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Weekly Wrap-up

How was your week? T- 1 week already until Halloween! Then it always feels like a downhill slide into Thanksgiving and Christmas from there, though I guess everything will look and feel different this year.

I had a good week! It was a nice mix of productive and relaxing.

Holiday Dreaming

On Thursday afternoon Asher and I ran over to Michael’s, the craft store, to get some supplies for him to decorate a pumpkin this weekend. He wants to enter a contest he saw advertised. He finally settled on making a “Where’s Waldo” pumpkin, so we picked up red and white paint, pipe cleaners to make the hair tufts and glasses, and felt pieces and pom pom to make Waldo’s little red/ white hat.

I hadn’t been in a store like that in ages and though I’m not really a “crafty” person, it was SO FUN to walk around and look at everything. We lingered in the holiday aisles especially, making me dream of expanding my current ~15 boxes of Christmas decor to 30. Hehe. 😁

A productive Friday

Yesterday was probably not my world’s most productive “work” day, but I still feel good about it for a few reasons.

  1. I was up extra early and it just made the day feel really….long. It seemed like I had more time than usual. Maybe because I kind of did? 🙂

2. I spent a bunch of time (finally) tackling figuring out the details regarding Ethan’s upcoming/ impending orthodontic needs. We had a consult back in August and I had the quote just sitting flagged in my email. Since August. I needed to crunch some numbers regarding our insurance options – yesterday was the final day for the annual Open Enrollment at work to add any supplemental dental insurances. Turns out that for us it did make sense to add one, so I got that taken care of and feel good about the ortho plans now.

3. The boys and I had eye doctor appointments after school. I really sort of despise appointments of any kind (I just find them annoying), but obviously they are necessary so I tried to chin up! 🙂 It was fine. Neither of the kids need glasses though she said Asher could be slightly borderline in one eye. I’m blind as a bat so I would be shocked if they both escape my fate long term…

4. Asher is finally on a new swim practice schedule, which no longer includes 7:30 p.m. on Friday nights! Yay!! I ended up deciding to finally start tackling my storage room organizing project (which I started back in maybe APRIL?). I had pulled a bunch of boxes out and started clearing things out and then just….stopped.

It had looked like this for way too long now:

Ridiculous. Out of hand. Insane. Whatever you want to call it!

I’m definitely not done yet, but I at least made a ton of progress and cleared the floor space!!

I want to eventually go through every single box and combine, condense, etc. but first I needed to be able to walk in there again! Very happy with one evening’s progress. Also, the fact that I excitedly chose to do this on a Friday night supports the claim that I am definitely a party animal.

Up next… heading to Ethan’s soccer game ~1 hour away this morning. Maybe more storage room work?? Updating our budget spreadsheet hopefully, getting some groceries at some point and probably playing wingman on the pumpkin decorating!!

P.S.. Clearing out old things always has potential to make me sad. Check out these adorable PJs I ran across. Sniff sniff! I remember Ethan wearing these so clearly.

January 2010 ❤❤❤

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for cheese. I’m from Wisconsin, I love cheese, what more can I say? 😜

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Omg he is so freaking cute. And now he’s big enough to be needing braces?!? Aaahhh!! 😢

    We still have that book – S loves it. What size are those jammies? We could do a 10 year later youngest cousin comparison shot! 😂


  2. Aww, look at little Ethan! Nice work on getting your storage space more organized – you made a huge difference! I went through our baby storage last week and it was kind of overwhelming… but I got everything pulled out that the baby will need in the early months and rearranged the storage space so the stuff Paul just grew out of is furthest back in the closet. I really don’t know how I fit everything in there… and I am very happy that I won’t have to pack stuff away again when #2 outgrows them – instead we will be giving away/selling things as he stops needing them. Our house has limited storage space, so it will be nice to free up a whole bunch of space. Baby stuff takes up soooo much space as it’s just not really collapsible, like the swing, jumper, bassinet, etc.

    Can’t wait to see the Where’s Waldo pumpkin!!


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