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Weekend Check In and a To Do List

Good morning! How is your weekend going?

I’m writing this later than usual because I slept in and was having tea in the sunroom with Ivan, just chatting and making a little game plan for the day.
I am loving how GREEN everything is finally!! 

I have a pretty long list of “stuff” that I/ we need to get done in the next, I don’t know, couple of weeks, ideally. Thank goodness we have no real outside plans yet at this point, or I’m not sure how we’d get it all done!
A few big items include:

  • more storage room cleaning
  • cleaning out our garage and shed (specifically, gathering old stuff/ junk and making a big haul to the landfill and/or Goodwill)
  • finish painting deck rails! (needs to happen TODAY as weather is perfect and supposed to be hot and/or rainy later this week)
  • get my boots and sweaters out of my closet! I always store them in the basement in the summer
  • weed out kids’ clothes that don’t fit anymore. They have grown and we need to do some inventory.
  • continue work on transferring photos to Amazon photos. I’ve made some progress but have a long way to go
  • help Ethan to clean out and organize his closet
  • plant my garden, hopefully tomorrow! Still haven’t gotten around to this. I did all that flower work last weekend and just had a hard time getting in the mood to go back and pick up plants and deal with the actual garden this week
  • return a bunch of flooring and tile samples to various stores that have been sitting in our sunroom for ages
  • end of month financial check in

Obviously we are not doing all of that stuff today! Going to prioritize the deck rails this morning I think and maybe weeding out some of the kids’ clothes and at least getting my boots/ winter shoes carried downstairs. 

I need to fit in my workout at some point too (starting the 6thand final week of Beachbody on Demand’s “The Work”! Sad it’s almost over!) and I’d like to at least start on looking at and updating our end of month finance spreadsheet later tonight.
I think this afternoon we are going to meet my parents at a nearby bike trail and go for a longer ride! Weather looks beautiful- mid 70’s and full sunshine.

 So far it has been a nice weekend with a combination of getting some stuff done (deep cleaned the kitchen yesterday while watching the Space X coverage, mopped the floors, Ivan cut the grass and did the edges, a little bit of work stuff) and relaxing (read on the deck with Ivan yesterday morning, made nachos last night, watched a movie with the kids Friday evening, and watched the Space X launch as a family).

How’s your weekend going?? What plans do you have for the rest of the day?

Steps: 10,009
Meditate: Nope. My Meditation May has been sort of a success, sort of a failure. More on that to come.
Read: 45 minutes

Daily Gratitude:
Nachos! I am grateful that somebody, somewhere once decided it would be a good idea to smother tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese and in our case, the most delicious pico de gallo. (There are many varieties- this is just our favorite). I LOVE nachos and am grateful for them during every bite, every time I eat them. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Weekend Check In and a To Do List”

  1. Of course! It is actually VERY simple: Just chop up Roma tomatoes, white onions, and jalapeno peppers, then stir in chopped cilantro. Then squeeze a couple of fresh limes liberally over all of it and add salt to taste (the lime juice is very important- make sure you add plenty of lime! There should be visible liquid/lime juice in the bowl when you stir it. And the salt is important too). I'm sorry I don't have exact amounts- just chop the tomatoes and then add in onion/jalapeno/cilantro until it looks right for how heavy you like onion and how spicy you want it!


  2. We had a fairly busy weekend as my husband and his cousin started to rebuild our deck. They worked on that most of Saturday and Sunday so I was on Paul duty. I did get away for a socially distanced coffee date with my college friends on Saturday morning so that was really nice! I did some weeding in our front flower beds on Sunday afternoon while our son played with his water table. Felt good to get that done. I am not doing much in terms of re-planting things. I kind of wanted to see what grew and if we like it or not. But I'm thinking about what I want to plant in the fall as I'm not a huge fan of a lot of what is planted in our front flower bed. I also went over to water my garden every other day – it's about 1/2 mile away in the yard of a church. It would be nice to have our garden at our house but our house is on a hill so unless we put the garden in the front yard (not ideal), there isn't any place for it. So I am glad I have access to this community garden and it helps me get some extra steps in!


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