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Weekend Misc. and the Great Bedroom Shake Up

Oof. It is the weekend, but instead of feeling refreshed and ready to relax, this morning I feel a little bit like someone who was shipwrecked, had to swim 3 miles to shore, drag himself onto the beach and then realized he still had to build a fort out of banana tree leaves and try to start a campfire. 

I am being very dramatic, so don’t pay too much attention to me over here. 🙂 I didn’t have a terrible week or anything, as evidenced by my perky 5 positives list yesterday! Ha. I think I just feel a wee bit tired out at the moment. The school days/ weekdays just tend to feel hectic. 

After my early morning alone time and workout (arguably one of the best times of my day right now), the days seem to be a revolving door of school-work-question about school-work-question about something really weird and not school related-snack-work-work-make lunch-help with math that I don’t remember how to do- work-help figure out why the Zoom meeting isn’t working-work-and so on and so forth. 

I shared this meme on my Facebook page yesterday and it just cracked me up!! (originally shared from my sister-in-law and is from the “Mommy Makes Time” website.) It has been shared over 7,000 times on Facebook, so I think a lot of people can relate to this! 
Like I mentioned yesterday, overall the kids are doing awesome with the online schooling. Honestly, they have actually impressed me. They’ve been really quite self-sufficient and have been surprisingly positive about it all (overall- let’s not get carried away). But with me home all day, I inevitably just get pulled into a lot of randomness throughout the day. I therefore have been working late into the evening most days, which is fine and works out well, but makes for a short evening then to unwind and just sort of extends the whole process. 

I am also missing my nice, quiet, empty house for long stretches during the day to just work in peace while they are at school. I love seeing the boys more- I really do- but again, it makes the day feel fragmented and just sort of dizzying sometimes. 

We don’t really have much on the agenda this weekend except I do want to work a few solid hours to offset a couple of the hours this week that ended up being less than ideal on the productivity scale. Ethan has a fairly large project about Leonardo Da Vinci that apparently is due on Sunday (? seems like an odd due date) that he needs to finish up, and I want the boys to clean out their closets. I might try to start chipping away at a couple small items from that master 20 in 2020 list (outlined here and here if you missed it).

The Great Bedroom Shake Up

Ethan has been spending some time doing schoolwork on his bed instead of at his homework desk. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, but I guess if it works for him, I’m okay with it. He decided the other day that he no longer liked the layout of his room. His bed extended out from the wall in the middle of the room, eating up a lot of the floor space. He has a fairly small room to begin with, so he had a point. As a result, Thursday evening we spent a couple hours completely rearranging all of the furniture in his room. He was super excited about this when it was done. We threw a bunch of stuff away and just did some general de-cluttering too. 

This is the after photo. He now has more floor space available and it just feels a lot more open than before. Next on the list to do in there is to get some new decor for him at some point. We did this pirate theme back when we bought the house when he was in kindergarten! We never have really updated it since. Some of it is still okay, but the kiddie painting above his bed definitely has to go! We also want to get new carpet sometime relatively soon for both of the boys’ bedrooms. I can’t stand this carpet.

I remember I used to LOVE rearranging my room when I was a kid! Must have just been the novelty, I guess. I recall wanting to do it all the time and it drove my parents nuts.

Sure enough, while we worked on Ethan’s room, Asher started whining that HE also wanted to rearrange his room. (When I told him to buzz off, he went in the other room and then started texting me to ask if we could rearrange his room.) We actually just did rearrange Asher’s room in December when he got a new desk for his room! But he kept insisting that he wanted to change it again, despite not even really having too many different layout options due to the window placement in there. 

But being the sucker that I am, I went ahead and helped him do a minor reshuffle of the furniture yesterday afternoon. I guess it was enough to do the trick and give him a “slightly” fresh feel.  

His finished product. Basically the night stand used to be on the other side and we shifted the bed down a bit. 

The rest of the end of the week was pretty uneventful. I did put Asher on the job of making a loaf of banana bread since we had a bunch of bananas that were starting to go bad. My Dad has a really great recipe that we all love. I’m sure everyone has a favorite banana bread recipe, but if you don’t, try this one!! It’s so good

I worked later into the evening last night after Ivan got home to make up for the time that I was off “teaching” yesterday (I spent way longer than I care to admit trying to remember how to do Operations in 4th grade math. I completely forgot about the PEMDAS rule- Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiply, Divide, Addition, Subtraction. I was definitely doing the calculations in the wrong order at first.) 
The boys wrapped up their day with a good home workout. Asher did some strength training and running (he writes out his own workouts sometimes and types them up on the computer- it’s very cute). Ethan did a workout sent out by the soccer club part of which involved hopping up and down on stairs. 

Have a great weekend everyone! In closing I am going to share the quote of the day from my daily calendar- it supports my love of waking up early! 

Daily Gratitude:
Today, despite the image I just shared above, I am grateful for the opportunity to sleep in a little bit today! I love the early morning hours, but last night I opted to stay up late and watch a show with Ivan after the kids went to bed. Life is about trade-offs and balance! I had a nice time doing that, and I’m grateful that I was then able to catch up on a little sleep this morning. 

6 thoughts on “Weekend Misc. and the Great Bedroom Shake Up”

  1. Haha! Love the new room layouts. I too love love loved doing this as a kid. (As you know – I think we plotted together many a time.) There is nothing nicer than waking up in a "fresh" environment. Also as a kid I think there is something about having a bit of control over this small aspect of life when so much is prescribed by parents. Either way it's fun. As long as the frequency doesn't get out of hand :-)Also – I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me. I HAVE STARTED TO WAKE UP EARLY!!! On purpose! I have always been a morning person so that's never been the issue. The problem in recent years I'm up with one or more child so many nights (like probably an average 1 night out of 7, which isn't so bad for my kids' ages, but still interrupts the dynamic of my sleep week, and sometimes it's several nights in a row), so I've resisted the getting up early thing bc I don't want to get even less sleep by waking up early on purpose! But I have wanted to commit more to my garden this year (which always starts strong and ends in a pile of weeds), and decided that the super early hours are the time to do it. I've been getting up at 5:45 and working until 7 am, at which point the kids often start to wake up so I come back inside to cover the morning shift. Sam is obv in the house in case there's an earlier problem but usually 5:45-7 is a quiet time in our house. THIS HAS BEEN SO GREAT! It ticks so many boxes for me. A) I get to be alone! So rare in my life. B) I get uninterrupted time in my garden. C) I get to be outside for a while, which is super important to me. Or if it rains I can be in my polytunnel which is covered. D) I get to listen to my mindfulness/meditation podcasts, which I rarely make time for. E) I get some physical movement in. Gardening is a lot of functional fitness – lifting, digging, hauling, squatting. F) I come back inside ready to start the day instead of dragging around "trying to wake up" for an hour or more (I am my father's daughter). It has been amazing. AMAZING! Thank you so much! I wouldn't have given the early wake up idea so much thought lately if not for your blogging about it and it has been transformative for me 🙂


  2. That is incredible!! I am so, so glad to hear it. Combining early morning quiet time + outdoor time is like a match made in heaven. That's one thing that I still struggle with balancing. I used to go for early morning walks often and really loved that time of day outside (well, part of the year anyway). But then I also started getting into some other habits, like writing, reading or exercising in the mornings, which I also enjoy! I can't fit it all in! Haha. As the weather gets warmer I may try to do some kind of schedule- some days I'll go out for walks, other days I'll do my indoor things.I love the idea of you getting time for your garden. I know that is something you really enjoy (pass any tips along this way…if you saw my 2020 goals post you know trying to learn more about gardening is on my list). It's definitely got to be hard though to get time for that with such young kids, so the early morning sounds like a perfect time. Isn't the world just so beautiful at that time of day?? I am also so glad to know my little blog inspired you in some way. I have really enjoyed writing these posts, but at the same time I have wondered if it is even worth it as I'm not even sure if people are reading it! Ha. So, it warms my heart to know that my words have at least touched one person's life in some way! 🙂


  3. Love the room arrangements! It has inspired my boys to rearrange their rooms and after I am going to go through their closets. I have been saying for weeks I was going to go through their closets because since life has slowed down and I am home with the kids, I notice some of their clothes don't fit like the used to, so time to buy some new ones. Thank goodness for online shopping! Baking has been one of our favorite activities prior to staying at home and we have been continuing with it. We have made brownies, cookies, and banana muffins, but we have some left over bananas again and your banana bread recipe looks good, so we will have to try that at some point!Along with baking we have started regular family game nights! It is another great to have some quality family time; however, we have also learned that we all so competitive…wonder where they get that from…Haha! Monopoly, which was a favorite of mine as a kid, but lost its appeal in recent years due to the length of time it takes to play, has worked its way back into my life as a favorite. I have come to enjoy the game again because we aren't rushed to squeeze it in since we can pick it up the next day. The kids have been so happy that there isn't a time limit and we can fully play til the end.We also have enjoyed playing trivia games, with our favorite being Brain Games Kids- National Geographic Board Game. There are multiple categories, including logic and language and as a parent/teacher I love that it gets in their reading and exercises their mind.We also have enjoyed various card games such as Uno and Skip Bo which was a favorite of mine as a kid and I am so happy that I have been able to pass on this game to the kids. In a few years I would love to teach them cribbage. Thanks for sharing your 20 in 2020 list too. It has given me some ideas of things I can do this year!


  4. Ooh, I need to look up the Brain Games Kids game! That sounds awesome! We have a Trivial Pursuit game for kids that we all really like too. It has adult and/or kid cards so everyone can play (though sometimes the kids' cards are plenty challenging for me… oops!) Cribbage would be fun too! We used to play that when we would go camping when I was a kid, but I haven't played in years now. I don't even think I remember how to play. I need to brush up on that and give that a try too!


  5. OOhhh…I just ordered the Trivial Pursuit! I loved playing that too growing up! Also I haven't played this yet with the kids, but I hear from lots of friends that Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is a great family game. It is for ages 8 and up, The game is free right now on their website, but you do need to print it out at home. However, several friends have used Bob's Copy Shop (Small business in Madison, and owned by a McFarland family) they have file already on hand and will print the game for you and ship to you, so you don't have to print the game at home. If interested email I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I have no affiliation with this business, just passing along another idea to do at home.


  6. That's a great idea too! Would be nice to support Bob's too. I remember using them in college for stuff. I have heard of the game but never checked it out. I'll look into it!


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