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  • Living the school/life balance right now. They just finished 1st Quarter last week and got their report cards. Straight A’s for both! I was super happy to see that they really seemed excited and to care about this.
  • Thanksgiving break is coming up. They will have the entire week off instead of just a couple days this year. They like school a lot, but REALLY like days off. 😉
  • Cooking with Ethan: He helped me make dinner last night while Asher had a piano lesson. He basically made the scalloped potatoes alone, from scratch. I made the meatloaf. It was fun to do with him and he was really into it/ wanted to do all the steps by himself.


  • Feeling pretty good about the state of our home after the little cleaning extravaganza this past week. Too bad it doesn’t last….
  • I got our outdoor Halloween decorations all down/ put away during the mild weather. Now time to think about Christmas already! I’ve noticed LOTS of people already have lights up AND turned on this year. Must be a pandemic thing, trying to make all merry and bright. 🙂


  • Productivity-wise, I’ve been feeling pretty great at work. Time blocking my schedule helps me a ton.
  • Yesterday I attended a webinar presentation by a Transplant Infectious Disease specialist. The Transplant department offers frequent in-services on a variety of topics for continuing education purposes. Although in my current role I don’t do clinical patient care anymore, the topics are still all very relevant to my work, too. I’ve been trying to make a point to attend as many as I can. I mean, why not? Get paid to learn stuff? Sounds great to me. I actually really like sitting and taking notes during them. Brings out my inner nerdy student, I guess.


  • We had a random “weeknight date” last night to check out a brand new international grocery store in town. They just opened a couple weeks ago and we’ve been curious about it. We had fun just browsing the aisles- they have a LOT of interesting foods! Never heard of over half of them. Besides Mexican, we don’t really cook many international foods. But maybe having this place near will encourage us to try some new cuisine. I hope the store does well. It’s a small family owned place and the people seem GREAT!


  • Been starting to think a lot about my planner/journal system and if I want to change anything for 2021. I might do a little series next week breaking down my current productivity systems. Maybe that will help me evaluate them a bit. I’ve been super intrigued by Sarah’s post and podcast episode about the Wonderland222 planner…looks pretty amazing but it would require some logistical shifts from what I do now. Change can be hard. Haha.
  • I have like 3 workouts left in the Morning Meltdown 100 program on Beachbody. I like it so much, I think I might repeat it! I missed a lot of days way back in the beginning so it got pretty stretched out. I kind of want to do the whole program again now that I’m back to working out everyday. They have the 100 day program with shorter workouts, or you can double up most days and complete in 60 days (which is what I want to do).

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Ivan having the day off for Veteran’s Day. I don’t (and the kids have school, too), but I’m planning to take an extended lunch break and sneak in an episode of our show together or something to hang out for a little bit. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Life in categories”

  1. Try some Aussie foods! Well, actually they are mostly British dishes I think. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about your current productivity systems. It’s interesting to see/hear how busy people like you work!


  2. Ethan made the whole dish??? wooooo I’m so impressed! I can’t imagine the day my girls cook for me. To them, mama’s cooking is the best in the world and they want to be mama to feed their girls. hahha…. I’d be happy to pass the torch to them.

    In my work, we have tons of training but I rarely find time to do them. When I do, I learn a lot! So it’s good to take advantage when one can. the last one I did was a cybersecurity (mandatory) and I got to have free subscription for a password protection app. not bad.

    I’m loving my new workout with Melissa Wood Health, will write about it soon.


  3. Indian is my favorite cuisine, but the flavor profile is pretty unique and strong… so maybe order some Indian before committing to buying lots of spices? That is cool that you have a specialty store like that close to you. We have lots in the Twin Cities but they are not very close to us so we rarely go!

    I am considering getting the W222 in 2022. I have been using a bullet journal for the last 4 years which I have really enjoyed but I’ve also taken a huge step back in planning as having a baby really throws a wrench in plans. 😉 But maybe by 2022 I”ll be ready to do more intentional planning/goal setting.


  4. No laughing but I preferred the boxed scalloped potatoes. My mom always tried to offer us the homemade ones and we always preferred the boxed kind (Betty Crocker Au Gratin kind) and she finally gave up and started serving us the boxed version. lol!!

    I also think you should spend more time with your boys in the kitchen, I wish my parents have. I now live on my own and still suck at cooking because my mom would always cook for us instead (she didn’t want to deal with the mess)!


    1. Oh I TOTALLY know what you mean with the boxed scalloped potatoes!!! We had those too when I was a kid and I think I might secretly prefer those too! Lol!! So good. I didn’t learn to cook until I was an adult/out of the house either. I remember one time as a senior in high school a couple of my girlfriends wanted us to all make a nice dinner for our boyfriends at the time (for Valentine’s Day or something). I remember we went to the store together/planned the meal and I had NO clue how to do anything! Fortunately my one friend was a decent cook. I’m not sure I had even made spaghetti on my own before leaving the house. Hahaha. Hopefully we can at least teach the boys the basics so they aren’t in that situation…


  5. Wow, I’m impressed by Ethan’s culinary aspirations! Encourage them – you could benefit! 🙂

    So awesome to hear that time blocking is working for you. I do a less-formal approach but find that my best days are those when I commit to a task / project for a longer period of time (vs. jumping among many). Logical, of course, but many days I still take the “shiny object” approach and get distracted by something else on my list. A work in progress, shall we say?

    Oddly, your posts seem to show up in batches in Feedly, which means that I’m still chronically behind (despite making yours one of the blogs I prioritize reading). Sorry – again – for the late comment!


    1. I can definitely see picking a day to focus on one task being a very helpful strategy. My job isn’t well suited for that but if I had a more “project based” role I think I would try that too.

      I am so frustrated with my posts not pulling into Feedly normally!!! It’s driving me crazy and I can’t figure out why. It all began with my new site, so it must be a glitch somewhere. I have reached out to a couple of website experts and am in the process of getting my tech issues offloaded on them. Hopefully we’ll be able to sort out a few things and get it fixed. I seem to be have no control over Feedly, but it’s odd because other blogs I read all pull in just fine (and my old site did, too). Very frustrating!! Thanks for reading!- and I’m glad at least the posts make it to Feedly eventually it seems…


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