Misc. Saturday: a dog, 1st high school event and a personality test!

Happy Saturday, annnnnd, it’s snowing right now. For the love of Pete, can the snow please go away already?!?! 😩😩

On the bright side, I am not the parent who had to leave by 6 a.m. to drive Asher one hour away to a 7:45 a.m. soccer tournament. I am the parent sitting with a blanket on her lap in fuzzy socks, with a cup of tea. 😇

So, just a misc. post today! My favorites.

We found a dog earlier this week!

It was Wednesday. The boys were almost ready to leave for school, and we saw 2 dogs go running through our front yard, unleashed. I opened the door and the bigger one ran off, but this little scruffy one ran right up to me.

It seemed pretty dirty and muddy, with very matted fur, but she was VERY sweet! Had a collar but no tags. No one was around looking for her either at that time.

We literally had to leave right then to get the boys to school, so, she rode with us! On the way I called the non-emergency police line to see if anyone had reported a missing dog. They said no…. Hmm. They offered to send an officer to pick it up, but I was driving and I wanted to check the city group Facebook page- many times people post missing dogs there. I said I’d call back if I couldn’t sort it out.

Anyway, it seemed to enjoy our little car ride, sitting on the blanket in the front seat and then scooting over to rest its head on my lap after Asher got out. Awww…. Little scruffy thing! It really was a scruffy dog. ha! I kind of wanted to give it a bath.

Long story short, I brought it in the house, but a few minutes later I happened to see a teenager walking through our cul-de-sac looking around. I ran out and turns out he was looking for his dog. Mystery solved. He said he’d been looking for 15-20 minutes… and that the dogs just got out that morning. (He had already found the other one.) Not sure how it got SO scruffy looking so quickly. Made me a little suspicious of this dog owner, tbh… Don’t they ever bathe it?? It seemed much dirtier than it would get in 15 minutes outside? (Picture doesn’t really show it.) It BADLY needed a grooming, too- the fur was terribly matted in great big clumps on its underside, and it could barely see through the fur around its eyes. But, not my dog, so… I handed her over. Sweet little thing!

Ethan went to his first ever high school “social” event last night.

They held a very casual “social dance” for the incoming freshman class from 7-10 pm. I can guarantee with every fiber of my being that Ethan did not dance at this “dance”. 😉 They also had an open gym and pizza and a DJ and supposedly were going to have laser tag, but I guess that part didn’t happen. He and a friend went. His new high school will be a mix of kids from all over the greater area, so this was supposed to be an opportunity for kids to mingle and meet.

Well, he said pretty much everyone just stayed in the little groups they arrived in, with the few people they already knew. Haha. I’m pretty sure that most kids who are going to this high school and don’t already know anyone else may have just opted to not attend this! I think the idea of this would have stressed out 8th grade me big time- going to a “dance”, totally alone, with a bunch of strangers?? Not my jam. I felt mildly panicked just reading the invite. 😂 Fortunately, he was able to go with his friend. At least they made an effort and went! He said it was “fine”. 😉

After dropping them off, Ivan and I went out for Mexican. Ended up getting a big quesadilla to share, instead of our usual nachos. Then we went back to pick them up after!

While at the restaurant, I had Ivan take this “16 Personalities” test I had taken earlier in the day.

It came up in my work huddle- we were asked to take this quiz.

OMG, this quiz is crazy accurate!!! Both of our results were so spot on.

Apparently I am a “Defender” type, in the Sentinels category.

After you take the quiz it gives you tons of detailed info about what this all means- and it’s just so accurate!

It also said that I am 94% introverted. Hahaha!!! This cracked me up. YUP, that explains a lot. Ivan scored at 66% extraverted. He is the “Executive” type- very different from me but still in the same broader category.

I watched him select his answers to the questions, and he literally selected the polar opposite on many of them from me. So funny! We had a good time with this over dinner.

I also scored very high on the “feeling” score versus “thinking”, and it said that I am highly observant (as in, keenly aware of what other people are thinking or feeling). I value emotional expression and am sensitive, highly empathetic, and strongly prefer social harmony over conflict. Defender types are “helpers”.

It said I value clarity, predictability and closure, and I prefer structure to spontaneity. I can tend to be self-conscious (yup!), sensitive to stress, feel a sense of urgency in emotions or worry, and am success driven/ prone to perfectionism. I’m also eager to improve. And despite being introverted, I am also very social and talkative in the right settings (when I feel comfortable)- SO TRUE!

Oh, and I didn’t notice this at first, but look at the image that they paired with my personality type:

It is literally a NURSE! Hahahaha!

Try this test! It’s super fun. Let me know which one you are. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for cheese. Really, I love cheese…..such a Wisconsin thing of me to say.

15 thoughts on “Misc. Saturday: a dog, 1st high school event and a personality test!”

  1. Ugh we have had some snowflakes here this week, too. My parents got 7” at their lake home on Thursday and the ice is not off the lake. It’s been a depressing spring!!

    I am an ISTJ! So we are similar except the T/F. Phil doesn’t believe in these sorts of test but I think he is an ENTF. So we only have the T in common! But he is a quiet extrovert while I am an outgoing extrovert. I love quizzes like this!

    Oh that poor doggie… 😦


    1. 7″!! Ugh that is incredibly depressing! That’s funny Phil doesn’t believe in these tests! I feel like they are pretty convincing, since the results really do tend to hit very close to home! I think you mistyped- you mean you are an outgoing introvert, right?


      1. Yes typo on my part – I’m an outgoing introvert!!

        Phil is a major questioner so that’s why he’s not a believer of personality frameworks! But I find them to be super useful. Realizing he’s a questioner was so helpful for our relationship because when he questioned why he/we needed to do things, I would get kind of offended because I really don’t question much as an upholder. Now I understand it’s just part of his nature to question everything.


  2. I’m also an ISFJ! But the test I took (not the one you linked) said I’m only 51% introverted which seems spot on. Go defenders!!


    1. That’s interesting to be like split down the middle on the introverted/extroverted thing! I feel like I’ve only ever heard of people either being introverted or extroverted- I don’t think I’d ever considered that someone could actually be… both? I am definitely introverted, but it is funny because I can be SUPER talkative and animated in certain situations, too. I guess when I hear “introvert” I think of someone who is very quiet and reserved all the time, but I don’t think that’s actually true. I think it’s more the piece about enjoying time alone and feeling refreshed or rejuvenated after time alone, and finding lots of social time to be draining.


  3. Oh I LOVE a good personality test – I’ve taken the myers briggs a bunch of times just to check in to see how I’ve changed – I pretty consistently am an ESTJ but this time I got ESTP!!!!!! Which kind of shocks me but I was only 51% P. When I took this test as a (much) younger person (maybe around 24ish?) I was like 99% E and 99% J – and now I’m about 50/50 on each so I have gotten way more introverted as I aged, and also less rigid 🙂 Probably for the best lol.


    1. Oh that’s funny! Like I said in a comment above, I hadn’t really realized that someone could score like, half and half on a personality test for introverted vs extraverted. I should save these results and then take the test again some years down the road too and compare. 🙂


  4. I am an ESFJ-A which is consul on that quiz. (I am always ESFJ – kind of makes sense b/c we are very similar in many ways EXCEPT I definitely feel more E than I.


    1. It says “extraordinary caring, social and popular” for Consul- yes, that totally seems like you! I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book recently called The Tipping Point, and he was talking about people who have a natural knack for “connecting” people (he calls them Connectors). He says that these are the people who are most likely to be responsible for starting trends, or tipping points, because they have a natural ability to connect with people and subtly lead them, without even trying. I thought of you when I read that! You seem to have a very natural likability about you that people are drawn to, at least from what I can tell from online/ podcasts/video. 🙂


  5. I am also an INFJ-T, which is a defender. Weird that so many of us here are!

    I am surprised that a well-cared for dog would already have matting, but I think it really depends on what that dog was doing while it was loose. It wouldn’t take long to get dirty (all it takes for a white dog is rolling around in some dirt/mud), but maybe the matting is from running through a field with something thorny? Or maybe the poor thing doesn’t get groomed regularly. It’s so hard to say!

    (We brush our cat daily, but she still ends up with mysterious matting that happens overnight! )


    1. I was thinking that too- it must have to do with the personality types that enjoy blogs and the type of content that many of us put out!

      Yeah, I don’t know about the doggie! Of course it’s hard for me to tell, and I didn’t mean to like accuse the owner of negligence or anything. But I’m not joking, when I called the police to ask if anyone had reported, I literally said, “This dog honestly looks like it has been out in the elements for DAYS.” Not just the dirt- I get that, one good roll in the mud could probably do that- but it was just sooo full of the matted fur! And you couldn’t even see its face. Big, thick, clumps all over its underside….not just caught in burrs. We had smaller dogs with long fur when I was a kid, and they could be prone to matted fur too, so I know it can happen- but jeez. They really seemed to let it go big time! Maybe she had a grooming appt scheduled for the next day. 😉 She sure was a little sweetie though. Kinda wanted to give her a bath, get her a haircut and keep her. LOL!


      1. The test you took is a free version of the myers briggs 🙂 They don’t label the types though, and the test is much, much longer than the free version. Same basic premise though!


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