A week in sentences

🔷 Even though I don’t really mind winter, there is something about those first “warmer”, sunny days that hint of spring that is really quite amazing. 😊

🔷 Driving kids to activities is a double edged sword- on the one hand, some of the best conversations seem to happen in the car + the kids genuinely enjoy the activities. On the other hand, having places to be at certain times after school can really throw a wrench in work/ dinner/ other plans. I feel like the decrease in after school driving has overall been one of my favorite things about slowed down pandemic life…. (it’s steadily on the rise again, though).

🔷Ethan is really enjoying his rock climbing classes- doing something totally new has been super fun for him.

My first time watching him. It was great until a girl on another wall fell and broke her arm! Paramedics came and everything. The staff assured me that serious injuries are “rare”. I guess I just picked a good day to sit in on the class. 😳

🔷 Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwiches are really good. Like, REALLY REALLY good!!

🔷 I had a few meetings at work this week (all went very well). It made me realize though:

a) I’m really grateful I normally don’t have a ton of meetings in my job

b) I cannot imagine how “higher ups” that have constant meetings all day get anything done- between waiting for the meeting to start, sitting in on the meeting, rushing off to the next one, etc… it just made my day feel all choppy and with weird bits of time where you can’t really DO anything because your next meeting is going to start in 10 minutes…. I’m glad I normally have big, uninterrupted chunks of time to just WORK.

🔷 Walks with kids remain one of my favorite ways to spend quality time with them. Nighttime walks with bright moons probably take the cake.

🔷 Making PROGRESS at anything is so motivational. I’m realizing more and more how key this is and I want to be mindful of it with the boys. When you slowly move the needle in the right direction (on whatever it is), it makes you want to keep going!

I’ve had so much fun perfecting this new Chopin Nocturne that I love (slowly- I don’t have a ton of time to play the piano right now). But playing something NEW and actually having to work at it a little bit (vs. just playing my old tried and true favorites) has been exciting.

🔷 Favorite quote of the week:

“The word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent”.

🔷 My little swimmer is very cute.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for shamrock shakes! Shared one with Asher yesterday after his swim and yum.

2 thoughts on “A week in sentences”

  1. I hate meetings so much! I was on a project this past year that required sooo many meetings. But I generally do not have a lot. When I worked at Target right out of grad school, I had 30+ hours of meetings a week plus 40+ hours of work. I hated working there so badly and left after 6 months. That is so not like me but I was miserable. I am so glad my company doesn’t have a meeting culture.

    My husband loves the chick fil a spicy chicken sandwich! I see they have a grilled spicy chicken sandwich now. I want to try it! They have GF buns so it’s a GF friendly place for me to eat! We actually got food from there on our anniversary on the way to a hike. Nothing says anniversary meal like chick fil a in the car. 🙂 But it was good and convenient! Hopefully by May 2022 we can go to a nice restaurant for our anniversary, though! Our fave spot is closed during the pandemic but hopefully it reopens when things are more back to normal.


  2. I fully agree on the progress thought… it makes the huge difference and only way for someone to keep doing/practicing. it also makes it clear that anyone can progress on a seemingly impossible task as long as one endures the practice. i am feeling it with golf and brings me so much joy when I progress just a bit.


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