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Friday 5

 Hello Friday. This week felt a little bit chaotic for me, because my parents were here from Monday night-Thursday afternoon while my Dad worked on our tile project. I’m not complaining!! It is looking awesome and I’m so grateful for his help.

But, with our school day routines, evening activities mostly back in almost full-swing and work, it’s just hard for me when our normal routines get thrown off. I think more than anything it has just been the visual side of having my kitchen all messed up…that makes me just feel “off” maybe too.

I love the time spent chatting with them and hanging out though! Too bad it’s not possible to just hit the pause button on the rest of life any time we want. 

A quick Friday 5 from this week!


Wisconsin beauty. This was taken on our way to a soccer scrimmage last night. It was just so lovely driving through the countryside, saying hi to lots of cows and horses along the way. The cornfields are so beautiful right now too.


The soccer scrimmage was scheduled last minute in lieu of their regular practice (which is normally held around the corner from our house). Instead, we had to drive ~20 minutes away for a 5:00-6:30 p.m. practice and scrimmage session. (Games of any sort are not allowed to be played in our county due to COVID restrictions here. Other surrounding counties do not have this restriction in place, so any games have to be played elsewhere.) 
It was freezing out there but the air was crisp and fresh and it was fun to watch them play. I had not been planning on being away from home though from 4:30-7:00 p.m. yesterday so this was just one other little thing that kind of threw off my week a bit. 


A pretty sky. Also from last night- Ethan took this from the passenger seat. I LOVE a beautiful sky and constantly tell the boys to “look how pretty the sky is right now!” Last week one of them said, “Mom, you always say that. Seriously, you say it like, every single day.” 
Oh well. I can’t help it. Maybe someday when I’m gone and they are grown, they will see a beautiful sky and think of me. 🙂 


A 3-2-1 Newsletter Highlight:


“‘You’re probably right’ has become of my favorite phrases.
Whenever someone disagrees with you on a small matter (read: most things), you can shrug, say ‘you’re probably right’ and move on.
Not caring about winning trivial arguments saves so much time and energy.”

I loved this from James Clear’s newsletter yesterday. I searched my office high and low for a calendar quote that was along this same line the other day. I couldn’t find where I stuck it, but basically the gist was that if you decide that the #1 priority in your life is to be at peace, you have to worry less about being right. It’s not worth arguing with people all the time or having to be “right” at all costs. 


A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday and I really liked it. I want to talk about it with the kids today. It’s an amazing reminder that TALENT or ABILITY are not the “only” things that matter. Look at this list! There are at least 10 things listed here that they can bring to the table in life that they can control 100%  (because while this is referring to sports, it applies at school, work, and home, too). 

We can’t control everything, but we can control many (important!) things! Too many people seem to feel chained down by the “unlucky” hand life may deal them at times. Focusing on this list could benefit us all, I think. 😊

Daily Gratitude:
I’m grateful that I really love the tile we picked out. It’s one of those things….if for whatever reason it looked better on the sample board than on your wall, you’re kind of screwed!!! So, I’m very grateful that it worked out and I think looks even better than we were hoping for. 

2 thoughts on “Friday 5”

  1. You'll have to share pictures of your new back splash! I know what you mean about having your routine thrown off, though. That is tough, especially for planners like us. Those are pretty skies! Paul would love to see cows and horses. We would have to drive out of the city to see them around here since we are in such an urban area. I was hoping to take him to a farm outside of Minneapolis that has some animals, apples trees, etc. Hopefully we can fit that in during the month of October. He is really into farm stuff and has been for quite awhile – his barn set and animals are one of his favorite toys!


  2. I love #3, we are at 32th floor and most of sunsets are beautiful! girls and I always point it out to each other for how beautiful it is. but hubby doesn't bother to look at it and says everyday is the same. I know it's not true, because every sunsets means we have one sunset less to watch/enjoy. Sounds fatalistic but true and makes me appreciate it more.


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