Mexico City tianguis and travel to Tepoztlan

Yesterday (Thursday August 11) we left around 10 am to drive to Mexico City. The plan was to stop to see Ivan’s grandma (the boys’ only remaining great-grandma) and have lunch at the big weekly tianguis/market.

Iván’s dad had to work, so just his mom came along with us.

Drive to Mexico City was about 50 minutes in good weather, no rain!

The area near the market gets very busy on market day, so it took us a bit to find street parking, but Ivan is honestly a wizard when it comes to parking- so of course, he ended up finding a great spot just around the corner from his grandma’s house.

We mostly just stopped by to say hi to his grandma. She is in her 90’s- we think 93? (But I swear she was 93 the last time we visited… we joke that she is timeless, because she has looked exactly the same for the last like, 10 years. Haha!)

How cute is she?! She is TINY. Very sweet, too- and sharp for her age!
She always “blesses” us each with a personalized prayer before we leave.
Most people don’t smile for photos in Mexico. I’ve never really learned why! She is a happy person, lol! Just doesn’t look like it here.

After maybe 30-40 minutes, we left to go to the market (near her house).

Typical street in Mexico City:

At the market, we met up with Ivan’s sister and family, and we actually ran into his cousin and her daughter! Haha! In huge Mexico City, we entered the food market area, and I turned and saw his cousin’s daughter sitting there. I was like, “omg, someone I know!” Hahaha! What are the odds.

The market is enormous and a pretty classic Mexico City (or Distrito Federal, or D.F., as it is known) scene.

It’s crowded and they sell everything from food to toys to plants to clothes and electronics and more.

Our main destination was the food market area. It’s just a big tent area with lots of different vendors.

Ivan’s favorite thing is the tacos of mixiote. It’s kind of like a barbecued meat? Cooked in vapor and very soft, in a red sauce of sorts. Honestly not even sure if it’s beef or pork or what! But it’s super good.

My plate

I had two tacos and then we bought a bunch of these fried fish stick things. Really really good!

The table has an assortment of salsa, pineapple (to top the mixiotes), onion and habanero peppers, limes, etc.

It’s super casual and is traditional Mexican food at its finest!

Ivan also got an empanada. He wanted to get I think some quesadillas or something too, but finally accepted that he was stuffed full. 😦

After lunch, we wandered the market a little bit and tried some tropical fruits.

(And we bought a small bag of this delicious fruit- I forget the name:)

From there, Ivan’s mom went off with his sister to head home, and the 4 of us proceeded to get mildly lost/stuck in traffic trying to get to the highway south to Cuernavaca.

We were heading to Tepoztlan for 3 nights. (Ivan’s parents and other family are meeting up with us this afternoon.)

Family selfie on road trip adventure in Mexico! 🙂

Arriving to the state of Morelos, one state over from the state of Mexico, where Mexico City is.

Tepoztlan is GORGEOUS!!!! We had an amazing evening last night (and today so far) with GREAT weather… I can’t wait to share more about it. !!!! It’s seriously a magical little town!! I already have about 5,000 photos. Hahaha!

But I’ll have to wait on that- I think some cousins might have arrived, according to what the boys just yelled up to me. (My current view from the patio upstairs:

Was planning to read for a while after writing this post, but might not be happening after all.

(I hear some thunder rumbles in the distance … but hopefully it stays away or just rolls through! It’s almost 3 pm and has been a warm, dry day so far. 😉 )

5 thoughts on “Mexico City tianguis and travel to Tepoztlan”

  1. That market sounds incredible! I love places like that. And that food is right up my alley. Mexican is definitely our favorite cuisine and luckily there are some great, authentic places here in Minneapolis as we have a vibrant Latina population. Our local paper just did a feature article on the best taquerias in the city. We haven’t been to the 3 places they picked as their favorite but one of them is right by the boys’ school so we need to check it out sometime.

    The area you are visiting looks gorgeous! I love small, charming areas like that. As I get older, the less time I want to spend in big cities when I am on vacation. There are of course big cities we’ll take our kids to some day, like DC, but I prefer quieter/less trafficky areas. Like Asheville, NC and Bend, OR are 2 of my favorite places we’ve visited in the US. I also really like San Francisco, but it doesn’t feel like a big overwhelming city since there are so many unique neighborhoods and then there is so much hiking close by!

    I hope you continue to be pleasantly surprised by the weather! Oh and my grandma is 99 and does not care to smile for photos. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t want to show her teeth? She will kind of smile but mostly tends to look more stoic in photos. Ivan’s grandma looks much younger than 93!!


  2. I didn’t know that mexican don’t like too smile in pics. why is that? cultural habit? other latinoamericana are not like that.
    love local markets, that’s usually my favorite spot when visiting a new place.


  3. Wow – Tepoztlan looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m so glad the weather has been cooperating so far.
    The market food looked amazing.
    Ivan’s grandmother does NOT look like she’s in her 90s. Also, your boys look so tall next to her which is absolutely adorable. Love that she gives you a blessing each time you visit.
    Enjoy all the time with family in such a gorgeous setting ❤


    1. I know, it’s so funny how little she is, because my boys are NOT tall for their ages! Haha!! They look so big next to her though! Same for my husband, who is not overly tall at all either for a man- he looks like a giant next to her. Hehe.


  4. Haha, this must be an age thing – I know many old people who don’t like to smile for pictures LOL but Ivan’s grandma definitely doesn’t look like 93.

    The market looks so cool and I can imagine that the food must have been amazing. Now I am looking forward to read more about Tepoztlan.


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