Holiday cheer and pie dilemmas

The feeling of the holidays is really in the air for me now!! I always really like the couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving, when prep is starting and there’s just a special feel to the week.

We are doing a very small Thanksgiving this year, just the 4 of us + my parents. We’ve been consistently seeing my parents throughout all of this anyway and as retired folks they have basically zero close contacts with any other people. The kids are home now, I work from home and Ivan’s contacts at work are few and always masked, so we felt comfortable with this choice. Besides, my Dad bought the turkey! 🤣

I was SUPER EXCITED to learn that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is on!! (Will be very different on the ground, but still- for us at home watching on TV we will probably barely notice the difference). I love the tradition of having that on in the background while we prep things all morning.

The weather helped us all get in the holiday spirit yesterday:

first snowfall

The first real snowfall!! We had some big, fat snowflakes coming down and it was quite beautiful. The boys dug out their snowpants and boots and got out to enjoy it. (I think weather will warm up this week again and it will be melting away very soon.)

I strung some lights in my office yesterday, too. I get a sort of silly amount of pleasure from Christmas lights, so I’m pretty excited to have these up. 🙂

office christmas lights

In other news, I toiled and toiled for hours but finally finished the pumpkin pie:

Hahahaha! Let me explain….We had a bit of a pie dilemma going on. My Dad wanted to make a peach cobbler (which is fine, as we all love that (especially Ivan). However, Thanksgiving = pie, so we needed that, too.

Pumpkin pie is the most traditional, I think. But no one in my family actually really likes pumpkin pie except my Mom and Asher. Everyone else voted for APPLE pie with a 4-2 majority (which I usually always traditionally make).

So, I decided I would go ahead and make my world famous apple pie 😉 and just grab a pumpkin pie from the store. (I wasn’t sure we needed 3 desserts for 6 people after a Thanksgiving feast, anyway). However, when Asher saw it, he got all disappointed and said he thought we were going to MAKE the pumpkin pie. 😩 Now I am debating if I should run out and buy the ingredients to make our own pumpkin pie… guilt….. (this store bought one is a bit pathetic, but I thought it would be good enough??).

My all time favorite kind of pie is key lime, hands down. But that doesn’t feel “Thanksgiving-y” to me, so we never have that on Turkey Day.

What kind of pie are you having??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the first snowfall! 37 years living in Wisconsin and I still get excited at the sight of it. It’s just so beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Holiday cheer and pie dilemmas”

  1. I don’t like fruity desserts as a whole, but my daughter wanted to make an apple pie and we bought a pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. The snow is pretty! We were supposed to get some yesterday but it ended up mostly raining, which I was ok with. I am sure we will get plenty in December! We did have some beautiful snow falls in October and early November, though, so we’ve had our share of it. Paul loves snow so it helps me dislike it less. 😉

    Pie keeps so well (IMO) so it’s not a bad idea to have several around! We are not having pie or any desserts for Thanksgiving… With my gestational diabetes, anything I could have made would have been pretty ‘meh’ so I said let’s just skip dessert this year. My husband has plenty of ice cream around and he’ll bring some monster cookies home from his mom’s when he goes out there on Friday afternoon. Plus we still have a little halloween candy so Paul has been getting 5 m&ms when he eats well (I know you are not supposed to reward good eating but it’s a way to use up the candy and talk him into eating things). I will make up for no desserts at Christmastime for sure!! It will just be us 3 so we are making a turkey breast, mashed potatoes for Phil (Paul won’t eat them and they don’t work for the GDM diet), gravy, a cheesy cauliflower dish, and asparagus. So no stuffing which is my fave thing to eat but again – not going to work for the GDM protocol! But it will still be a special holiday, even if it looks different from usual! Totally makes sense to celebrate with your parents. If mine weren’t hosting my siblings, they would have probably come here.


  3. SO FUNNY!!!! Actually I first wrote down pumpkin pie, but then since I’m making sweet potato casserole it would look too orange, plus the groceries store i went yesterday didn’t have pumpkin, so I made chocolate pie instead. just because we need a pie, i love chocolate, happy solution!

    happy thanksgiving.


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