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Here we go…Opening Day?

Coming at you from the most BEAUTIFUL morning outside right now….warm and humid and very summer-like (trying to merge my love for being out on the deck on summer mornings with also wanting to write):

Welp, today is the day! May 26, which is the official “lift” date of the Safer at Home order for my state and county here in Wisconsin.
Of course, we all know that doesn’t mean an immediate shift back to normal. I didn’t follow the news too much this weekend (I can really only take pretty small doses of the constant negativity at any given time), but I did read up some on exactly what this means.
Actually, I don’t think we will be massively impacted right away, as for the most part we are planning to continue to try to lay low, socially distance, etc. as much as we still can. The main stores I need (grocery store, occasional Target run, Home Depot/ Menards) have all been open anyway!
The biggest change I think for our household is that our gym will reopen (with limited capacity and a bunch of restrictions/ changes). We have talked and decided that we do feel comfortable allowing the boys  to either attend small (<5 kids per group) exercise classes (which have a good, specific plan for maintaining social distancing) and allowing Asher to swim in the lap pool (by appointment only, one person per lane).
I am on Week 5 of 6 of my Beachbody “The Work” program and am loving it, so I’m actually (I can’t believe I’m writing this!) in no huge hurry to rush back to the actual gym.
Ethan’s tennis lessons have also resumed now. Piano will continue to be virtual throughout the summer, per their latest update. We are waiting to hear what swim team will look like this summer, with the main pools they can use shut down until at least end of July apparently. We have a virtual meeting tonight for more info.
The biggest thing I think for us that is missing in our life (well, besides like group activities, soccer leagues, etc.) is eating out at restaurants. These are opening back up today too! (At 25% capacity, with social distancing and a bunch of other precautions in place).

We haven’t actually talked yet about when we might consider going out to eat. I guess it feels a bit uncomfortable yet- March 11thwas the last time we ate out! I want to be safe and careful as much as we can.

I do like the idea of supporting the businesses though and as I think about it, I feel like if I walk in and sit at a sanitized table, away from others, I probably don’t have any higher risk really than if I ordered take out from the place (where people were also handling, preparing my food)? So we’ll see. Maybe later this week or next week we might try?? I know Ivan would love a cold draft beer again sometime too! 😉 
In other news, I made another meal plan this week!  

This is week 3, and I’m using Kelsey’s new templates (from her IG story highlights @kelswharton). I rolled over a couple things from last week I didn’t end up making and I am usually pretty loose with what day I actually cook the food, but I’m excited to have a plan down!
Finally, because this is too cute not to share- check out my sister’s new baby chicks!! (in Ireland)

Steps: 10, 211
Meditate: Done
Read: 😦 Too many other family things happening this weekend!

Daily Gratitude: 
I am grateful that 5 am Joel replied to my post yesterday with 5 of his own gratitude items. (Thank goodness, because my, ahem, usual lovely readers here didn’t respond with any 😉😉- there’s still time! Comment below!! 😉)  Obviously, I LOVE talking about what I am grateful for, but even more, I love hearing what others are grateful for! It’s such an interesting perspective. I picked a couple of the list Joel sent me here to share: 

4) Cooper at the beach! We are so blessed to live close to the beach and will always be making the most of it. Cooper loves running on the sand with my wife while I’m out surfing.

5) A reminder of home – Boomerangs! 8 years ago, my parents gave my wife’s parents 3 boomerangs as a gift. They were visiting from Australia. Every time I’m at my in-law’s house I see these and it’s a little reminder of “home”.  The middle one was hand-carved by an aboriginal friend of my mum’s from back when she was a kid.

7 thoughts on “Here we go…Opening Day?”

  1. Those baby chicks are adorable! My sister has chickens in AZ and I love seeing pictures of them – they are huge now, though. But they have so much character. Glad your boys can resume some of their summer activities. I am sure that is going to help with their mental health and such. It's hard to be cooped up so much and to not be able to do the things you love! The school where our son takes swimming lessons is actually doing the summer session, but after thinking about it, we have decided not to enroll him. I wouldn't feel comfortable going to a gym right now so I feel like it's just too much to go to a kids' swim school, even with all the precautions they are taking. But my situation is different because I am high risk due to RA. If we were your average healthy family, we would feel differently. 😦


  2. And your son is so young- waiting until fall or next summer won't likely affect his swimming ability too much. 🙂 With your RA it does sound tricky to know what to do best!


  3. Thank you! It definitely does help to have some accountability. Just knowing I'm going to write it on a public place motivates me when I feel like being lazy. 🙂 And thanks for reading! I just checked out your blog too and it looks awesome! Your girls are so cute. You're in the Philippines?


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