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African shoes, perspective + Saturday

I heard this great parable yesterday, so obviously I have to share, because as you know, I love parables. I’m pretty sure it’s one that many people have heard before, but I guess I never had.

Two shoe salesmen go to Africa:

Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa in the early 1900s to see if there was a market there for their product. They each sent a separate telegram back to their boss.

The first one said, “The situation is hopeless. No business opportunity here. No one wears shoes.”

The second one said,” Glorious opportunity! No one has any shoes yet!!

I wonder who sold more shoes?? 😉 Perspective may just be the grand secret to life. 🙂


We had a pretty lazy day. It was nice. It became cloudy, cooler and a bit rainy (still is today).

I took a long late morning soak in the hot tub which felt wonderful.

The boys read a bunch and played with some bubbles (for like 2 minutes) that I put in their Easter baskets, mostly as a joke/ for old time’s sake. They do not really “play” with bubbles anymore. 🙂 They had fun though, briefly. Haha.

I made a quite delicious guisado which contained ground beef, onion, potatoes, pinto beans and then a salsa made from tomatoes, jalapenos, dried arbol and guajillo peppers, garlic, onion, cilantro and some chicken bouillon. It was very good. The kids won’t eat that level of spice, so I have to separate out some without the salsa. We spoon it into hot corn tortillas and it’s so good. Really quite easy, too.

Looking forward to some leftovers later

I also fit in a HIIT cardio workout and a 20 minute yoga video after and made a bit of progress on my photo project. Weeding out the old photos takes a long time!! Last night, I opened the folder from October 2016, which was the month we took our very first ever trip to Disney World, and there were 1,000 photos in there!!! O.M.G. I made it through October 19 (reviewing/deleting duplicates/ etc.) before calling it quits and going to bed.

So far, it says I’m now down to 895 pics (from original 1,000) in that month (and I still need to review 10/19-10/31). PROGRESS!! I made a master list of all the months/ years I need to review, backup, etc. so I feel good about my plan now, and I should be able to just keep chipping away at it little by little over these next months.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this ZO Skin Health exfoliating polish that I use. It feels and smells amazing. I literally rub it on my face in the shower and then just stand there and breathe it in for a few seconds. It smells like a spa, if you know what I mean. I just love it.

3 thoughts on “African shoes, perspective + Saturday”

  1. Yum! Do you have a recipe for the guisado? That looks like something we would love! We got a bunch of dried pinto beans from my parents (which they got from a farmer) so I am looking for ways to use them up! We also got black beans but we eat dishes with them all the time so have already used quite a bit.

    Love that parable!!


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