June Goals!

I’m hopping on here later than usual this morning, thanks to hitting the snooze button 1 ½ times, just generally feeling a little slothful while trying to get my workout started and then needing to move both of our cars to park them a block away (due to the road construction/ concrete work on our street).

They left a note telling us to move our cars out by 7 am and that the curb and concrete work would take something like 21 days?!! I am hoping that doesn’t actually mean our cars need to be parked so far away for that whole time, but that’s what the note sounded like…I need to clarify today.

Anyway, since I’m low on time this morning, I will keep this to the point. 😊 As today is now officially June 3, I just wanted to share my little list of June goals. Many look familiar from May, but some are new/ changed.
The big ones for this month are:

  • Read with the boys at least 10 times. I am reading Gentle Annie with Ethan (an old book of mine from childhood, about a forward-thinking nurse during the Civil War and he is loving it). We also have a couple chapters left of the Dangerous Space Missions book.

  • Continue reading our WWII book and watching the online clips (had aimed for 24 big pages out of it last month, but probably only got through about half of that)
  • Try a new hike somewhere! I’ve received some suggestions from friends but have yet to try one out.
  • Take a day trip somewhere new around here!

  • Work on cleaning out my storage room for another four 30 minute blocks of time.
  • Work on transferring old photos to Amazon 3x/week (and write times to do it on my calendar!) I can actually do this while I do other things if I just set it up to start transferring the photos, but I need this reminder to actually do it!
  • Re-paint some peeling areas around our front door

  • Read every day for AT LEAST 10 minutes, NO EXCEPTIONS! For some reason I let my reading time slide last month and I am not happy about it. I’m committing to this this month, since it is important to me, I really enjoy it and I don’t like letting that priority slide down the list. I also want to pick a new book from a new genre (a goal for 2020 was to read at least 5 books from genres I don’t generally read- so far I have read a Historical Fiction and a Science Fiction.)
  • continue daily morning walks with Ivan, continue daily work outs. Finishing “The Work” Beachbody program this week and currently re-evaluating what new game plan will be starting next week.
  • I have had “get outside for at least 10 minutes a day” on my list since this winter, but this usually is naturally accomplished with the daily walks or now, watering my flowers
  • continue to hit 10,000 steps every day. I did this successfully in May for the first time in a LONG time, and it wasn’t actually as hard as I thought. Just takes a little forethought and keeping movement in mind. I’d like to continue this.
  • Do Duo Lingo French app every day in June! With the amount of time I spend puttering around online looking at email, Facebook or Instagram, there is no reason I can’t swap in 5 minutes on Duo Lingo instead.

That’s all! I know I am a chronic over-goal setter but I can’t resist. Ha! I just enjoy the process I guess of thinking about things I want to do and I especially enjoy the process of tracking the items. I’ve always liked some structure and routine in my life- just helps me stay on track and in charge of my life.

Off to start my day! After storms last night, it’s a sunny, summer morning out there. My walk is calling! Have a good one! 

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the flower pictures I sprinkled in there…I snapped those at the country club Ethan takes tennis lessons at yesterday morning with my iPhone! They have just beautiful flowers around the courts area!! 

What are some of your goals for this month?? 🙂 

Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for my contact lenses! This is a random one, but something that impacts my life every single day! I am grateful that I can wear contacts (I strongly prefer to not wear glasses), I’m grateful that they allow me to actually SEE and I’m grateful I have access to vision care and can afford to buy glasses/ contacts. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “June Goals!”

  1. i don't do well with goals but few of your things could be mine:# read to my kids# ready everyday#+10k steps# read new genresI usually simple forget them or either just do them without prompt. of above list, i find hard the last one as I feel indulgent time when reading so don't like forcing myself into things i'm not sure about.


  2. I know what you mean. I read a book earlier this spring that I just wasn't really into it. I don't know that I've ever just "quit" reading a book part way through, but I sort of resented reading it since I don't have that much time to read in the first place…so if I'm not enjoying it it feels like a big waste!


  3. I used to be super into goal setting but that has fallen by the wayside since having our son. So I hope when he's older, I'll have more motivation/ambition to get back to goal setting. I did do 19 in 2019 and probably accomplished about 15 goals so I have set goals since having Paul, but not like I used to. Right now we are in the midst of rebuilding our deck. When I say we I mean my husband and his cousin who is a handyman. So I just want to get that project behind us and get our backyard back in order! Since Phil works on the deck on the weekends, I'm in charge of Paul which can be kind of exhausting as 2 year olds can be, um, challenging sometimes. Ha. So I don't really have any goals for June besides keeping on top of watering my garden and getting over there to weed at some point. That's kind of it! But I have a lot going on at work so that is keeping me very busy and on my toes during the day!


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