One week in/ D.I.T.L time tracking

I just filed away my first COMPLETE week of time tracking! I stuck to it diligently, and it really was easy and enjoyable.

I’ve decided to keep a whole sheet for each month, with then a separate tab for each week within that. (See below.) Then, if I keep doing this, I’ll save them in a Time Logs folder on my Google Drive.

Since I also moved over my gratitude/ happy/ bummer + meal tracking + workout tracking section from my paper planner, I decided to also add my Quote of the Day! I used to handwrite this on my daily page. I spruced it up by adding color, similar to how I used to pick a different color marker for each day.

I have to say, I’m still loving this method! It really seems to be working well for me.

I can’t really share screenshots of my actual time log part, because I just have way too many personal identifiers and names and stuff in there. But I did edit and copy a section from my “Accomplish” and “Happy” sections (to be clear- this is all separate/ below my actual time log! This is like, a bonus section. ;))

Yes, some of this is redundant, because most of these items naturally also show up in the time log. But this section I like to sit and fill out each morning quickly and it helps me sort of “process” my previous day. I can skim over the previous day’s time log and then think through- what DID I actually accomplish? What went well? What was a bummer? (I didn’t share that part, because, those tend to be kinda too personal!)

I have never, ever done a “Day in the Life” (D.I.T.L.) post, but I thought, since these seem to be popular on other blogs, I would try listing one out here. I’ll do yesterday, Sunday, since it’s the most recent day I have. 😉 Maybe later this week I can share a work day.


6:00- 6:30 – awake/dozing in bed while Ivan and Asher getting ready for soccer. They left for 8 a.m. game in Wisconsin Dells by 6:30.

6:30-7:00- Me and E up, brush teeth, contacts, get dressed, etc. I drove E to 7:00 work shift from 6:50-7:00.

7:00-7:30- drive home. Make tea. Eat some leftovers for bkfst. Update time log.

7:30-9:00- misc. stuff on laptop while drinking tea. Answer blog comments. Write blog post. Email. Enjoy quiet house with no one else home. 🙂

9:00- 10:00– shower + make grocery list.

10:00- 11:30– Drive to grocery store at 10:15. Groceries 10:30-11:30. Listened to Deep Questions on Airpods while shopping. Ivan called, headed back and will be back in town by 11. He says he’s able to pick up E from work at 11. Good thing b/c I was running late- grocery story busy!

11:30- 12:30 – Pay for groceries, drive home. Big fridge clean out. Everyone home- E practice piano/ misc. I put groceries away. Clean up kitchen, other household clean up, etc. Watched “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix on kitchen TV while doing this. Ate leftover mini subs Ivan brought home from work event Friday for lunch.

12:30-1:30– Made homemade pepperoni pizza rolls- need to use up pizza crust I’ve had a long time in fridge. A eats some. Talk with him, finish other misc household/kitchen clean up stuff.

1:30- 2:30– Drive Asher to VB game #1 at school. (Ivan and E left for soccer in Milwaukee at noon.) Sat in car/ read until 2:00 VB game starts. Watch game (loss), home by ~2:45.

2:30-4:00– Get home, misc. Asher video games with friends. I did shoulders/ triceps workout at home- not really enough time for gym before we had to leave again.

4:00- 6:00– Leave w/ A to pick up friend for away VB game on far side of town. Drive ~25 minutes there, 5:00 VB game. Win!

6:00-6:30– drive home, drop friend off. Just then Ethan texted they were almost back from Milwaukee and where were we and did we want to meet at Red Robin for dinner? Sure! Definitely had no dinner waiting at home and was after 6… so we drove back into Madison.

6:30-8:00– dinner at Red Robin; Ivan had a free burger coupon to use up. Fun! Kids chatty about their games, etc. Talked about future travel brainstorming ideas.

8:00- 9:00– Got home, misc. stuff at home. Scrolling around on phone some. Boys shower, etc. Tired.

9:00- 11:00– in bed, planned to watch Manifest x1, but sooo good, ended up watching 2 episodes…. to bed at 11. Boys were in bed by ~9:30.

And that was my Sunday! A pretty regular weekend day, during soccer/ VB season where our days tend to be highly dominated by kids’ schedules!!! At least I got some groceries and household chores in, and I squeezed in a workout. It was not a good day for my “60 minute walk goal”, though in retrospect, I could have easily swapped out that morning laptop/blog session for a long walk. Oh well. That was nice, too. (I have been mostly/ sort of sticking to this goal, though it’s not been perfect by any means.)

*I am always kind of leery of sharing EVERY detail about a day in my life, because I guess I feel like it opens me up to being judged!! I honestly don’t really know how most other people exactly spend their days. How I spend mine obviously works for me/us, but maybe I do strange things, or too many things, or too few things, or not enough productive things, or whatever! in other people’s minds. 🤷‍♀️

*These are not exact quotes from my time log! I’m editing to make more readable/ complete for the blog.

How was your Sunday?

Daily Gratitude:

I’m so grateful Ivan offered to take ALL the “far away” games this weekend!! He drove to Wisconsin Dells TWICE (~1 hour each way, once early Saturday morning and once Sunday morning for a soccer tournament with Asher), and then on Sunday he also drove another 1 hour 15 minutes each way to Milwaukee with Ethan!!

9 thoughts on “One week in/ D.I.T.L time tracking”

  1. This is so fun to read! I LOVE day in the life posts — it is so fascinating to see how other people spend their days. You are BUSY! Wow. That’s a lot to pack into a weekend day LOL. I am also sort of blown away that you listen to a podcast while you grocery shop. WHY have I not been doing this?! That is so smart!


    1. Oh man, I totally listen to podcasts/ audiobooks while grocery shopping too! Grocery shopping is prime “me” time. Of course grocery shopping takes me an hour some days if the podcast is particularly good.


  2. I am in the same boat as Suzanne, also love to see how other people spend their time which gives me perspective. I am a high-functioning introvert and to have alone time is an absolute key. But. Two small kids (3 and 5). At this time their activities and sports consist of running around the back yard 🤣 and breaking things. They have been on a good streak lately where they just play with each other outside and don’t need me (us) as much. Thanks for sharing about your weekend!


  3. I love hearing DITL, thus the substack project with working mom weeks in the life.

    That’s a busy Sunday! But it sounds like a good balance between chores, relaxing, and family time. I LOVED Red Robin as a kid, and would love it now.

    I went to yoga and then we went out to lunch, which was overpriced and my fancy burger didn’t come with fries! The fries are why I’m there! I was so salty about it. But we had a nice walk afterwards, etc.


    1. Red Robin has the BEST fries in my opinion!! I always get the broccoli side, and my husband gets fries, and then we share. 🙂 (they do the unlimited side refills, but I try to use the broccoli to balance out wolfing down steak fries!! Lol!!) I would have been TICKED if I thought I was getting fries and then no fries appeared.


      1. I’m going to Brussels next week and am generally grumpy about it, so I’ve promised myself I’ll have loads of frites.


  4. I love these kind of posts, too. Each person’s day is so very different. I am yawning thinking of being up until 11 though!! That is LATE for me! But I am in a different stage of life where our kids are both in bed by 8!

    Our Sunday was pretty good. The weather was nicer so I got out for a run and a stroller walk with Will!


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