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All good things must come to an end

….and by that, I mean the kids are coming home today. LOL.

Yes, the time has come for them to return from their little trip to my parents’ house. The boys are not happy about it, I could probably live without them for a couple more days 😉 … Only my parents are probably breathing a sigh of relief now for some peace and quiet coming their way soon. Haha.

They really did want to stay a couple more days, but Asher has his first night back to swim practice tonight (in a lake, since the pools aren’t open, but still) and I just don’t think he should really miss the very first practice back. (Side note: I just realized that Asher was supposed to leave for a week long, overnight swim camp with a friend yesterday. Sad. Obviously it was cancelled. Such a bummer.)

Anyway, the boys have also now informed us that our city is “BORING” compared to the apparently extraordinarily EXCITING suburb that my parents live in (an hour from here). The thing is, a couple blocks away from my parents’ house is a “skate park”, one of those places with all the ramps and obstacles for skateboarders to ride and do tricks on. Well, the boys don’t skateboard, but they love to ride their scooters up and down the ramps. They literally spend hours there whenever we go to my parents’ house.

As you saw in my post the other day, they also have gone fishing, to the park/lake nearby, watched a bunch of movies, and went golfing on a real par 3 golf course yesterday. ALSO, there is a great driving range/ mini golf place just 2 minutes up the street from their house too (something else we don’t have in our city super nearby….), and they just love to go and hit balls at the driving range.

So, the consensus on the phone last night was: OUR CITY IS SO BORING!! Also, their grandparents probably spoil them. 😊

(The boring part is not actually true; we live in a great city….but I guess we are lacking a few of these fun places!! I do wish someone would open a really cool mini golf/ driving range right here in town because I think it would be a major hit).

We stayed up too late last night cherishing our kid-free home one last night I guess, so I’m dragging this morning. Always a great start to the week when you oversleep and feel totally disorganized and unprepared!! Whoops. I’d better get going.

Before I go, I’ll share a couple pics from our fun afternoon yesterday. After a morning around the house, we headed into downtown Madison and rode our bikes around one of the lakes here in Madison, Lake Monona. It’s about a 12 mile loop and has beautiful views of the water, some great Madison neighborhoods and just lots of iconic Madison sights. Afterwards we stopped at a new Mexican restaurant that a soccer friend of Ivan’s just opened downtown. We shared some amazing nachos with fresh guacamole, salsa and jalapenos, plus a couple of drinks. It was a super fun, relaxing afternoon!

Off to start my day. Have a great Monday!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for jalapenos because without them my nachos wouldn’t taste the same. I just really love jalapenos, probably slightly irrationally too much. 😊 I am not sure I could live a happy life without them. 😉

6 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end”

  1. Thanks! I know we do have stuff around, but that golf course doesn't have a driving range, and of course Vitense is quite a drive- more of a whole afternoon adventure. I wish we had a place right here in SP to just over to! Like Vitense, but this side of town.


  2. looks like a mini vacation you had kids free! I had one last year with my husband in Cambodia and it was the best! it helped to connect us as couple instead of being dad and mom all the time. but we did miss our kids a lot! so every once in a while is good. i think kids really like to be outdoor and that skating park looks amazing!bike ride! oh gorgeous i wish we can go out for a long bike ride now.


  3. I'm glad your boys had so much fun and I bet your parents loved having them stay with them, too. I know that is something my parents would love to do when they are retired. They are both over 70 but they own a business and transitioning it to my BIL has been a VERY LONG PROCESS. But we are all looking forward to a time when I can send Paul to their lake place for part of a week or something like that. I know it would be good for everyone. Your night with Ivan sounds perfect. Nachos are one of my favorite foods. Basically anything Mexican is my favorite! And I'm with you on jalapenos as I like a bit of a kick to what I'm eating!


  4. I recently found your blog, and I'm so excited that you're from the Madison area! I'm local, too, but not near you (as far as I can tell from this post…). Anyway, it's so much fun to see references to local places I know, for once. Can you share the name of the Mexican restaurant, please? Thanks!


  5. Hello! Thanks for stopping by!! It's nice to meet someone local! 🙂 The restaurant is called Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant, downtown on Butler St. It's owned by the nicest people ever and the food is delicious (well, the few things we've tried so far anyway). My husband is Mexican and we are VERY picky about our Mexican food… 😉 If you like Mexican, check it out for sure!


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