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The final stretch: nearing the end of our 14 day strict isolation post- travel!

We are closing the gap on our 14 day quarantine post- travel to Mexico. Monday will be the two week mark (we got home on Monday, March 23rd). So far I have only actually left the house in the car once- on Thursday when we went to a nearby nature preserve to go for a walk. I don’t really anticipate a lot will change after Monday (except Ivan will go back to work), but it will be nice to be able to go to the grocery store or run errands as needed. 

School Week Recap!

We finished “Week 2” of school at home yesterday. Last week was technically spring break, so this was the first real week of it, though we did our own curriculum last week. 

Asher’s “school office”

Ethan’s school office


-I have been able to take from 9-12 or so every day to work with them
-The Google classrooms are mostly set up and seem pretty easy to use 
-The kids overall have been pretty cooperative about it all
-I can mostly dictate the schedule and I like adding in things that I want to work on with them (example: the kids are doing the Duo Lingo Spanish app, we are working our way through a big World Wars book (with lots of cool internet links to videos to watch!) and I have had them working out of a cursive writing workbook) 


-Some days things just feel….chaotic. Especially if they both need help at the same time on something.
-The Zoom calls started yesterday- both boys had a call (10:00- E, 10:30- A) which was right in the middle of the time I blocked out to work with them.
-Early in the week, assignments kept randomly popping up throughout the day. This made it very hard to plan the schedule. Supposedly all assignments will be posted for the whole week on Monday morning started 4/6, so this *should* help. 
-Obviously the kids don’t get exact same work or amount, so it is harder to keep them in sync. When I planned it myself, I could assign similar work to both!


I am actually really glad it is the weekend. I still have some work to catch up on, but I slept in until 7 am and am only planning to do about 2 1/2 hours of focused work today. On the docket for this weekend:

-hamburgers on grill for lunch/ picnic on the deck! (patio furniture isn’t out yet)

-try to catch up some of our budget and finances from trip
-figure out how to mail items to Ireland that I need to send to my sister
-read my book, hopefully in a relaxed setting for at least an hour
-do Yoga Fix and Upper Fix (to make up for the one I skipped….) 
-Walk with family. We have been going on a short walk every morning, but I’d like to get another longer one in as a family. Or, maybe just by myself, listening to a podcast. ?? 🙂 

Daily gratitude:

I am grateful that the weather warmed up enough that my evening walk last night was very pleasant! I also had the chance to talk on the phone with my Mom for 25 minutes while I walked. 

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