A little planning fail

Despite my best attempts to be a seasoned and somewhat organized planner, I experienced a planning fail yesterday. Don’t worry, nothing major. But still a good reminder that even “planner nerds” experience this from time to time.

(Deep down, I feel like I am actually a pretty disorganized person in many ways, as much as it pains me to admit that. Since I have gotten more into planning over the years, it has definitely helped so much. But I have to be pretty intentional with it, since my natural tendencies are sometimes more scatter-brained. In some ways. It’s hard to explain.)

The fail:

Asher had (well, was supposed to have) a group piano class (via Zoom) in place of his regular private lesson this week. (They have these once per quarter, called “enrichment weeks”.) The time varies each quarter though, and I remember thinking last week, “Hmm, what time is Asher’s class next Tuesday? I need to get that on the calendar.”

In my defense, I do not think the teacher did the best job of communicating details on this. I looked back through several emails from the music school, mentioning the class coming up, but the TIME was never listed! Apparently I had found it somewhere (or so I thought), because I did end up writing: “Asher- enrichment week 5-5:45 pm” on my calendar.

See? It’s right there. 5:00. (17:00-17:45… after being a nurse for 15 years, I am a military time user for life).

Also of note- this was an INSANELY and strangely busy night. Our weeknights do NOT normally look like that! Don’t worry. Ethan just happened to have a “pop up” last minute soccer practice added in due to the nice weather (on a cleared parking lot- fields still covered in snow!) and a make-up piano lesson from when we were out of town.

Tuesdays are always busy for Asher, as he has both band and piano (virtually though, so it’s not bad), plus he swims Tuesday nights. But then he doesn’t really have much (besides swim) any other days currently.

Anyway, in case you can’t see where this is going, the enrichment week was not at 5:00. Asher logged in to the Zoom right at 5 and no one was there. Hmm, that’s odd, we thought.

Looking back at the Zoom link email I got that morning (which, of course, I didn’t even really look at, because I already knew the time), there it said: 4:00-4:45 p.m.

Oops. Oh well. So much for that. Yeah, the class was OVER already.

Honestly, the boys do not really like the group classes very much anyway (between you and me 😉 ). Asher pretended to act disappointed for about 1.5 seconds and then happily went on his way, glad to have 45 minutes back in his night. 🙂 Haha.

Lesson learned? I guess it would be: double check the time on the Zoom invite!! Lol.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a sunny, 36 degree morning. In fact, I have about 20 minutes before the kids need to get ready for school, and I am going to head out NOW on a quick walk to enjoy it!! (by the way, 36 is warm for us, currently).

3 thoughts on “A little planning fail”

  1. Oh man. I just typed out the longest comment and I don’t think it saved. Gah! Basically I also missed something this week – the zoom for my book club! I lost track of the day of the week (maternity leave tendency) and then couldn’t get Will to settle down in time to join late. I was sooo mad at myself. So I feel your pain although I am glad it was something your son wasn’t too upset to miss!!


  2. This is such a pandemic-related “fail”, too! (BTW, I don’t consider this a “fail” at all, but I know we are all harder on ourselves than others would be… the stories I could tell about the balls that I have dropped in the last 4 months…)
    It seems like it’s the equivalent of forgetting to pick a kid up, or being half an hour late because you thought practice ended at 5 when it ended at 4:30. No harm, no foul – especially since he seems rather nonplussed by the whole thing! 🙂


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