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1st Day of School, 2021!!!!

It’s here! Today is the first day of school, 2021. This is earlier than usual for our kids, due to some construction being done in the district next summer that requires them to end earlier this upcoming spring. So, back to school they go.

Obviously, we just got back from vacation, too, so things feel like a bit of a blur. I knew this would happen when I planned the vacation though, so it kind of just is what it is. It’s fine.

Monday morning, (so right after we got home), they had picture day at school. I took advantage of being there with them to snap a picture of them outside their school.

Both in MIDDLE SCHOOL this year!!! OMG.

Monday night was the open house/ back to school night, where you take in all the school supplies and greet the teacher, etc.

I tried to not embarrass them by making them pose for a picture by their lockers (lots of other kids were roaming around…thought they would be mad)…so I tried to just discreetly grab a candid shot. But then I saw some other parents post cute pictures online of their kids posing in front of their lockers, and I immediately regretted my choice. 😆 Darn it!

I feel very ready to get back to more of a sense of routine, predictable life. This summer was CRAZY feeling to me. I think it was a combination of just actual normal life craziness and being legitimately busy and struggling to re-emerge and re-acclimate to “normal life” again after 2020.

Currently, I can’t say I feel 100% prepared for back to school, but we are doing okay.

(Although I keep having this image pop into my mind: I’m trying to get on one of those inner tubes to go down a water slide, but before I’m all the way on and seated, the water starts pulling the tube forward…and I’m like scrambling to get on, with one foot in the water, one foot in the tube, about to kind of slip awkwardly and plop onto my butt halfway in the tube as it starts going down the slide, ready or not. Anyone else know what I’m talking about??? This might be me, heading into the school year.)

List of small wins from this week, though:

  • Got GROCERIES last night!
  • I had pre-ordered school supplies, so we were all set there.
  • Unpacking is basically all done.
  • The kids deep cleaned their rooms and unpacked the rest of their stuff
  • Lunches are ordered and the kids seem very on board with almost ALL the hot lunch offerings for the next ~4 weeks, so that’s cool. Not dealing with packing lunches is a plus around here.
  • I found some little baskets for them to organize stuff in their lockers, and had to order some locker shelves from a different store nearby (sold out many places! imagine that.) I’ll run and pick them up today and hope they can survive one day without shelving in their lockers. (haha. I’m kidding. I don’t think they even particularly care if they have them, but I know it will be very helpful.)

Random side note….but CHECK OUT THIS SKY!! I took this when I came out of the grocery store around 7:30 p.m. last night. We had a storm roll through before, and I guess it set the sky on fire.

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful that they are GOING back to school, in person! After the year(s) we’ve had, I no longer take this for granted. Also, it’s my big sissy’s 40th birthday today!! I am forever grateful for having her in my life, even its from “across the pond”. Happy birthday!! 😘

4 thoughts on “1st Day of School, 2021!!!!”

  1. Happy birthday Kae!! I hope you have a great day! I loved traveling along with you on your trip. I had gone to the Lost River a couple of months ago. Thanks for taking us along! Best wishes, Eric


    1. It’s actually my sister’s birthday, not mine! I get a couple more years in my 30’s before I join the over 40 club. 😉 And that’s awesome that you went to the Lost River! What did you think?? We all just loved it- probably one of the kids’ favorite things we did on the entire trip. Hope you enjoyed it too!


  2. I hope they have a great school year! They are such handsome boys. I love the first day of school photos so am glad I get to see so many on FB. That is one upside to social media! I was always thrilled to go back to school since my summers were pretty darn boring. It’s nice that picture day was before school started.

    On a sidenote, I just started the Morning Meltdown BOD program. I thought of you as I think you did it, too? Or maybe it was SHU? Or maybe you guys did 80 day obsession? I like that the workouts are pretty short (25-35 min). That is pretty easy to fit into any day! It will take me more than 100 days, though, as I won’t do a workout on days that I run (which is about 4 days/week these days – will taper off after my 10 mile race/when the weather gets cold). But that’s ok! It’s nice to have a program to work through! I just made page for it in my bullet journal. Of course tracking workouts is part of the fun for me! 🙂


  3. so jealous of your kids going to school. We don’t have that in the horizon. I feel so bad for the kids for their lost learning/opportunity but well… we are in a pandemic.
    not having to pack lunch is great! what a relief to your mind load.


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