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Friday report

After Tuesday’s post lamenting how I have not been keeping up with life right now, I am happy to say my week turned out pretty good overall.

Strangely enough, I think the weather + the boys’ two no-school snow days actually helped. The unexpected days off meant that I did not have to follow their timeline in the morning or drive them to school- and all after school activities were cancelled, too. This definitely gave me some time back!! Plus, cozy snow days just kind of feel like a little break from reality.

(I had a few flashbacks to those very early pandemic days! As odd as it may sound, I have some really beautiful memories of those initial lockdown days. The boys were younger then- can you believe that all started when Ethan was in 5th grade??? And now he is finishing 8th and heading to high school next year.) We had never had a total BREAK from all the hustle and bustle of life before, and I have dozens of photos of us watching movies, going on walks, doing fun projects, reading outside together, baking things, exercising together, etc. It was kind of magical…. until it suddenly wasn’t anymore. HA. Obviously, the novelty finally wore off and we all desperately wanted normal life back, and the stay-at-home cancellation of life became very trying in time. The kids wanted to be at school and at their sports practices and with their friends. But I will never forget the special parts of those very early days! (Which I also feel kind of gross saying, because it was obviously a terrible time worldwide/ pandemic-wise!! But in our little bubble, some good times happened, truthfully.)

ANYWAY, digression.

So, this week. After my mini-meltdown Tuesday morning, things did ease up. I think in part because my trainee now has reached the point where I can start releasing her more to do things on her own, instead of being on video constantly walking her through every little thing.

On Monday, the day before I wrote that post, we had one video call session that went on so long that when I glanced up, the timer said the call was at over 3 hours – with no break!! We just got so into what we were working through that I guess the time slipped away, but omg. I kind of shrieked and was like, “OK, I need a break, now!!!” She is sort of in hyperfocus mode and is trying to learn and absorb everything, I think, and seems content to just keep going and going and going… I have been encouraging her to STOP more often, take breaks, etc. It’s important!! Your brain cannot learn or work continuously.

But since then, she’s turned a corner and is now ready to do more on her own, with me just checking in in shorter stints. Phew! More breathing room on my end.

I’ve also lifted twice so far this week- Tuesday and Thursday- and planning to hopefully go today, Saturday and Sunday to get my 5 sessions in. Last week I was very in “off” mode (remember my recent post, about how I am totally “all or nothing” with exercise??) Last week was a nothing week. UGH. But I’m determined to keep that just a blip on the radar, and pick right back up here.

Last night the boys joined me at the gym.

Ethan bench pressing… they were just waiting me to finish an ab circuit at this point. I always strongly encourage them to go easy on the benching!! Seems the young/teen boys all want to “bench”, which is fine… but you gotta know how to do it. Fortunately, they do both have pretty solid form, and they do seem to understand the need for a spotter, etc.

On Wednesday Ivan’s work actually closed up early due to the snowstorm/ icestorm, so he got home by 3. We ended up having a family movie night which was also a welcome reprieve from my busy schedule recently.

Last night before bed Ivan and Asher and I went in the hot tub. It was freezing outside, but it felt so good. So relaxing.

I’ve been trying to think through any last things I need to get for our trip, too. I still want to order some kind of waterproof case/ carrying case for my phone (like one you can wear around your neck), so if we are on any water activities, like climbing around the base of a waterfall, or on a raft, etc. I can have my phone for photos. I also want to order super lightweight microfiber towels to pack for each of us. We won’t have a lot of packing space, and those towels are tiny and dry super fast. Will be great to throw in a backpack to take to beach or on a waterfall hike.

And now it’s Friday! YAY! I’m looking forward to the weekend. The last 3 weekends have revolved around swim meets, but this weekend is open (besides 2 basketball games, but that’s no big deal in comparison).

I want to maybe make a TJMaxx run or some place similar to see if I can find a lightweight, packable beach bag that zips shut on top. I have several old beach bags, but none that zip shut; they’re all the open tote style. I almost ordered a nicer bag online- I was eyeing those ones from the Aloha website, but the one I liked was over $70. I decided that I’ve already bought a bunch of “splurgey” stuff for this trip (some pretty $$ tank tops, new shoes, other stuff…), so I’m going to check around for a bargain bag if I can. This feels like something I could be happy with a Target or TJMaxx/ Marshall’s find for ~$20. lol! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for blogging. I know I didn’t say anything significant in this post, but this last half hour or so that I sat typing this just felt really relaxing. It’s fun to have a place to just…say whatever you want to say. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Friday report”

  1. I am glad that you are feeling better! Having a 3+ hour zoom would be exhausting! I had a 2.5 hour zoom this morning but we took a break about an hour in so that helped. I am so zoomed out as I did 20 zoom meetings this week. That is probably a record!

    Your snow day experience is the exact opposite of ours. Daycare was (needlessly IMO) closed on Wednesday. It opened on Thur at 10:30 but Phil could not get out of the garage with our sedan – plus Paul puked that morning so needed to stay home. So he was managing 2 young kids, one of which puked (luckily only once), work, and shoveling/snow blowing 17″ of snow. I mean my days weren’t exactly easy since I had 18 meetings in 2.5 days and both nights I had dinners w/ co-workers that kept me out until 8:30. I was happy that no one sat next to me on the flight back yesterday. My coworker, whom I adore, sat right behind me. We sat together on the way to Chicago (we happened to have the same flights!) but I did not offer her my seat on the way back because I just needed to sit in silence!

    On top of all of this, I’ve been fighting off a pesky cold that just won’t quit. So I have not done any workouts since last Wednesday. I am hoping to get back on track this weekend but have given myself a pass this week as I feel like my body is dealing with enough as is.

    I’m so excited for your upcoming trip! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you!


  2. glad you hear that the rest of your week went well. so excited about your upcoming trip. I feel like I need a vacation soon too, which we will in two weeks time. I need the kind of vacation that Is complete relax. 🙂
    I like blogging for the fact that it gives me excuse to let my thoughts out of the system. time to slowdown, reflect, write, quite meditating.


  3. The start of the pandemic definitely gave us all a pause and a way to completely slow down our busy lives. I did enjoy this too (for a while), I will admit.


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