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Weekends + the secret to life??

 Our weekend got a bit freed up due to the cancellation of both of Ethan’s soccer games. Apparently, a player on the other team had an exposure to someone with COVID, so out of an abundance of caution, that club decided to halt all play for that team until the boy’s test results come back. It’s a bummer, because it always gets tricky to get all the games in before the weather turns cold around here. Making up two games will probably be even harder. Oh well.

On the plus side, this means we didn’t have to drive around and spend all that time at the games this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday nights Ethan ended up over at a friend’s house, since he didn’t have to be up and fresh for games the next morning. The weather has been fantastic- very warm, summer-like evenings- and it sounds like some epic outdoor nighttime games were played. I think he said they played Capture the Flag and I’m not even sure what else. They also hung out around bonfires both nights. What a life. 🙂 

My weekends never seem to feel quite that carefree. This is something that leaves me feeling perplexed sometimes. I feel like I always have a million things to do on the weekends, yet my social media feeds are full of people off hiking, picking apples, on day trips, etc. apparently living the good life. 

In my life, by the time the weekend rolls around, we need groceries, the house is dirty and needs to be cleaned, towels need to be washed, we have yard work to do, we have bills to pay, I maybe want to cook something, some kind of project needs attention around the house…. 

What am I missing?? I TRY to get some household stuff done during the week, but that just doesn’t always seem to happen- especially when I was working later into the evenings with the kids home these past months. Our evenings feel pretty full as is with piano practice, soccer/ swim practice, school stuff + then there’s always good ‘ol DINNER which often turns into a time suck of prep, eating and clean up. 

Anyway, whatever. It’s fine. I don’t particularly mind doing “housework/chore” type stuff, and we generally all chip in and split the jobs up, but I still just sometimes feel like I am missing the secret to life over here or something. LOL. 

I took Asher to swim practice yesterday morning and afterwards, in an attempt to fit in some “fun” 😉, we stopped at a huge antique mall. I think the sign said there are 18 huge rooms of antiques. We made it through maybe 3-4, on the first level only! We’ll have to go back. I want to take Ethan sometime, too. It’s a super fun thing to do with the kids- they love browsing all the old stuff. It brings back memories for me, too, of things I would see at my grandparent’s house, or even toys or other items from when I was little.

This strange little creature and sign made me chuckle. 

The rest of the afternoon felt productive in that we finally got the area around our new patio reseeded with grass. Our growing window is shortening by the second here, so we urgently needed to get that done. Check! 

I had originally planned to decorate the house for Halloween with the boys last night, but ultimately decided to table it til next weekend. With this tile project still ongoing, my whole kitchen area is messed up. Bringing a bunch of decorations and stuff into the mix was just not going to work. We’ll have to wait! Hopefully the kitchen project will be done early this week. 

And finally, I just have to say again: the weather has been AMAZING. We are still LOVING the hot tub every night. I snapped this pic the other night, when the moon was bright and the air temperature was just cool enough that the water felt great but not so cold that I turned into a popsicle after getting out. 🙂 

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful for living very near a nice little garden center. Yesterday I needed to pick up grass seed and a few other things for our yard. I was so grateful that I just had to drive a couple of blocks to get what I needed. Quick, easy, no crowds, no lines, no huge parking lot. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Weekends + the secret to life??”

  1. weekend can feel overwhelming as for catching up things that we didn't manage to do during the week. I used to feel that way too, especially when we were in the US and had no help. Fortunately life got easier here in Manila as we have helpers. I think it also involves some planning. Maybe a objective review of what you've been doing in sundays in the last few weeks and see what could be advanced in other days? if it's not possible to advance to free up sunday, then maybe change perspective? instead of seeing them as chores see them as fun? I'm sure you'll find the way to see the bright spot. the antique store looks so fun, my hubby will love it.


  2. Our weekends are pretty similar here. One difference is that we do have a house cleaner come every other week which I know is a luxury but has been such a great investment for us! It was a bit of a battle to get my husband to agree to that as he is very frugal but I felt overwhelmed on the weekends and something needed to go! But besides that, our weekends are very similar. Lots of chores, meal prep work, yard work, etc. We aren't going anywhere/doing really fun things because Paul is just too young to really appreciate it… so someday we will try to fit in apple orchard visits and things like that! But our weekends are probably 'boring' to other people! But I do not get time to do stuff during the week, or I guess I should say I choose to not spend my time in the evening doing that kind of stuff after Paul goes to bed. I think there is this perception that when people WFH, they are doing meal prep and laundry, etc. This really does not happen for me and it sounds like it doesn't for you. I'm usually too busy to do chores during the day and I'd rather go for a walk during the day than spend the time doing laundry, etc. So I feel you! That's one downside (of many) to social media. You can see how others spend their time/money and wonder – what am I doing wrong?


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