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Day off + Other Misc.

In no particular order… some randomness:

1. Day off!

I took the day off today. The boys have a “no school” day, the weather looks amazing and I decided to join them in a free day. 

We were going to maybe hit up a corn maze, but we ended up making plans to head up north ~2 hours to see our old neighbors/ their BFF who just moved away in August. They live out in the country now and have a new donkey and goats. Like I said, the weather looks great for an outdoor, fall afternoon get together. They are EXCITED!!

I’m still up early as I have a bunch of stuff I want to do here yet this morning. On the docket: my weekly review! 

I have been loving doing a weekly review on Fridays for the past month or so (after years of reading about other bloggers/time management experts doing these, I finally tried it and it has been amazing!!!). Having a specific, dedicated time in the week (scheduled on my calendar) when I know I will clean out my email inbox, organize my upcoming calendar, to- do items, deal with any loose ends, plan the upcoming week, etc. has been kind of life-changing. 

2. Pushing through

Last night was probably the first time I had to really “go out of my way” to hit all of my challenge tasks. Due to a busy day, it was 7 pm and I hadn’t done my workout yet OR my walk AND I still had a lot of water left to drink. 

Ivan got home from work, we ate dinner and he wanted to go relax in the hot tub….it sounded SO GOOD but I reluctantly said, “Give me 40 minutes!!”. I quick busted out an Upbeat Strength (upper body) workout in the basement, then we walked outside together. Done! 

This is a prime example of a time where without a challenge/ needing to be accountable (to myself), I would have probably just pushed it all off to tomorrow. 

*Thanks to everyone in my neighborhood for putting up so many fun Halloween decorations this year!! I feel like there are more than usual. It makes nighttime walks super fun. 

3. Sneak peak + a new sign!

It’s still not completely done, but here’s a little sneak peak of our new tile backsplash, along with a super cute sign that my mom bought for me (very fitting for me, of course):

Obviously missing the light switch plates! But you get the idea. 🙂 We LOVE IT!
There’s still some grouting left to finish on the other side, but I’ll try to share some more pics when it’s all done!! Yay!!! Again, a huge thank you to my Dad for being my tile man!

Finally, two little things for you to read: one serious, one funny!! 🙂

4. Watch your words…your attention and mind will follow….. 

5. And this just made me seriously laugh out loud.…”OOPS!!” Hahahahahaha. 
Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful today for holiday decorations. All of our indoor Halloween decorations are up now and it’s just fun to see them everyday. 🙂 They just make everything look warm and festive!! 

4 thoughts on “Day off + Other Misc.”

  1. Love your backsplash! It looks so great! Yay for having a handy dad!! Good call to take the day off since your boys are off and it's so nice outside. I bet they are so excited to see their old neighbor! Way to go on fitting in all the challenge stuff – that's why I like challenges, too. They push us to do things we never would have felt we could fit in otherwise!


  2. i totally get it, at least 5 out of 10 days I do something because it's a habit I want to keep and it always make me feel better and glad I did it! :)friday off is the best way to start the weekend!


  3. That's awesome! Are you doing the full version? If so, wow! I just don't think I have it in me right now to commit to the two 45 minute workouts…Maybe someday!! And thank you- we love the backsplash too! It really finishes off the kitchen.


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