. (It’s a lot more cardio than I would probably prefer. Even all of the “strength” days seem to have me gasping for breath most of the time, with little to no rest between sets/exercises. Which is maybe okay for some people, but it’s not how I typically “strength train”.)

Speaking of exercise- I had the thought that maybe I will use my birthday as a new start point for going back to the gym. As in, okay, it’s a “new year” (for me….#38), so maybe I’ll say 38 is the year of going BACK to my old, beloved gym! I’m just so out of the habit that it feels weird right now. But it used to be a huge part of my identity! Like, I always went to the gym!! It was just something I DID. ALL the time. So part of me can hardly believe that I have let that slip away.

I told Ivan last night, “Only 2 years left ’til 40. Maybe I’ll be one of those people who sets this big goal to get in the “best shape of their life” by 40. You won’t even recognize me!!!!” Hahahaha. 😜 He rolled his eyes at me. lol.

Should I start Monday??? Stay tuned. 😉

Yesterday: 7 p.m.

Bouncing off the “it’s my birthday weekend” springboard, I asked Ivan to drive Asher’s swim carpool last night. His practice was from 7:20-8:35 but ~25 minutes away. So it was a 6:30-9:20ish endeavor. He said okay. Ethan also left after school to go to Green Bay for the night with a soccer teammate, so he was gone, too.

(They have a soccer game up there this morning, but the mom was a saint and took Ethan and 2 other boys up for a fun night at Titletown (and to stay at a hotel)! It’s a 2 hour drive, so this also frees up my Saturday by not having to go to the game! Ethan was texting me pics from the restaurant and then shots of the Packers’ Lambeau field and stuff….so happy he could go and have fun. He isn’t super close with these boys, yet, so this was a great social opportunity for him to branch out with some newer friends, too.)

Sniff, sniff. Growing up so fast. Before I know it, he’ll be texting me pics of the Taj Mahal or something.

I, however, spent my free night, home alone!!!! (YES) sitting at the bar in the basement, sipping on some tea and working on my photo project. It totally hit the spot.

YES also for FIREPLACE weather!! Wooo!!

I really lived it up and turned Wheel of Fortune on. 😉

It was kind of a perfect evening. I’m really motivated to KEEP GOING on getting my old photos organized, and I just need to keep chipping away at it. I even made a little “schedule” to help keep me going on it, little by little, each week.

When Ivan and Asher got home, we went in the hot tub and then lounged around until bedtime. A great start to the “birthday weekend”!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for generous people who spoil and treat my kids!

3 thoughts on “7 am vs 7 pm, birthday weekend, return to gym?”

  1. happy birthday Kae. I love that you did exactly what you feel right, alone time hahahhaha….. I’d so want to do that, no offense to my family. 🙂
    getting back to the gym sounds a great and fun challenge for your new year. the older I get, the more I realize and appreciate the mental benefits of exercise. So go for it! it will benefit your whole family.


  2. Alone time in your house sounds amazing to me. That is a tough thing to come by for me, except on week days but I’m working then so it’s not really ‘alone time’. But I am taking 3 days off in November and plan to make it a personal retreat and will mostly do things I feel like doing – not things I should be doing. I have to take Paul to a preschool screening but besides that, I don’t have anything else planned. I think I might get my first massage since before the pandemic! Feels like the perfect treat for me!

    I love that Ivan laughed at your statement about being in the best shape of your life by 40. 😉 To me, you are in excellent shape and look very fit and healthy! So give yourself some credit for where you are at! I am trying to get back to feeling that way but I have a ways to go. Child-bearing years are so dang tough on the body! Especially with breast feeding, at least for me.


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