Day 2- Westport House/ Westport/pub!!

Sunday, March 12:

*We slept hard Saturday night, thankfully… I didn’t wake up until after 8 am, which for me is super late!! It rained and rained all night. I was so tired, and the sound of the rain on the roof was perfect for sleeping. 🙂

Peeking out my window in the morning- overcast/rain sprinkles but not too bad. (That little building is my nieces’ treehouse!)

Westport House

*The morning plan was to eat breakfast and then head out for a tour of Westport House, a famous, old local attraction here. It’s the fancy home of a wealthy and famous family that was built on the site of pirate Grace O’Malley’s old castle and dungeon (from the 1500’s).

Parked and walking in for our guided tour. Getting use of the boys’ rain jackets we packed. 😉

The boys each wanted a picture with the house in the background:

We had an awesome tour guide!! She was so funny, and really passionate about the history of the house/this region of Ireland.

The “drawing room” where the women would withdraw to after dinner. Doesn’t everyone have clouds painted on their ceiling?
Cute pic of Asher and Grandma!
Beautiful home!

We toured all the rooms and learned a lot about the history.

Every room had a great fireplace.

Great marble staircase and ME! 😁

The home owner brought this angel statue from Rome. It’s supposedly good luck to touch her hand as you walk by, so of course, we did that.

Loved the fancy dining room:

Check out the library- I would LOVE a room like this in my house!!

Have to add this, for memory’s sake… this one room was a sort of memorial to a bunch of famous Irish people (artists, musicians, etc.). These are wax people, and they were CREEPY!!! We were all cracking up- the guide had warned us in advance that the one room with all the dead looking people in it tends to catch people off guard. 🤣

The basement had servants quarters, other exhibits and then… the old dungeon!! (Like I said, the home was built on the site of an old castle and dungeon. Not sure I would choose to incorporate a creepy dungeon into my mansion, but, hey. To each rich person their own.)

It was freezing down there!! Any prisoners would have frozen to death before long.

After our tour, we drove into Westport for the afternoon.

Westport- Lunch and pub

*We were HUNGRY after our tour, so we parked in the city center and looked for a place to get a light lunch. (We had dinner reservations for later with the whole group (my sister/husband/their kids and all of us- the little kids weren’t with us for the house tour part).

I liked this cute alley

Vegetable soup and bread for lunch, plus tea.

Asher got a fancy hot chocolate and shared a panini with Ivan:

We wanted to explore some more of Westport after lunch, but it was raining quite heavily. So, what to do?? Go to the pub! Haha.

Some pics of Westport:

The pub we went to- Matt Molloy’s

I hope we can go back into Westport, because there’s a lot more we didn’t get to see/walk around due to the weather.

Inside the pub, it was toasty warm though. We got a perfect table right by the roaring fire.

This is a super popular pub, known for live music. It’s really adorable.

We sat next to an old Irishman who was a total character! He chatted with us and then stood up and recited off a little Irish riddle (which I got on video). I’ll remember him!

It was a huge fire!!! So hot. We dried out instantly. 😉

We were going to do a little pub hopping, but then found out that some open mic/live music event would be happening in a little while. So, we stayed and waited for the music.

Moved to the “yard room”, where the music would be held. Asher entertained his cousin by teaching her some little magic tricks. 🙂
Music on

This wasn’t exactly a tourist show type music event- in fact, it was mostly locals who gather the 2nd Sunday of every month to share their Irish heritage through music, song and poetry. You could just sign up to perform, if you wanted. I said no thanks when the guy walked around looking for volunteers. 😆 My brother in law did borrow a guitar and played a very fun Irish tune, though!! We were all impressed.

Finally we had to go- to make it to our reservation for dinner. We were at the pub quite a long time, but it was a really fun and enjoyable afternoon. I am a big fan of the cozy “pub” atmosphere.

Ivan showing the Irishmen how to drink. Hahaha. (Just kidding- we just had to go, so he had to finish up!)

We had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant my sister and her husband like (pink “tavern” above). It was really yummy! We didn’t linger too long as the little kids needed to get home for bed, and it was a bit of a drive back to their house.

The rest of the evening we mostly just hung out- I read to the girls before bed and we chit chatted in the living room by the wood stove. I think my sister made some popcorn at the boys’ request.

The day was a great mix of some touring around, good food and drink plus good company. I’m already feeling so grateful for this trip and whole experience!

7 thoughts on “Day 2- Westport House/ Westport/pub!!”

  1. I had to look up Westport on a map of Ireland so I could picture where you are. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I really enjoy reading about others trips and sort of vicariously living through your experience. It’s nice to combine a trip to a country that is new to the boys with seeing family, and to visit someone who knows the area so well and can really show you around. But I can tell from your post how much you enjoy the little things like being able to read to your nieces before bedtime. That’s something I appreciate others doing when we are up at the lake. I read to the boys so much every day and while I enjoy it, it’s nice to have someone else read to them and I always try to take pictures of that because it’s such a sweet moment to capture.

    The pub sounded wonderful – especially with the roaring fire! And the Irish guy you sat by sounded like quite a character and just kind of looks like the kind of guy you’d picture in an Irish pub!


    1. Yes, the combo of tourist stuff and family has been great. I agree too, that it’s awesome when you can visit a place with “locals” who can really show you around the behind the scenes type places!


  2. can you make the pictures bigger? It seems so small.
    love the mix of touristic activities, time with family, and good food,. the perfect combo.


    1. Thank you so much for letting me know!!! It’s a little tricky using the WordPress app on my phone- I don’t have all the options like on my laptop for manually adjusting the photo size. I have to just choose between medium and large, so I had picked medium, thinking that might be the right size… it’s hard to see what it would look like on the computer. But I just updated them all to “large” in this post. So check and let me know if it looks better!! Thank you!!


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