Ruby red and GOLD

Whew, this has been a busy day, and I have exactly 12 minutes until I need to log back on to commence another training session with new employee.

But I can’t let today pass by without sending a HUGE shout-out to my parents, on their 50th wedding anniversary!!! I wish I had prepared a more well thought out reflection, because they deserve it. They are a one in a million couple.

I did post a quick tribute on Facebook earlier, congratulating them. I’ll just copy that here below. It was brief, but from the heart. ❤️

A GOLDEN anniversary!

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to my parents!!!! I don’t think I can accurately sum up what an inspiration these two are in a Facebook post. They are the epitome of “two peas in a pod”- they were meant to be together, and their love is unlike any other.

Interestingly, they are actually pretty different from each other, in some ways, but their individual strengths complement each other just perfectly. She’s the cheese to his macaroni. 😉

After all these years, it’s so evident that they still absolutely LOVE spending (a lot!) of time together, and they are clearly each other’s “favorite person”. I feel blessed beyond anything to have grown up witnessing this most incredible love story continue to unfold. THIS is what a marriage should look like. Happy 50th to my #1 role models both in life and in my own marriage! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

P.S. Happy 15th Anniversary to my husband today, too. 😉 We are on our way! Only 35 more to go til we get to 50. ❤️

And, for fun, here are a couple pics of this dream team couple:




And yes, we share an anniversary!! It’s our 15th anniversary today, which is apparently the “ruby red” anniversary. Who knew. (I had to look that up. haha.)

We don’t have any big plans, except to go out for NACHOS. lol! We toyed with the idea of doing something “fancier”, but honestly?? Our life has been crazy crazy lately. We just got back from Mexico, and the idea of going out to our usual Mexican place for nachos sounded perfectly dreamy. What can I say. We are creatures of habit, and we love our “normal life”! 🙂

Here is a recent favorite pic of the two of us, a couple weeks ago in Tepotzlan.

A nice, accurate depiction of us together, doing one of our favorite things (TRAVELING) while Ivan drinks a beer and I’m wearing flip flops (by far my preferred footwear choice!). 😂

Have a great weekend!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for parents that demonstrated what a good (no, a GREAT) marriage looks like.

8 thoughts on “Ruby red and GOLD”

  1. Congrats across the board!
    That is so fun (and sweet) that you share an anniversary with your parents. One of my sisters was married on my 12th birthday and I’ve always loved sharing that date with her 🙂

    My parents celebrated their 50th a few weeks ago and it’s such a huge milestone. I appreciate that more and more the older I get and the longer I’m married! We’re at 13 years, so have a long way to go for our 50th, but I’m truly excited to journey together with my best friend. Like your parents, I think my husband and I are very, very different in some areas, but then so much alike in others. We bring out the best in each other and I love how our history together grows over time. I never really understood when people talked about falling more in love with your spouse over time, but it totally makes sense because over time you end up going through so many tough things and celebrating so many amazing things and your lives get more and more entwined.

    Love it! Hope you and Ivan had a fantastic, albeit low-key (after a decidedly NOT low-key year!!), anniversary celebration.


  2. Happy anniversary to both of you! So cool that you share an anniversary! My parents celebrated 50 years in 2019 and my dad’s parents also hit 50 years when I was in middle or high school. So I am very fortunate to have a lot of examples of wonderful marriages. My mom’s parents would have hit 50, too, if my grandma hadn’t died in her early 70s from cancer. 😦 We are only at 5 years since we got married so late in life so will be older when we hit 50 – upper 80s!

    Your celebration sounds perfect to me. Phil would choose that kind of celebration. We got tacos from a taqueria for our anniversary. I ended up being sick with Covid so we weren’t able to do much. We had planned to go for a hike or something like that but I wasn’t feeling well enough. Our Mexico trip is kind of a belated 50th. I enjoy upscale meals out way more than Phil so we often will go to a nicer place for my birthday but we haven’t done that since pre-Covid!


  3. Aww, so sweet that you share your anniversary – did you do this on purpose? Happy 50th to your parents (that’s amazing!) and happy 15th to you two… you’re well on your way to 50! 🙂 Celebrating with nachos sounds perfect.


    1. We actually didn’t plan it on purpose, it just worked out that way! My husband and I liked the idea of using the long Labor Day weekend so we could have our wedding on Sunday night instead of the busy Friday and Saturdays. (Allowed travel time for people, too.) And it just turns out that our wedding date ended up being my parents’ 35th anniversary, at the time! Makes it pretty special- an accidental but added perk. 🙂


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