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Gratitude is everywhere

Hey! How was your weekend? I blinked and I guess it’s Monday now, so I must have had a weekend, though it was apparently kind of a blur. 🙂 

I’ll share one highlight that was a fun little surprise. 

So, Asher currently has swim practice in a tiny little town about 20 minutes from where we live. He has had practices there for several years now at least once a week. Usually, I take the highway out, exit onto another country highway, turn down a single lane residential road and end up at the school parking lot. Then I backtrack that same route to go home. I’ve never actually really seen any “real” part of this little town, since our route in sort of bypasses it all. 

Well, I decided that instead of just sitting in my car waiting for him on Saturday as I usually do, I would go for a little walk. I headed in the opposite direction from the school, down a road I’ve never been on. Turns out, it’s a quite quaint little town…sort of felt like stepping back in time in a way. Very quiet, with tree lined streets, little houses and a corner bar. 🙂 

Anyway, just 10 minutes up the road I found this:

I found a plaque stating that a settler first built a log and stick dam across this river back in 1845 and then proceeded to build the town around it. Interesting! 

It was a very peaceful walk. No one was at the river except one fisherman, so I enjoyed some solitude and the sound of the rushing water. It was certainly better than just sitting in the van!

I repeated it the next morning on a sunny day:

The best part?? On my walk down the street, within 1/2 block of each other I found these two great examples of GRATITUDE! It really is everywhere, if you look for it! 😉 Without my daily gratitude practice and focus, I probably would have just walked right by and not even noticed these. But instead, I paused and they made me smile. 😊

Enjoy your week! Don’t forget to get of your van (or car, you know what I mean…) and see what you can find in our big, wide world. 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for a guy named Mike on the hot tub service phone line who was so helpful answering some questions I had about the chemical regimen for our new hot tub. He was so kind and patient with my many questions. 

2 thoughts on “Gratitude is everywhere”

  1. Love when we get out to do something unexpected on the spot, it's like a mini adventure for our mind, and often time we find a nice surprise. fully agree on the perspective of finding gratitude/joy if we have our eyes opened to them.


  2. Gratitude is everywhere and there are lots of things in our daily life that we take for granted! Like having a car – that's a luxury in many parts of the world! That looked like a beautiful walk. Good idea to get out an explore!


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