A day’s report card

Yesterday felt like a weird mix of successes and failures, so I decided to grade myself and see how it looks on paper.

Morning Routine = B

It was okay, but not GREAT great, hence a B. I have developed a bad habit of grabbing my phone when my alarm goes off at 5:30 and scrolling around making the rounds for like 15 minutes (various email accounts, Facebook, instagram, news, whatever). Basically, I just don’t really want to get up yet and it feels relaxing to just lay there putzing around.

In a way, part of me likes to “get this out of the way”, because then I don’t feel tempted to do it later, as I’ve already “checked in” with the world wide web. Ha. But those 15-20 minutes aren’t free, obviously. The rest of my morning routine gets rushed then, and, I haven’t had time this week to read a chapter from my book, which was a probably MORE relaxing and positive morning habit. So, a B.

Work= A!

Had a great work day. The Forest app has been saving me this week, after not using it last week and feeling the difference. The little rainforest sound setting is becoming a mental trigger now too. (I turn it on very low, but I can still hear it). It’s like birds tweeting/rain falling = head down and work, no excuses. I love it! I like seeing my forest grow, too. 🙂 I’m aiming for a minimum of FIVE 1 hour long, deep work, no distraction blocks per day, allowing the rest of my work day to be more flexible and “interruptible” as needed. Feels like a great balance.

A view of my forest mid week. I should really start planting something besides cedars. I have other options- rose bushes, maples, bushes….. 🙂

Nutrition = C+

Started out fine with eggs, toast and fruit, but sort of went down the tubes. Ended up craving quesadillas for lunch, but literally not a single fruit or vegetable…and then dinner became a fend for yourself night (due to kids’ activities). I didn’t feel like leftovers so Asher and I ended up splitting a can of Chicken with Rice Campbell’s soup and other scrounged up items. Not awful but green leafy veggies were pretty nonexistent. Also, my water intake was terrible.

Leisure= A-

I did enjoy some leisure time. Highlights: I decided to jump in the hot tub after dropping the boys at school, something I NEVER do during the workweek! But the weather finally warmed up enough and the sun was shining bright and it was just too tempting. So I popped a hat on, my Air Pods in (audiobook) and soaked with the sun on my face for 20 minutes before starting my work day. Felt luxurious on a Wednesday morning. Also, I enjoyed reading time while A was at swim, plus watched TV with Ivan before bed (though it was too late and I should NOT have….).

Physical activity= D

Ha. So, work was very productive yesterday, as I have a deadline I’m striving to meet by Friday. This meant I skipped my workout, didn’t even go out to walk (thanks to the hot tub time…) and by 7:30 pm, I had 2,500 steps. YIKES. I half-heartedly tried to remedy it by walking on the treadmill, slowly, while Asher practiced piano. But it barely made a dent and I closed out the day with <5,000 steps. Pathetic. DO BETTER TODAY!

post-swim piano session, note bathrobe. 🙂

Overall mood= B

Daytime was more like an A. I felt in the groove & productive. Evening….more like a C. I had to drive Asher to a farther away swim practice almost right after school, and ended up feeling rushed, like I was gone half the night/ spent too long sitting in the car, and just kind of tired and had a little headache. Probably the lack of physical activity and water, now that I think of it. Oops. Oh well, A + C= B. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for finally being able to use the hot tub again (warmer weather), blogs I enjoy reading, and our new frying pan which makes great quesadillas.

3 thoughts on “A day’s report card”

  1. Hot tubbing while listening to an audiobook sounds delightful!! Good ides to give yourself a little me time! I am so glad the weather is warming up. It’s still a bit too cold for walks with Will but by tomorrow I should be able to go on a walk in the afternoon. It will be in the 30s this weekend which will feel tropical!! Can’t wait to take Paul sledding. Weekends are way more enjoyable when we can all get outside!

    My day was probably a B? Not awesome but not too bad. I am most proud of myself for working on cleaning our fridge. It’s taking me 3 days as Will is only happy in the bouncing seat for a limited amount of time. But I will finish this chore today and it feels sooo good to have a clean fridge


    1. Seriously, the hot tub + audio book sounds amazing! Mostly a good day except for a really bad headache in the afternoon. I probably averaged a B too 🙂


  2. i like the score card! hahaha….. totally agree on your morning routine phone checking. what pissed me off yesterday was not time wasted (that too) but most importantly because it felt my brain with non essential thoughts and annoying people, not the right way to start the day. you know what I did after contemplating various coping strategy to avoid that to happen ever again? I deleted my work email account from my phone. I can still check through webmail but not having it conveniently means I won’t do it unless it’s absolutely necessary.
    it worked! I didn’t spent more than 30 sec this morning with my phone (checking oura ring scores) when I woke up.


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