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A Few Deep Questions For You

1. Do you hit the snooze button??

I am slowly sinking back into this bad habit. No. Not slowly. I have sunk back into this bad habit. But, not as bad as before. (Used to literally hit the snooze button for over an hour sometimes, years ago….not proud.) Now, I have been hitting it once and then just laying there, awake (kind of), struggling to want to actually get up.

I do want to get up, but it just feels nice in bed. May be in part due to the cracked open window and birds chirping outside….it’s so relaxing. This isn’t a problem, per se, but I’m trading time in my a.m. routine (that I really, really enjoy!) for time just laying there (also enjoy, but maybe not always worth it?). Today I set my alarm a little earlier and tried to “allow” for that time.

2. Do you clear notifications immediately? Or do the little bubbles not bother you?

(Referring to these):

usually my email number is much lower! But I missed doing my weekly review/ email clean out on Friday this week. Probably 75% of those are in the Promotions folder (coupons, etc.) and I’ll just mass delete those.

As you can see, I guess I’m in Camp B. This is a great example of how I feel like I’m a DISORGANIZED, organized person. 😀 (Organized in some ways, very NOT organized in other ways…).

My phone display screens are pretty all over the place. I have zero organization of my apps. I also can look right through those little red notification bubbles. Seriously, it’s like I don’t even see them. That message bubble has apparently been there since 3/17/21 (I just looked). It was some spam type message so I never opened it. Or deleted it.

But it’s like my brain adapts, and then I know I have this one baseline message…so anything over that is an actual NEW message! Hahaha. That sounds crazy though, doesn’t it. Maybe today I will go through and deal with all of the red bubbles.

I once had a friend look at my phone and see all the bubbles, and her eyes almost bugged out of her head. I think she was a Camp A-er. Hehehe.

3. Do you change your passwords immediately, when notified? Or wait until the last day?

Talking about like for a work program, where you log in all the time… Eventually you get those pop up messages that say, “Your password will expire in 12 days!” And then you can either click to “Change Now” or click it away to “Change Later”.

I pretty much always click “change later”, for at least like 5+ days. It’s like those 30 seconds to click, go in, change the password….UGH. So much effort!!! LOL!!! (I think this is what Cal Newport refers to as “friction”. That extra step to the other password webpage is just too much of a barrier for me. 🙂 ) Eventually when it gets down to maybe 3-4 days left, I’ll finally bite the bullet and change the password. (Currently dealing with this on a work site I use daily).

4. (From Ethan, last night): If you could only eat ONE kind of ice cream ever again, what would it be?

That’s a tough one. I think though, for me, if I could really only choose one….. it would be vanilla with chocolate syrup. Classic, good old fashioned style, like what I always ate as a kid. He chose mint chocolate chip. You?

Picture of the Day!

Asher achieved a milestone in February of swimming the 50 yard freestyle in <30 seconds. His swim coach has a tradition where he makes “under 30 brownies” for the kids whenever they meet this goal! It’s a big deal for the kids. Last night, his coach rang our doorbell and had his brownies in hand to drop off! So exciting- and so fun to have his coach personally deliver them. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for chicken. Sorry, I think there might be some vegans who read this blog, so no offense….but I really like chicken! 🙂 I made some last night and it was so good.

12 thoughts on “A Few Deep Questions For You”

  1. 1. Sadly, yes 😦 Thanks for the reminder. I need to get out of this bad habit too!
    2. Yes, I’m all organized (currently). I can’t handle those red badges!
    3. Yes, all passwords change ASAP when I get the notification. Nip it in the bud.
    4. Vanilla Bean! What about Ethan’s forever choice?

    Have a wicked day!!


    1. Oh no, this was my fear with this post… it will bring to light how bad my organizational habits really are!! 😆Good for you, though! Maybe this will motivate me. 🙂 Ethan’s favorite is mint chocolate chip!


  2. 1) Nope! Or I guess very very rarely. But almost never. I will occasionally on a weekend just say “NOPE” and turn OFF the alarm and go back to sleep.
    2) I have them deactivated on most apps so I guess the answer is I clear them if I see them, but don’t usually see them.
    3) No, I do it on the last (or usually something like third to last) day. I figure why waste the free extra 10-ish days? It might mean changing 8x/year instead of 10! a WIN to me 🙂 (are you surprised by this one?)
    4) mint chocolate chip OR cookies n’ cream


    1. Haha, I think you put into words why I don’t change my passwords right away. I agree- why waste those good days of passwords?! I just get annoyed by having to do it at all, since then I will inevitably forget the new password for the first couple days every time I log in… (though I know, cybersecurity is important…).


  3. 1. If I set the alarm at 5 a.m. to work out, yes. If I’m woken up naturally at 6:30 a.m. by a cute beagle face, no.
    2. No, they don’t bother me.
    3. Generally the last day.
    4. Edy’s Slow Churn makes a Fudge Choc brownie. This is what Isaac and I would go for.


  4. 1. I do something even worse – I turn off the alarm if my kids wake me up in the night (which is pretty frequent – UGH!) so then I just sleep in until they wake me up. I really want to get into a better morning routine so I am trying to stop doing this, even if the kids wake me.
    2. No, doesn’t bother me.
    3. I tend to save those sorts of things until the last minute.
    4. Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked – half brownie, half cookie dough – delish!


    1. Hey, I don’t blame you at all!! If I get woken up in the night, I am MUCH less enthusiastic about waking up early, too. This will probably naturally get easier with time as your kids get older…but yeah, such a catch 22!! Sleep is awesome, but mornings alone are so nice, too!!


  5. love these deep questions.
    1) no, i don’t need an alarm to wake up.
    2) usually
    3) yes, until last minute hehe
    4) mint with chocolate chunks. haven’t had it for ages, but used to love it.


  6. 1) yes, all the time lately!! Not good since everything is better when I get up at 5am

    2) I don’t have any show up on my app icons, so they are there (I’m definitely not inbox zero!) but I don’t see them

    3) I’d delay it until pretty close to the last day

    4) ooh! There’s a banana chocolate chunk that is super rare – i basically have only found it in two ice cream stores and one was in another country! I could eat that all day every day 🤣


  7. 1) Nope! I am not setting an alarm right now because our kids wake us up plenty early. But even in the alarm-setting days, I set my alarm for when I absolutely had to be up so snoozing wasn’t an option. I figured it was better to sleep until the alarm v snooze past it as that sleep is usually not great. Even when I worked out before work I wouldn’t snooze because I knew I would not get my workout in if I didn’t get up right away. But I have never been a big fan of the snooze button!
    2) I am definitely type A. When I see those little buttons on others’ phones it makes me cringe! Ha! I also have my phone really organized with apps in folders, like ‘work’ or ‘entertainment’ etc. That way I only have 2 pages of aps. I also bury FB and IG in my social media folder – it’s on the 2nd page of the folder so it takes more work to get to those aps and ideally keeps me from looking at it more often.
    3) I also delay because like sarah said, I don’t want to waste days that the password is still good.
    4) Definitely Moose trackers – it has fudge ribbons and PB cups. Yum!


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