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No, I haven’t been eaten by a shark :)

Hello, friends! I am back. In case you were worried that I had been gobbled up by a shark at the beach, or, even worse, decided to stop blogging (!), rest assured, all is well. 

We got home late in the evening on Tuesday. We did the mad dash to unload the car before we all crashed after 2 days of driving…as painful as it is to unload everything right away, it’s worth it the next day. At least all the stuff is now sitting INSIDE my house and not in the van. It’s a step in the right direction. 🙂 

The rest of our week at the beach was really great. Our big concern was keeping an eye on the weather, as the forecast was showing rain and storms moving that way (accompanying Marco and Laura). Fortunately, we lucked out and had really good weather overall. We did get a little bit of rain here and there, but only one day that it actually rained for any length of time. (We used that day to go to an outlet mall and do some fall shopping.) 

I won’t bore you with a play by play of each day of our trip, since it mostly looked like some version of this:

7:30-8:00 a.m. Wake up, sit out on balcony and look at the ocean

8:00 a.m. Head downstairs, get some tea, move to a table in the gazebo looking at the ocean, reading, checking my phone, etc.

8:30 a.m. Choose from following activities: walk on the beach, move down to chair by the ocean to continue looking out at the ocean, eat breakfast, go in hot tub or continue sitting in the gazebo

10:00 a.m. By now, definitely be down by the ocean, swimsuit on, sunscreen on

10:00-12:30 Alternate swimming in the ocean/pool, dozing, reading

12:30-1:30 Lunch of some sort…either just at the hotel (sandwiches, leftovers) or throw clothes on and go somewhere for lunch (did a couple lunches at beachfront type places)

1:30-6:30 Beach, pool, walk, read, doze, relax…

6:30-8:00 continue above, watch sunset, usually go in the hot tub

7:00-11:00 range: Figure out dinner and evening plans. Some nights we ate in (we got steamed peel and eat shrimp one night, got pizza another night, one time we just had appetizers for dinner, etc.), which meant swimming after dark in the pool for the boys and adults having drinks/ hanging out on the deck until late. Other nights we went out. One night we went out on the fishing pier and watched a guy catch a shark(!), another night we went out a little earlier for a really nice seafood dinner, one night we ended up at the Pier Park area and rode the Sky Wheel/ kids did a trampoline jump thing, etc.

11:30-12:00 a.m. Sit out in the dark on balcony in the room, sometimes reading by flashlight, talking with Ivan or just enjoying the hot, humid night air, the sound of the waves and the stars. Force myself to go to bed by midnight so that I’m not totally dragging the next day! 

Here are a few more favorite photos…I have about a million, so it’s hard to even choose! The white sand in Panama City Beach/ gulf area just makes it so much more beautiful than your average beach (in my opinion). 

I loved the clouds this afternoon!
My little surfer #1


Little surfer #2
Our favorite hang out spot for meals/drinks at the hotel. Usually had the whole gazebo to ourselves. Can’t beat the views!
Made sure to get a couple family photos! These are rare!
Trying to do a simulated jump shot! This was the best I got.

Another good one! 🙂 
The obligatory “mask shot” to remember this was a “Covid Vacation”. We were all joined at the hip to our masks- every time we entered the hotel lobby/elevators/ any indoor space anywhere we all had them on! 

Daily Gratitude:

Not gonna lie- coming home from vacation is always hard for me. It’s just overwhelming no matter which way I slice it. Add on top of it that I’m feeling stressed about some last minute changes to our school plans (more on that to come), an ongoing house project that has had an electrician here at 7 am these last two days and just the usual unpacking, reorganizing of life while resuming work. BUT I’m extremely grateful that we had an amazing trip. We had good weather. We had a ton of fun. We made it both ways safely. We made wonderful memories. We got to travel at all! (In this COVID world, this is amazing in and of itself). In Ethan’s words, as we pulled away from the hotel, “happy vacation achieved!” Ivan and I cracked up, but it’s true! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “No, I haven’t been eaten by a shark :)”

  1. I am glad you had a great getaway that was mostly normal for you – although not what you had planned to do during that time off. Good job on taking family photos! I was working up updating my 2020 photo book (I do 1-2 months at a time) and we have taken 0 family photos since January and I am in maybe 2 photos with my son. But I do not love looking pregnant so I just prefer to not be in pictures! But I should be a bit better about that. Good luck getting back into the groove of life. That is always hard after a vacation. I try to have one day off before jumping back into work, so we come back on a Saturday, I have Sunday to get return to normal life/unpack/get groceries/do laundry, and then jump back into life on Monday. But I know most people want to spend every vacation day ON vacation, not getting ready for the return to normality! 😉


  2. definitely missed your daily posts! So glad to see you had an amazing time with the family! Very privileged to have vacation at this time and still form special memories this time. good luck with smooth transition back home, I know it's always hard to switch from not-caring-anything to be on top of everything overnight, but you'll do it. 🙂


  3. Welcome back from Vacation. I am sure that you are feeling the post-vacay vibes but at least you're coming back rested and re-energized! ❤❤ I am moving tomorrow and I am honestly ready to be done with electrician, repair people, and construction workers! lol – Good Luck with your electrician! 😋


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