Back in the saddle!

Beautiful sky at 7 am yesterday

Milestone day! I went back to the gym yesterday!

Since the pandemic, I’ve only been there to swim with Asher or to drop the boys off for their workout classes. As someone who was a 4-6 day/week gym goer for YEARS prior to COVID, this is crazy. Actually, looking back at my records, the last time I went to the gym to work out was FEBRUARY 27, 2020.

I sort of had to force/”encourage” myself to go…that’s the thing with habits. Once you get out of them, it can be SO HARD to resume them! That’s why it’s best to never let them go. 🙂 I just have gotten used to the convenience of at home workouts. But, for strength training, which is my favorite and I would argue the BEST “bang for your buck” form of exercise, it’s hard to really beat a full weight room.

I did this shoulder/tricep workout:

-smith machine shoulder press 15,12,10,10,10 reps
-Rope cable front raise 12 reps 4 sets
-DB rear delt fly 12 r 4s
-single arm cable lat raise 10 reps 4 sets
-chest supported rear delt fly 15 r 4 sets
-DB floor skull crusher 15 r 4s
-cable single arm tricep pushdown 10 r 4 sets
-seated overhead tricep extension 12 r 4 sets

Took about ~45 minutes or so. Slightly longer because I ran into a couple of people I used to see there all the time and of course had to chit chat for a few minutes. That is one thing that is avoided at home!!! Haha. But it was nice.

I thought about taking a gym mirror selfie to document the occasion, but considering I was the only borderline middle aged mom in the weight room at the time, I didn’t need to give the HS/ college boys that were there a reason to snicker at me. 🙂 I played it cool instead. 😉

It wasn’t crowded at all at the time I was there, and everyone was perfect about keeping their masks on. Every station had its own sanitizer bottle and they give you a personal microfiber towel to carry around with you to clean your weights/bench before and after each use. The equipment from the weight room has now been split up too into several spaces around the gym to allow for distancing as well. Seemed fine in terms of COVID precautions and I didn’t feel uncomfortable there.

I’m planning to ease back in with a combination of home + gym workouts. For now, I think I’ll do 3 days at the gym: 1 shoulders/tris, 1 back/biceps, 1 leg day. Then another 3 days a week I’ll do Beachbody workouts at home (more full body strength/core/ cardio focus), and then I usually take at least one day totally off or just do a short yoga video or walk.

If anyone local wants to meet for a lifting session, let me know! 🙂

Another pretty sky, in the evening this time. Taken on the way to swim practice with Asher.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a) time to read while waiting for Asher at swim and b) that we have a pet food store right here in town AND that they carry the specific hamster food I like to buy.

6 thoughts on “Back in the saddle!”

  1. Welcome back! After my health stuff, I went back to BodyPump because that’s just what worked for me. But, my sister in law gave me her Beachbody password and we are all doing PiYo for a New Year family challenge. I like it! Went back and read your Beachbody post and may do Morning Meltdown this year.


    1. How fun to do a challenge with family! That would be really motivating. I like the trainer a lot from Morning Meltdown. She’s cool. A few cardio moves can be a little intense, but they offer plenty of modifications if I’m not feeling any of it.


  2. Glad you felt safe working out! I haven’t had a gym membership in ages. Before I moved in with Phil, I had a really nice gym in my condo building which was empty in the morning when I would work out which was around 5:30! I don’t know that I will ever have a membership again as I have gotten used to working out at home pre-kids. I had a harder time after Paul was born but think it will be easier to fit in if I can continue to WFH 2-3 days/week. I was gone from 6:50-5 when working in the office and didn’t have the energy/motivation to get up at 5:30 to work out and didn’t feel like doing it at 7:30 after Paul was in bed. I was starting to workout right when we got home from pick up as Paul would play in the basement while I worked out. But now we are starting over with Will. So hopefully I can do lunch time workouts on days I WFH and then workout on the weekends to get to 3-4 workouts/week!


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