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 Sometimes the littlest things add up to make a big difference in your week.


1. Delegating!

Ethan has a well child check this morning (with several shots). The appt. is at 8:45 a.m. Normally, since I “work from home”, I am the default errand-runner/appointment-taker/etc. Technically, yes, it works out better for me, since my hours are flexible. But I obviously still have to WORK, you know! 

I decided last week that this job was getting dropped in Ivan’s lap this time. The doctor’s office isn’t super close to our house and I knew it would end up taking up at least a couple hours. It can be more difficult for Ivan to take time off than it is for me (due to him having more meetings/ client appointments), but with advance notice and some planning, it is do-able. 

And, if I’m honest here: I hate watching my kids get shots. It makes me squirm. I’ll give you the shot all day long, no problem. But hurt my child??? I can’t stand it. 

2. A Wise Time Swap

I’m patting myself on the back for a wise choice I made the other day. We needed groceries this weekend but I just didn’t have it in me to brave the crowds on Sunday (when I had time to go). I was just feeling rather lazy and wasn’t in the mood at all. I decided to make my list on Sunday, have Ivan deep clean the fridge and pantry so they were ready for the influx of new goods, and then, I sat down at my desk and worked from 5-7 p.m. Sunday evening. 

I decided that I was in the mood to make a cup of tea, put my slippers on and dive into a couple solid hours of work – not traipse around the grocery store on a Sunday night. Instead, I swapped those hours for Monday morning from 8-10 a.m. and hit up the grocery store then! Genius idea, because the store was EMPTY and it was amazing. 

3. A Keyboard!

We made a huge discovery this past week. Quick background: Ethan has always hated writing. Whenever he is asked about his least favorite subject, he is quick to blurt out: writing! It shows, too, as it has always been the subject he performs worst in. Any time he has to write something, he will write the bare minimum, presumably to just get it over with.

Well, this past week he has had a book report to work on (i.e. writing…). It was supposed to be hand-written, on a piece of paper. Somehow, we had the thought that maybe he could try typing his rough draft so that the corrections would be easier to make. We connected our wireless keyboard to the ipad, and he started writing….and writing….. and writing!(!!!!!!). The best part of all- he actually wrote amazingly well! 

I think what he truly dislikes is the act of physically writing, by hand, not necessarily “writing” in general. I never realized this! This might be a game-changer. 

Travel Tuesday:

Today, a little twist…instead of a place, a couple of favorite travel quotes! I especially love the first one. I always feel astounded when I travel at what an enormous world exists beyond the little bubble of my own life. 

Daily Gratitude:

I’m grateful for the crispness in the air this morning. I stepped out onto the deck and was immediately hit with the distinctly “fall-like” air overwhelming my senses. 

2 thoughts on “Wins”

  1. I'm w/ Ethan – I have writing things out and much prefer typing! Plus I have pretty horrible handwriting! I have to focus so hard when I write cards to people! Glad that your husband could handle the dr appt. I usually end up doing all of Paul's appts because my job is a bit more flexible than Phil's and I like to ask questions at appointments. I will give him a list of questions to ask and he will report back, but it's not the same as asking them myself… I guess I am a control freak! But we are in a different stage of life when there are way more questions to ask v your boys. So maybe by the time Paul & #2 are older, Phil can handle those appts. The shots are soo hard. I'm debating getting my flu shot w/ him at his appt instead of at my OB appt today but I don't know that it will result in less crying if he sees mom go first.


  2. time swap and delegating work wonders!!! I am very good at delegating… hahaha… well need to be. it's part of the essentialism practice. I ask myself, am I the only who can do this? if not, then better give the task to someone else and focus where I can really add value. I miss traveling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something might be in the horizon. i love going to new places and just feel foreign, unknown, open mind about any unexpected adventures, and the discomfort of travel.


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